Rosemary for hair loss

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Rosemary for hair loss

Imagine that one of your cherished dreams (to have gorgeous, thick and shiny hair) came true. Every passer-by casts an enthusiastic glance at your hair and women envy in their souls. And what will you answer if I tell you that ordinary rosemary will help you fulfill this dream? Want to know what is useful rosemary hair, and replenish your collection with recipes that will help you achieve stunning curls? Then stay with us.

Rosemary for hair. Use and application.

Rosemary is a fairly common plant. In appearance, it is a bit like a fir branch, as its leaves have a sharp needle-like shape. It has a rather pungent smell, and has a characteristic taste, so it is often used as a seasoning in cooking.

Rosemary is very popular in the Mediterranean region. Many Mediterranean dishes are prepared with rosemary oil and freshly picked off sprigs. Also since ancient times it has been used for various purposes. For example, the Romans attached great importance to this plant, and often used it in religious ceremonies. Rosemary extract, like the plant itself, was also very famous in ancient Egypt.

Rosemary has not lost its relevance to our days. And now it is an important component of many cosmetics for hair and skin care, as well as widely used in medicine and aromatherapy.

Rosemary for hair loss

What is useful rosemary hair?

When it comes to caring for your curls, this plant is one of the first on the list of tools that can handle almost any problem. Decoction and infusion of rosemary can easily replace even your favorite hair conditioner. Rosemary is also used to strengthen weakened hair.

A head massage using rosemary essential oil helps to stimulate the follicles, making your curls grow much faster. It also slows down premature aging and hair loss, as well as the appearance of gray hair. In addition, this massage perfectly nourishes the scalp and helps get rid of dandruff.

By the way, you can also mix rosemary oil with tea tree oil and basil oil, as a result you will get an excellent antibacterial agent that treats many diseases of the scalp.

Let’s sum up. Rosemary hair benefits:

  • It improves blood circulation in the skin of the head, thereby stimulating hair growth.
  • Makes curls shiny.
  • Helps fight premature gray hair.
  • Relieves inflammation and soothes skin irritation.
  • Helps to get rid of dandruff.
  • Prevents hair loss.

Rosemary application for hair care

Now, after you have figured out how useful this plant is for the health of your curls, you probably cannot wait to get acquainted with the methods of its application. Both fresh / dried rosemary and its essential oil are often used to create hair care products. For example, you can prepare a hair conditioner with rosemary by making a strong decoction, or you can dilute a few drops of essential oil in water.

Rosemary decoction for hair:

Tip: It is very convenient to cook such a decoction in a large teapot with a filter. You will need:

  • water – 1 l.
  • fresh rosemary – 10-15 twigs OR
  • dried rosemary – 4

Rosemary for hair loss

Preparation: Boil the required amount of water in a kettle or saucepan. Then, if possible, put rosemary in the filter from the teapot and fill it with hot water. Leave it for 30 minutes, let it brew well. Add vinegar to the infusion, mix well. It remains only to pour this decoction into any convenient container. That’s all!

Application: Now that our healing air conditioning is ready, we take it, go to the shower and wash my head. Rinse this broth clean hair (you probably will have half of what you have prepared, so you can safely put the second part in the refrigerator and use it next time). Give the infusion to soak your hair well, hold it for 3-4 minutes (to pass the time, you can treat yourself to a fragrant body scrub). Now you can either rinse your head with cool water, or leave the product on your hair.

Precautionary measures

What should I know before using rosemary? The oil of this plant, from time to time, can cause allergic reactions, so before use, check how your skin reacts to it. Also, experts strongly recommend not to use rosemary essential oil during pregnancy, and during lactation. Excessive use of oil can even lead to miscarriage or disability in the fetus.

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