Reiki healing symbols

Free seminar presentation “Reiki – a system of natural healing and spiritual self-improvement” will be held on Sunday, April 7, 14, 21, 28 from 10:00 to 11:30.

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Schools Reiki

I have been teaching Reiki in Kiev for more than one year. I have a deep respect for different styles: Karuna Reiki, Naharo Reiki, Medical Reiki, Osho Neo Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Tibetan Reiki, Rainbow Reiki, etc. I will not list everything, there are a lot of them. And every year the styles, trends, centers and schools of Reiki become more and more, which means, first of all, about the great possibilities and availability of this method.

I believe that all the directions and forms of popularization of Reiki, created by practicing teachers and Reiki masters, have the right to development and bring great benefits to society if they retain basically the highest spiritual ethics of Reiki, the conductor of which was the creator of the sensei method Mikao Usui. He is the only person who can rightly be called the Grand Master of Reiki. In this I agree with the opinion of many of my colleagues.

The Usui Reiki Ryoho School, of which I am, perhaps, the only one close to the traditions of the school of natural healing, the foundations of which were laid by Mikao Usui.

Life is changing dynamically, and time sets new tasks for modern society. Reiki is a living technique, so its development would be impossible without the appearance of new styles. However, one should not forget that without basic knowledge it is difficult to learn how to perceive the teaching and any methodology completely. Without having learned the alphabet and spelling, not to become the writer.

Every creative person necessarily brings a piece of his individuality into the work he is passionate about, in which he develops himself and eventually finds like-minded people and followers.

The Reiki Center is an organization format that attracts masters of different styles and schools of Reiki to cooperation, who are also psychologists, psychotherapists, homeopaths, and rehabilitation therapists.

Combining experience and efforts, specialists in different areas offer people an additional or alternative medical method for treating various diseases, rehabilitation and rehabilitation in the postoperative period, psychological support, etc. In addition, Reiki centers, like Reiki studios, provide everyone with the opportunity to receive Reiki training of different levels, as well as the opportunity to attend regular classes, seminars and trainings, the program of which, as a rule, includes the best practices of today’s psychological whom emancipation, spiritual physical cultivation and much more.

Reiki training in Kiev and Ukraine, as well as around the world, can be taken by experienced masters, who are not at all difficult to find thanks to Internet search systems.

If you are reading these lines, then you will find a Reiki website, the materials of which will give you the answer to many questions.

There are many schools of Reiki in Kiev and in other cities of Ukraine. We are friends with many Reiki masters, we regularly communicate, share personal experiences and our own experiences. Often through joint efforts we help each other and our students to unleash the tasks that life gives us tirelessly.

Therefore, all small and large wars on topics: which school of Reiki is genuine, which courses of Reiki are more correct and which Master of Reiki or Reiki Center is better, it seems to me a child’s fuss in the sandbox. These feuds are in themselves contrary to the spirit of the Reiki Teachings. I believe that all directions have the right to exist, since Existence itself admits this.

When a desire is born in a person to receive an initiation of Reiki or a course of treatment sessions, this intention will surely lead him to the right Reiki school, Reiki center or studio, and he will certainly find his Reiki Master.

For everyone who is searching, life gives a lot of clues, and the best way to make an unmistakable choice is to listen to your heart.

Initiation of Reiki

What do these mysterious words mean “Initiation” or “Dedication”?

I remember the beginning of my Reiki training.

My master came at the invitation of her friends from another city and recruited a group of students for Reiki training in Kiev.

When I came to the introductory lesson of Reiki for beginners, I was completely unaware of what this method was and what the mysterious “Initiation to Reiki” meant.

All that my future master was talking about at the presentation aroused interest and trust until she uttered the words “initiation” and “dedication”. Suddenly my mind was alert. Something very mysterious blew from these words. There were associations with some kind of religious or tribal rituals.

My fear was triggered by commonplace ignorance, which my inner wise master and intuitive feeling managed to cope with, that Reiki initiation is a beautiful and, for some reason, very necessary sacrament for me.

