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Summer is a wonderful time of the year, but all the most positive things have their drawbacks. In this case, we are annoyed with huge numbers of insects, and especially – mosquitoes! They do not give you sleep properly, you have to brush them off on the street, they are wildly annoying, but most importantly – the mosquito bite itches a lot for several days after the mosquito has bitten you. How to deal with mosquitoes and what can be done to cure a mosquito bite?

Of course, the first thing you need to try to do: do not itch or rub the skin where you are bitten by a mosquito. The itch is unbearable, and it is very difficult to follow this recommendation, but believe that everything will get worse from scratching a bite.

There are other ways to relieve mosquito bite itch. Many recipes of traditional medicine help well: we will list only some of them.

1. Put a gauze bandage or cotton swab in place of the bite, which must be pre-treated with a prepared solution of baking soda. The solution is prepared as follows: for one glass of water you need to add half a teaspoon of soda. You can also soak a bandage or tampon with vodka or alcohol. Rinse is not necessary, it is better to give dry.

2. The bite can be treated with many substances, the most effective of which are: Corvalol, Valocordin, Calendula tincture, Calendula and Arnica ointment, Sour cream, Tea tree or Clove oil, Balsam "Star", toothpaste (but it should not be on the basis of the gel), cut the bulb (it also has a decongestant effect, reduces inflammation), the usual men’s cologne, boric alcohol, and, oddly enough, saliva!

Picture bites

3. One of the most effective means of mosquito bites and not only plantain leaves are considered. Take a plantain leaf, rub it in your palms and attach it to where the mosquito bites you.

4. You can also attach something cold to the bite, for example, an ice cube. As you know, the cold relieves swelling and inflammation.

Picture bites

5. For people who are not afraid of very unusual means, you can advise a cold compress on the basis of urine: it may even prevent the tumor, if it has not yet appeared.

6. If you are bitten very strongly, we advise you to immediately take a special bath. There you need to add lavender oil, tea tree oil or sea salt – all of these tools are well relieve swelling and inflammation.

Picture bites

You should also not forget that an allergic reaction often occurs to mosquito bites, and its manifestations can be alleviated by taking special allergy products: pills are very popular. "Tavegil", "Suprastin", "Claritin"and if the mosquito has bitten a small child, then you can give the child "Phenystyle" in drops.

A great way to treat mosquito bites is industrial products, mosquito bites ointments, of which there are a great many. Among them, the most famous – cream "Akomarin"ointment "Phenystyle" and balm "Rescuer". Do not forget that there are special patches that prevent combing mosquito bites – and you remember that combing only exacerbates the situation.

If you go out of town, where by default there are a lot of mosquitoes, stock up with a lot of good mosquito repellents, as well as the means you need to use after a mosquito bite: it is better not to be lazy and collect a good first aid kit.

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