Pictures of kisses

My Sunshine! Good morning! You woke up, my light is unearthly? My girl, my miracle, My joy, my kitten! Let the day be filled with love, Let everything be today, In thoughts, bunny, I’m next to you, My dear, my happiness! “My tender, good morning!” —I will whisper in my ear. And then you flourish as if, My sun. You are my life!

Pictures of kisses

Good morning, dear, Good morning, my angel! How did you sleep, dear? I was bored after you!

I slept well today, After all the night I dreamed of you, You and I were near, And all your dreams came true!

I know for sure that our dreams will turn into reality. Let’s be happy with you, After all, love of love is full of love!

Good morning, my dear, I wish you a good day, So that everyone will be able to work, For the soul to sing today!

Kiss you morning send, I love you very, very much, You are a princess, you are my tenderness, Mentally, I embrace you!

How long this night stretched, Was empty and cold to me. I waited for you to wake up as soon as possible, I wanted to tell you beautiful words.

I miss you, my dear, I want to look into your beloved eyes. You are for me, as an unearthly joy, As the sun you warm me!

You smile, my dear, as soon as possible, Believe me of my feelings and words. I wish you good morning, I will give you all the love to drop!

Pictures of kisses

My favorite, woke up, And smiled sweetly to the world, And the world then became more beautiful, Lights immediately shone!

My dear, good morning, Greetings my love, Let the day be good, be kind, Madly I love you!

Good morning, my sun, Gentle, my dear flower! You were smiling to me in a dream, I could not take my eyes off!

I waited for the morning, waited for the dawn, To hear your voice. I bored after you, You are my unearthly angel!

Good morning, dear, Wake up quick. Give your smile, And warm with your warm!

Good morning, beloved, Most tender! Good morning, beloved, Dear, boundless!

Good morning, sweetheart! Sweet, passionate! Good morning, sweetheart! The coolest!

I want to give you the warmth of my soul and affection, To make all my dreams come true, Life was just a fairy tale. Good morning, dear, The day will pass beautifully. I wanted this morning, I would meet with you. I want to be there every day . See in the morning, see at night, And meet your eyes.

You’re so far away from me, But I wish you good morning anyway. Favorite, I feel sad without you. Let the sun tell you how much I love you.

And may you not be with me, Dawn will whisper to me about you. And good morning will come, It will bring you with me!

Good morning, my love, You are like the sun, beautiful, And like the wind, playful! Good morning, my love!

I give you joy! Kissing the heat is sweet! My joy is tender. Good morning darling!

My love, good morning. Tell me, how are you, how did you sleep? You opened your eyes and, as if, In my chest, the sun lit up.

So it became warm and cozy, And joyfully – not to convey. Favorite, good morning. I am glad to tell you again.

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