Now I am a Reiki Master myself and constantly encounter the same reaction of people to my Reiki presentations. This is normal. The mind is always afraid of the new experience.

I explain to all my students in seminars with a bit of humor that if, after going through four initiations of Reiki and many initiations to other directions, I am still alive and I feel more beautiful, healthier and more serene every year, then this is an indication that Reiki initiation is a very useful ritual.

But seriously, in order to get Reiki training and learn all the techniques and techniques, the student must receive a dedication, initiation, or customization of Reiki. There are many names for this process, but the essence is the same.

What is Reiki initiation?

There are different interpretations of the concept of “dedication.” However, in essence, they are reduced to one meaning – revival, transition from one state to another through admission to sacred knowledge, or, in other words, getting a “pass” to the secrets of different arts.

Reiki healing symbols

The art of healing, martial arts, visual arts, the art of natural healing Reiki and many others at all times developed thanks to the system of transferring knowledge from the master to the students.

Every master in the course of life accumulates his egregor of skill, the energy field of talent and abilities, in a more powerful energy-informational space of a certain type of activity. The main transfer of knowledge from the master to the student passes in many ways not verbally. In this process, the most important key point is the openness of the student, respect and trust in the teacher.

At all times, the Great Masters taught the students various features and techniques along with the skill of immersion in a state that can be called differently: inspiration, goodness, divine faith, awe, love – these ecstatic states bring us closer to the feeling of their Supreme spiritual source, its souls and open up inexhaustible opportunities for self-expression.

For this, the student had to be in direct contact with the Master, next to him. This is an essential condition for the transfer of skills and knowledge.

During the Reiki initiation, the transfer of knowledge from the Reiki master to the student takes place in a short, simple and very pleasant ritual of attunement of the student’s thin bodies with a source of life energy.

From the above, it becomes obvious that the remote settings of Reiki do not bring the result expected by the student. To feel the touch of Reiki energy and become its conductor are essentially different states. Initiation to Reiki online is an incorrect form of attitude towards Reiki teachings and to the laws of master-student interaction.

If a person goes for training to a Reiki master with an open heart and is determined to work on himself, then many of the knowledge stored in Reiki’s energy-information space becomes his property and will begin to open to him, in the form of internal insights as his consciousness is ready, and the physical and mental harmonization states.

After Reiki initiation, the channel will always be available to the initiated student. It all depends on the owner of the priceless gift of life. He can practice Reiki every day, which will help him to quickly gain good health, a balanced character, and to reveal his natural talents. It can only occasionally use the source of Reiki or completely forget about it. This personal choice and the level of awareness of each person.

Tips from Reiki Masters for Beginners

Period 21 day cleansing

There are four levels of learning in the Reiki system, which means that the student goes through four initiations, four Reiki settings, of course, if he has a desire to go more deeply into learning Reiki methods.

After each subsequent initiation and course of study for 21 days, the process of purification and internal adaptation of the organism takes place.

During the 21st “purification” period, you should follow the recommendations of the Reiki Masters:

  1. Try to conduct daily Reiki sessions or short Reiki practices of restoration and purification.
  2. The amount of water consumed by you per day should be 1.5 – 2.5 liters, since all the metabolic processes in the body are accelerated and it is vital for him to get rid of toxins in a natural way. It is desirable that the water was spring or structured Reiki energy. If you leave this skill in your daily life – to drink plenty of water, then thereby save yourself from many diseases of internal organs.
  3. It is not recommended to consume alcoholic beverages, heavy meat and fried foods.
  4. Do not worry if during this period chronic diseases begin to escalate, unfounded fears and unusual conditions appear. Do not worry if conflicts start with other people. This is a natural healing process of the physical and psycho-emotional levels. To get rid of the problem-splinter, you have to pull it out, and this sometimes creates a lot of internal stress and psychological discomfort.

There is one more recommendation in the Reiki system for beginners – do Reiki meditations daily, and also to do sparing purification practices of the whole body during this period.

And most importantly – feel free to ask questions to your Master Reiki!

Questions will definitely appear if you start practicing daily.

