Reasons not to be vaccinated

Vet clinic "VetDrug" offers qualified assistance to all types of pets.

All veterinarians of the clinic were trained in famous veterinary centers of the country, regularly attend scientific conferences and workshops.

We are able to solve the problem, to restore and prevent the health of your pet, of any complexity.

The website of the clinic provides the most complete information about common diseases of domestic animals and their signs.

Modern methods of treatment and prevention of various diseases.

Vet clinic "VetDrug" offers comprehensive assistance: from free consultation by phone and routine inspection including at home, before diagnostics and continuous supervision after performing necessary medical measures.

The advantage of our clinic is that you do not need to take analyzes or do Ultrasound in any other place.

All the necessary procedures are carried out directly at the clinic itself – for this we have innovative equipment, including diagnostic equipment, and a modern material base.

Our clinic provides treatment for all types of domestic animals, including exotic ones. We work in Moscow and throughout the Moscow region.

Huge experience and high professional level veterinarians allows us to successfully solve problems of any complexity.

Our main goal is to provide your pet with effective, prompt and round-the-clock veterinary assistance.

We work around the clock – You can call or come to us at any time.

Our veterinary clinic provides professional care, and experienced doctors are ready to help your pets twenty-four hours a day.

We offer a full range of services, including comprehensive treatment and professional advice.

If you wish or cannot transport a sick animal, you can call the veterinarian to the house.

The clinic employs the best specialists:

  • therapist
  • ophthalmologist
  • neuropathologist
  • traumatologist
  • surgeon

Veterinarians of narrow specialization:

Each of the veterinarians of the clinic is able to accurately and quickly determine the causes of the disease and select the appropriate treatment.

24-hour help from the clinic "VetDrug"

Our city veterinarian a full range of veterinary services, which are carried out not only in the clinic, but also at home.

Veterinarians of the clinic pay special attention to the prevention of various diseases, conduct vaccination as a preventive measure.

The clinic also offers help. traumatologist and orthopedist, surgery, conservative treatment of any diseases. A special place is the therapeutic direction.

Doctors with impressive experience will help pets who have problems with the kidneys, liver and other organs in various diseases of hair and skin, etc.

Also, the clinic specialists qualitatively remove teeth and claws, groom dogs, trim wings and beaks in birds, perform castration, put on droppers and injections, as well as vaccinations.

Pregnant pets professional obstetric care is provided, if necessary, a cesarean section is performed.

Vet clinic "VetDrug" ready to help you around the clock, including holidays and weekends.

Reasons not to be vaccinated

The material base of our clinic is constantly being improved, which allows us to perform the full range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

In addition, we have the opportunity to send emergency doctors to any address you specify.

Veterinarians will conduct a comprehensive examination, perform all the necessary diagnostic procedures, quickly put the exact and correct diagnosis.

Not all pet diseases are treatable. If the disease is incurable, and the pet is in great pain, we offer the owner to sleep and take full responsibility for this decision.

Call the vet home – benefits

Veterinary services at home is a popular service with pet owners.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. If you you can not come to the clinic, Calling a doctor is the best solution.
  2. Risk of catching a new disease is excluded. in the clinic, where other patients are coming.
  3. If your pet is in serious condition, it is advisable to call the vet home.
  4. Calling the doctor at home, you can be observed only in him. The vet will know the whole features of your pet and will be able to choose the optimal treatment regimen.
  5. At home, the animal does not show aggression, so that the specialist is able to adequately assess his state of health and identify the cause of the illness.
  6. Doctor all your attention directs to your pet and will not be distracted by phone calls and other patients.
  7. If the house has other pets, a specialist can inspect them.

Reasons not to be vaccinated

Calling a doctor at home is a convenient service for all pet owners.

Any question you are interested in you can ask us by phone.

Describe the problem, and we will give you detailed advice and tell you how to give first aid while waiting for a veterinarian.

Clinic "VetDrug" offers only highly qualified help.

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