Plants with the highest amount of protein

Today in the diet of our compatriots it can be noted that there is some deficiency in the consumption of high-grade proteins (proteins), which, in one way or another, are important for every living organism.

But many people do not even suspect that protein is the main building material that is actively involved in the formation of muscle fibers, strengthening hair and nails, and also helps to maintain body weight at the proper level.

But, unfortunately, the human body is not endowed with the ability to store proteins for the future, so the only source of them will be the regular consumption of products rich in protein.

His daily rate for a person is calculated as follows: with a measured lifestyle, 0.5 grams will suffice. pure protein per 1 kg of its own weight, with active sports and the desire to strengthen muscle mass – 2 grams., for pregnant women and nursing mothers – about 1 gram.

List of high protein foods

Poultry meat is a very good and useful source of indispensable and easily digestible protein (about 20% of the total mass). In addition, such meat, unlike its other types, has a low calorie level, plus a number of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Beef is practically not inferior in its beneficial properties to poultry meat and contains about 25% of animal high-grade protein, it is also rich in essential and non-essential amino acids, B vitamins and iron. For the greatest beneficial effect it is recommended to use boiled or stewed.

Veal – meat is rich in high-grade protein and is much easier absorbed by the body than pork. Subdivided into several categories. Best first or second. They contain about 20% of healthy protein and not more than 2% of fat.

Plants with the highest amount of protein

Rabbit meat – differs from other species in its taste and special usefulness for the organism of each person. This dietary product contains about 21% of complete protein, plus iron, vitamins, potassium, phosphorus and many other useful minerals.

Pork – this product has a minimum of connective fibers, because of which the meat is softer in taste and is very popular with people. But it is not always useful, for example, some varieties of pork have a very high percentage of fat and vice versa low protein content (fat 50%, protein 12%). Therefore, if you decide to lose weight, it is better to refuse such a product in favor of pork tenderloin (protein 20%, fat 7%).

The next product after meat, which contains a huge amount of high-grade easily digestible protein (17%), as well as omega-3 fatty acids, phosphorus, iron, zinc and sulfur. Eggs are especially rich in minerals and fat-soluble vitamins.

Despite the fact that the yolk also contains not very healthy fats, experts note that their negative effect on the body is leveled by the presence of a component such as lysine. In addition, it is in the yolk that all the essential minerals and vitamins are concentrated!

But in order for them to benefit you, the egg is best cooked, since with this method of heat treatment it does not lose its basic qualities (due to the presence of the shell).

3. Dairy products

Cottage cheese is an excellent source of high-grade protein (14 – 18%). But the main thing is to give preference to its low-fat versions, which have the least number of calories. You can mix cottage cheese with yogurt or kefir, which greatly increase its digestibility.

Evening is considered to be the most suitable time for consuming dairy products, since they include such a component as casein, which is absorbed by the body longer than other ingredients.

Cheese – refers to foods rich in protein, but it is also very energy-intensive, so you should choose its least high-calorie varieties, such as cheese or feta cheese. It is best to use cheeses before training, since the extra calories obtained will easily go away with physical exertion.

Fish is a dietary, very healthy and tasty product. By the presence of proteins, it is almost as good as meat (about 16% protein on average). Its greatest content is in tuna, cod, flounder, trout, mackerel, salmon, sardines and anchovies.

In addition, the fish contains a huge amount of essential amino acids, and is also rich in iodine, fluorine, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamins of groups B, A, E and D.

Its main advantage is the minimum content of connective fibers, to a greater extent represented in the form of collagen (gelatin). Because of this, when boiling fish meat becomes very soft and easy to boil soft, and protein is easier absorbed by our body. The only thing is to abandon smoked fish.

A person unfamiliar with information – what foods are high in protein, it is very difficult to create a full-fledged diet. But we will help you with this!

You should definitely include hard fruit varieties in your daily menu: apples, pears, mangoes, kiwi, pineapple, orange, as well as fruits with stones (cherries, apricots and peaches), since they are all rich in vegetable protein.

If you want to put your figure in order, you also need to eat as many vegetables as possible. For example, in Brussels sprouts there are no calories, but it is very rich in protein (about 9%), so its use is extremely beneficial for your health and appearance.

This is a great option for a healthy lifestyle. Almost all cereals are very well absorbed by the human body, contributing to better digestion.

For example, lentils. It would seem that it is special, but very few people know that it is very rich in protein (in 200 grams. There is about 18% of protein and only 1 gram of fat). Eat porridge – and you will be healthy!

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