It is recommended that other people take therapeutic sessions only after a 21-day cleansing. But personally, I advise you to start working with other people no sooner than in 3-8 months, and I recommend that some students wait until the second stage. Many may disagree with me, but I have my own experience and not once observed how a student’s passionate desire to help the whole world outpaced its capabilities, which led to sad experiences and hasty negative conclusions.

I like the phrase: “Doctor, heal yourself!”. At first, it is worthwhile to get yourself very well accustomed to the flow of Reiki, learn to help yourself, feel good energy, only after that you can become a conductor of the energy of life for others.

As a rule, the above recommendations relate more to students who have passed the Reiki initiation of the first and second levels.

At the levels of the Reiki Master and the Master Teacher, they go through their “cleansing”, but it is difficult to talk about them. Each one is very individual.

About the first stage of Reiki

At the first stage, the student is given four Reiki channel settings.

Reiki healing symbols

The following courses are taught in the first-grade Reiki courses:

  • Principles of reiki;
  • Respiratory exercises with a focus on breathing and in certain energy centers;
  • Deep relaxation practices;
  • Practices of conscious observation of one’s sensations, energy movements in the body, thoughts, emotions, and

The acquired knowledge of Reiki training in the first stage can, and even should, be applied every day.

Is distance learning Reiki possible?

Now there is an opportunity to engage with a master of Reiki remotely. Online classes and webinars are a common form of distance learning.

However, do not forget that Reiki online training is a supplementary form after a student has received a Reiki initiation from a master and has completed a basic course at an appropriate level. Distance learning is an opportunity to consolidate the material studied, as well as to master new techniques and meditative practices with the help of your teacher or other master teachers on the basis of existing experience in the Reiki channel.

If we want to see positive transformations in all spheres of our life, then, as my yoga instructor likes to repeat: “There must be consistency and regularity in everything.”

Only regular exercises will give an opportunity to feel how the body begins to heal imperceptibly quickly, and glimpses of peace and balance begin to appear in feelings, emotions and thoughts. Some problems will be gone forever. Reactions to the actions of people and events will become calmer and in many ways philosophical. Sensitivity and intuitiveness will increase, and making the right life decisions will become increasingly common. Over time, eating habits and not only can change.

I, for example, for one year of regular Reiki classes, somehow imperceptibly for myself refused meat products and alcohol.

And most importantly, our pens after the first year of Reiki training become “golden”. We can transfer vital energy to our relatives and close people. Animals and plants also love Reiki very much and take it with pleasure.

With Reiki energy, we can structure (charge) water and any drinks; to clean our houses and apartments, hotel rooms and even a compartment in a train car from which we have to travel for more than one hour from accumulated negative energy. We can clear products purchased in the store or on the market. Only when you start to cleanse the products, you wonder how much energy dirt accumulates on them.

We can clean Reiki and food served in a restaurant or cafe. Having such an opportunity, you should not neglect it. You never know with what thoughts the chef was preparing his signature dish.

This list of wonderful uses of the universal energy of life can go on for a very long time. Each practitioner eventually has his own work and his little “secrets”.

On the second stage of Reiki

At the second stage, the student is given one setup of the Reiki channel.

At the second stage, Reiki students are taught the principles of applying, tracing and designating the three Reiki symbols. With the help of Reiki symbols, the time of all the first and second steps is significantly reduced, but they become more powerful in terms of the strength of the work.

What are Reiki symbols?

Symbols or signs of Reiki are, in a way, sources of concentrated energy. They work like a beam of light, like a beam, increasing the impact of the transmitted and received energy. Each symbol has its own information structure and properties. Reiki symbols expand the possibilities of energy transfer not only in contact, but also at a distance. Reiki signs work outside of time and space, strengthen, accelerate and harmonize processes, both in medical practices and in solving various life situations.

The symbols used in the Reiki system have a long history of use in healing and in other areas of life among many peoples of different civilizations.

On the second-grade Reiki courses, students are taught:

  • Methods of contact and remote healing using Reiki symbols;
  • Skills of working at a distance, for harmonization of various situations and complex relationships between people;
  • Practices of karmic healing;
  • Psycho-emotional and mental correction techniques;
  • Practices to implement the desired situations.

