Reiki characters meanings

Reiki is an unusual form of healing for oneself and others through connecting to the flow of divine energy. The healer conductor passes it through himself and transmits it through the palms of his hands on a sore spot or simply on a person.

This energy gently and gently heals from diseases and problems. Special symbols of Reiki are the keys to access different energy flows for detailed work with the situation.

Energy health and good

In ancient times, it was believed that only the elect could come into contact with the Higher Forces and heal with their hands. But in the beginning of the 20th century, the Japanese doctor Mikao Usui discovered a new method of healing. He spent 21 days in meditation to learn the meaning of the ancient manuscript found in an abandoned monastery. It said about the mysterious flow of natural power. By contacting him, anyone could clear his aura and physical body from negativity and pain.

Principles of Reiki

In the Mikao Usui meditation, three basic healing symbols of the energy of the higher Spirit were given; this is how the characters “Rei” and “Ki” are translated from Japanese. These are unique keys that activate the flow of power and harmonize the space and processes in the body. The characters used to be given by the master at the initiation of the disciple, but now they are well known, because for many people the channel of communication with the natural force is open from birth. Usually there are three levels of Reiki. At the 1st initial you can:

Reiki characters meanings

  • treat all known diseases, even cancer, especially at an early stage;
  • harmonize the psychological state and relationships with others.

Reiki characters meanings

At level 2, having learned the signs of Reiki and their meaning, one can include a more powerful flow of energy for the treatment. The scope of opportunities in other areas is also expanding:

  • working with situations – improving and resolving any problems;
  • purification of space and the development of abilities;
  • fulfillment of a clearly defined desire;
  • sending energy into the past, present and future.

At the 3rd level, masters can manage, heal and devote students to Reiki, opening the flow of energy in them.

Energy is reasonable, and sometimes the conductor only directs it to the right place through physical or mental contact. He may not even know where the problem is, but he concentrates and asks Reiki to heal and resolve the situation for the common good.

It is impossible to harm here, since the basis of this method is the highest benefit for man. Another thing is that it may differ from the desired result, but the ways of the Lord are inscrutable.

The commandments of Reiki energy (ER) for healers are simple:

  • to be kind and do only good deeds;
  • stay calm in any situation;
  • give thanks for everything and always;
  • enjoy the work;
  • pray every day.

There are quite a lot of Reiki flows with different names – Kundalini, Karuna, Money, but from the treatise of Mikao Usui himself there are three main symbols of the ER on which the whole teaching is based.

Three Healing Symbols

The secret knowledge was given in Japanese hieroglyphs, considering the origin of the professor, but they work fine for any nationality. In total, 25 characters are known, but first of all you need to learn how to interact with the main ones:

  1. Cho Ku Rei;
  2. This Heh Ki;
  3. Hon Sha Zae Sho Nen.

After initiation into the second stage of the ER, the master acquaints the student with the principle of their writing and application. Without dedication, working with symbols is also permissible, they will simply not act as powerfully, depending on personal energy.

The first ER symbol to be mastered is Cho Qu Rei, a sign of strength and unity with God. He concentrates in himself the divine power of the universe and directs it to the right place. His work is conducted on the physical plane of being.

If the healer knows where the problem is, then Cho Koo Ray purposefully applies, if not, then he asks him to act independently for the common good. With the help of the key of universal force you can:

  • purify the space of negative and alien energies;
  • charge water for the sick and just promote health;
  • clean the mirror and charge it with power;
  • enhance the natural properties of crystals and jewelry;
  • put protection against thieves on doors and windows;
  • to give energy through it to food, plants;
  • treat people and animals;
  • put energy protection on the person;
  • use in Reiki sessions at a distance along with other characters.

Cho Ku Rei increases personal power, and sometimes it takes time to properly manage it. The name of the symbol is pronounced three times and actions are performed:

  • mental visualization for protection, in front of you or in front of another person;
  • the outline of the symbol above the place to be cleaned (seat in the bus, bed, ceiling or floor) is drawn with a hand;
  • mental drawing on the back of the hands during contact treatment;
  • applied as a tattoo for a constant concentration of force;
  • mental or literal image on objects and substances to enhance properties.

During the energy treatment session, Cho Qu Rei is used along with the rest of the characters, opening the flow at the beginning or sealing it at the end. After it is activated, a briefly formulated intention is always pronounced, for example, for healing from a cold (strengthening immunity, safe employment, protection from all bad) and is surely added – for the highest good of all concerned.

Harmony key

The second symbol of the ER is Say Hye Ki – a sign of supreme love and divine harmony, heavenly healing. It is often used in tandem with Cho Qu Rei. The meaning of their unity is “the power and love of God here.” This Heh Ki cleans well the mental and emotional plan, heals relationships and pacifies.

With it you can:

  • rid the body of the vibrations of low energy;
  • leave bad habits;
  • free the mind from destructive emotions and thoughts;
  • remove bad memories and change the attitude to the situation;
  • accept yourself;
  • to clear a person or a room from the energy of quarrels and diseases;
  • help in a difficult emotional situation.

This symbol balances the physical and mental state, promoting health.

Time key

The third sign of Hon Sha Zae Sho Nen is a symbol that opens endless possibilities for working with time.

