Public performance

Beautiful frank female erotic show – real art! This is a fascinating action, magic theater of sensual dance. It is no secret that the expression of emotions through dance has one of the strongest impressions. More sensual experiences can give only sensual. performances and programs, in which girls communicate with the audience in body language. Such ballet conquers with the highest expression of dance plastic, seduction and beauty! Diamond Girls – adult erotic show in public performed by beautiful and talented dancers. Our programs are included in top xxx performances the highest level. Each public speaking – this is not only technically complex and thoroughly developed numbers, it is a separate story. Super popular erotic shows Diamond Girls are accompanied by the play of light and music.

Public performance

Erotic show girls on stage in a nightclub

Professional erotic show (theater) Diamond Girls by performance is grace, plastic, passions and an amazing aftertaste of sensations! If you want to organize the most extraordinary celebration of a solemn event, spend it with our erotic club show! Thanks to the magnetic choreography of the performances, the ability of the girls to move smartly and conquer the charm of femininity, beautiful frank performance on stage in the club will give unforgettable impressions. Wanting to get a generous share of strong emotions, invite in night club Diamond Girls. Night erotic show on the stage – a frequent request of night residents of cities. Erotic club show will be a great addition to the event. Be sure: this will be the hottest event that will not leave anyone indifferent!

Dance and music erotic show

Dance erotic show Diamond Girls opens for you the territory of beauty and grace, where hearts beat more often, in time with the music, responding to the sensual movements of the beautiful ballet members! We create an atmosphere of complete immersion in the colorful world of pleasant sensations and incredible impressions. Is our uhroto music show with a luxurious set of beautiful candid numbers will give you a storm of emotions!

We are known in Moscow, St. Petersburg and throughout Russia

Our erotic shows in Moscow are known all over Russia. For 10 years of its existence erotic show Diamond Girls have become incredibly popular in Russia and far beyond. Enchanting tours always with great success held in both capitals. However, it is not only hot to applaud us. Moscow and St. Petersburg: Russian erotic performance delights and demanding European public. The art of seduction from Diamond Girls created a sensation in France, Montenegro and other countries of the Old World. The Diamond Girls team is a frequent guest on the set of the most popular TV projects and broadcasts of federal channels, which only the best invite. Erotic shows of St. Petersburg and Pervoprestolnoy. Among them are “Minute of Glory”, “Dancing with the Stars”, New Year’s “Blue Light”, “Saturday Evening”, programs “Star of Striptease”, “You Are a Super Star”, “Fire in the Jungle”, etc. Professional Russian erotic show Diamond Girls delighted spectators of concerts of first-rate stars in Moscow and SPb. Beautiful dancers shone on the same stage with Philip Kirkorov and Irina Alegrova, Alexander Buinov and Tatiana Bulanova, Tarzan and Natasha Koroleva, Dominic Joker, the group “Cream” and many more. etc. Passionate and incendiary erotic shows dances adorned the numbers of the outrageous Russian stars Olga Buzova and Shura. Ballet shone on the performances of famous DJs Dj York, Crazy Frog, Dj Grad, Sonic, Dj Benzina, etc. The creativity of the Diamond Girls became the decoration of a number of music festivals, in particular, “Mega Party Energy

Only the best girls, girls and women in our show.

Public performance

Women’s beauty and grace have enormous charming power. That is why erotic female show Diamond Girls always win the hearts of spectacular pleasure and seduction. Plastic, artistic girls dancers, representing show girls, really like men. Aesthetics naked girls a special charm of professional and tasteful productions, craftsmanship girls – all this absorbs and fascinates. Diamond Girls – erotic beauties show! Erotic show with gorgeous women who know exactly what needs to be done to evoke delight, vivid sensations and pleasant memories from immersion in the atmosphere of temptation …

Order a quality erotic show

If you want the celebration to be unforgettable, do not miss the opportunity order an erotic show Diamond Girls! The craftsmanship and charm of the participants, the variety and quality dance numbers, fascinating music, bright costumes, an incendiary program, an explosion of emotions – you can enjoy all of this if you decide to celebrate an extraordinary birthday, a bachelor party, or a stunning new year to celebrate! Do you need a holiday? Erotic show Diamond Girls will make it special!

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