However, it is not necessary to be under a delusion, Reiki energy is a conscious spiritual energy. And our “right”, “necessary” and “good” do not always coincide with these concepts from the point of view of the Highest Divine order. Therefore, working in the Reiki system, you need to realize that the wisdom and love of the Universe will always help us if we do not hold our desires and ideas about life with stupid obstinacy. Everything may be resolved not in the way we have “drawn” ourselves, but this will absolutely be the best option for our future.

More than once, with despair and hopelessness, I said: “Everything is the end!” But over time it turned out that the end of one was just the beginning of another, something much better.

About Master Reiki Master

It is difficult for me to speak and write about dedication to the third and fourth steps.

Of course, everything can be reduced to banal words about meditation and the expansion of consciousness among practitioners at the Master Stage. And also to say about teaching master symbols and techniques of teaching the method of initiation at the stage of the Master-Teacher. Undoubtedly, all this is included in the training courses Reiki data levels.

But words cannot explain how and when a feeling of integrity and full acceptance of all people and life arises in you, in its various manifestations, as something single, of which you yourself are a part.

Probably, this is the magic of the Reiki Master Stage and it is – it opens up in you an ocean of previously unknown experiences, which you have never had any analogue to. These experiences and states of each person are very personal.

The desire to receive initiation to the level of the Master and the Master-Teacher should come from those sources of your being in which there is not even a hint of emotion and ambition. Hasty impulsive actions and actions can only hurt yourself. One should not forget that great opportunities entail enormous responsibility, demanding from a person complete submission to the ethics of the Highest Spiritual order and Mastery.

Once I asked my Master: “Will I be a Master? How will I understand this? ”She then smiled, looking at me like a small child, and with the love of a patient, wise mentor replied:“ You will not understand this, but you will feel … ”

Only after a while I understood what her words meant.

This intention to rise to a higher level of mastery, and therefore my spiritual development, arose in me as an irresistible natural desire to breathe air or take a sip of water to quench my thirst. It is even impossible to call it a desire. Rather, it is the vital need of the soul, an incredible impulse to which you can only submit with deep respect and gratitude. Because at some point you realize that in this impulse there is nothing from the desires of the mind.

I received the initiation in Reiki on the third and fourth degrees at the same time within two days. My master explained that I honed my mastery and skills of a teacher, being still at the second stage. Indeed, for more than two years I have conducted Reiki classes and small trainings, including in the program various practices that my beloved Reiki Master taught me.

She just said that I was ready to go on …

After initiating Reiki to the level of Master-Teacher

Five months after initiating the Master Teacher level, I realized that I would never be able to look at people without a sense of compassion and love, whatever they do, whatever they say, no matter how they treat themselves to other people or me. This feeling can be called compassion, or higher knowledge, or unconditional love.

After him, indescribable happiness was born from the feeling of inner freedom. Who once experienced this – will understand me.

When you start to see the souls of people, to understand what exactly is behind anger, aggression, resentment, when you begin to feel pain of people, like your own, then you will never have the desire to condemn someone or to reproach something.

We are all filled with the same feelings, emotions, desires. We are all one. The pain of one is divided into all. The happiness of one is multiplied by infinity.

Reiki seminars (first stage): initiation and practical training program for the course.

from 10:00 to 15:00

W: 9, 16, 23, 30Wed: 10, 17, 24

Reiki seminars (second stage):Initiation and practical training program for the course.

from 10:00 to 15:00

Th: 11, 18, 25Fri: 12, 19, 26

For all those who are interested in the path of self-knowledge, who want to be the Master-Creator of their destiny, Reiki energy provides unlimited possibilities. To learn is to always be in the wake of the movement of life. With love and great joy, I will share all my knowledge and skills with those who are interested in the teachings of Reiki and his practice. Write or call: +380 67 507-21-03 (Kyivstar / Viber) or Skype: pmilana70 Master-Teacher Reiki Milan Predrichovskaya .

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