For him there is no spatial and temporal framework. Here and now it is possible to treat painful situations in the past, to send oneself or others energy to the future for a certain moment, to support and resolve the issue.

With his help, conduct a remote session of Reiki, mentally representing a person or using a large-sized soft toy. You can do a session yourself, after asking Reiki to come to someone who is waiting for help. The ER will follow the same positions as in a regular Reiki session.

Practical application

If there is no special dedication, then you first need to meditate for 21 days, representing for 5 to 10 minutes alternately symbols in a golden glow, with a request to merge and fill them with radiations. You can take turns representing the characters in the chakras, asking the ER to clean and harmonize them. So is the rite of 21-day cleansing of the body.

To work on the treatment or harmonization of the situation, mentally placing them in the third eye area and on the backs of the palms, you should ask about working together and helping to improve the body and soul. The sequence of work is as follows:

  1. 3 + 2 + 1, that is, Hon Sha Zae Sho Nen + Say Hye Ki + Cho Ku Rei in the healer’s third eye.
  2. 3 symbol of Hon Sha Zae Sho Nen in the third eye or on the patient’s body.
  3. 2 + 1 or 1 + 2 + 1 on the palms during treatment.
  4. 3 + 2 + 1 on the back of a piece of paper with a written desire.

It is important to remember that for remote sessions it is necessary to agree in advance with the person. It is impossible to treat anyone without their consent and knowledge, this is a karmic violation.

Additional flows and signs

All new and new directions of Reiki continue to open and apply. It is not always effective and it is better to work along the classical time-tested path. The third step of the ER wizard will open access to many new characters.

Keys of initiation and liberation

Dai Ko Mio is a symbol of the master of Reiki and should not be taken for him, being a novice. This is a very strong combination of higher vibrations of light, love and power, but if mistreated, you can create a bias of energy. The master symbol is used in dedication to different stages of the ER, when working with very difficult situations and in combination with the main three characters. It is rarely used for treatment.

Raku is a symbol for holding clear boundaries between oneself and an unwanted incident. The master uses it to turn off the student’s aura from his own. After initiation, the student can be very attached to the teacher, this interferes with his personal path. Also this symbol is used by an experienced healer to relax the body and remove the clips of the physical and emotional plan.

Karuna School

One of the new, but proven directions of ER is Karuna – the synthesis of the most subtle manifestations of the classical direction of Reiki. The name in translation from Sanskrit means “relief of suffering by love.”

This energy is very strong and works with the body at the DNA level, so the exposure time rarely exceeds a quarter of an hour.

During the session, the ancestral memory and knowledge of Vedic times is awakened.

Problem situation Karuna decides spectrally, from the present, but eliminating the painful roots of the past and harmonizing the future, and also removes blocks and negative beliefs. It is better to work with her after getting 2 steps of the classic Reiki Mikao Usui.

There are a lot of symbols for work here, but you can pick out the main ones:

  1. Zonar – heals from negativity and painful experience, physical pain.
  2. Challah – cleans the subconscious, cures tumors and psychological problems.
  3. Hart – awakens and attracts love, relationships, removes bad habits.

They work with them in the same way as with the main three characters, drawing mentally or literally, concentrating on the internal query.

Financial healing

The recently opened Reiki flow – Money is gaining popularity, but long before that, symbols were known to help solve financial problems. They remove the deep blocks in the subconscious, which do not give a lot of money to come. They will not bring a suitcase with dollars under the door, but will help to enter the stream of luck, attracting the opportunity to get rich correctly. The most famous symbols of Reiki – money can be used independently in meditations or as paintings for the home, tattoo or jewelry made of precious metals.

Reiki characters meanings

  1. Ki Yang Chi is a sign of all-round financial prosperity, he reveals talents, removes obstacles to the goal, contributes to the fulfillment of purpose. He brings new contacts and opportunities.
  2. Mil Ku Zu – a sign of overcoming poverty and lack of necessary. Heals depression from lack of money and gives a correct understanding of their role in life. It is good to draw it wherever profit is needed – in shops, clubs, galleries, on your own tablet or phone.
  3. Zen Kai Jo – sign of abundance. Frees from greed and fear of loss. Improves life through improving the inner qualities of a person. Perfect for decorating offices or workplaces, especially good sales for the mutual benefit of the seller and the buyer. Acting at a distance, it enhances the properties of Ki Yang Chi and Mil Koo Zu, so that you can apply them together for greater effect.
  4. Midas star is a universal sign of wealth. It can be drawn and put in the wallet, in the cashier, in any place to attract money. Having remembered a sequence of lines, you can draw it in the air with your fingers when entering the office or store, above the new receipt of money and make statements about endless wealth and well-being. Midas Star does not require the required Reiki settings, everyone can use it.

There are a lot of Reiki symbols, but you shouldn’t use everything at once. Too much energy surge can cause a collapse of internal problems and complexes. First you need to cleanse the old, and then attract the new. With the help of three main symbols – Cho Ku Rei, Say Hye Ki and Hon Sha Zae Sho Nen – one can tune in to higher vibrations, heal the soul from mental blocks, and the body from physical ones. After that, you can proceed to the arsenal of narrowly focused characters to achieve the desired goals.

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