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The city called Gotham is again mired in crime with the advent of the new criminal and the freezing villain Mr. Freez and his dangerous partner who loves plants named Poison Ivy. And only the well-known heroes of Batman and Robin, who lately do not get along with each other, can prevent them.

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Throughout the three films, the villains of all stripes tried to destroy Batman and they did not succeed. For that, the supervillains in the face of the screenwriter and producers successfully destroyed Batman in the 4th film. Rare slag. If you have not watched, then you should not look. Do not waste your time. Watch the first 3 films and then the trilogy of Christopher Nolan.

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In the late 90s, it was an amazingly exciting movie! amazing characters, and Batman’s car was simply inimitable! at the present time. reconsidering with a fresh look, I understand that the film was shot qualitatively, maybe somewhere slightly naive, but the main thing is that the plot does not suffer from special effects and

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What does allergic contact dermatitis look like?

Subacute inflammation of the upper eyelid caused by makeup and increased friction. Atopic dermatitis also causes a similar picture.

How does allergic contact dermatitis look like can be seen in the photo on the right. Characteristic signs of allergic contact dermatitis are vesicles, edema, redness and often intense itching. Strong allergens such as poison ivy cause blistering. The intensity of eczema depends on the degree of individual sensitivity, the concentration of the allergen and the duration of contact with the antigen.

Photos of poison ivy

Initially, dermatitis extends only to the area of ​​direct contact. If this contact is chronic, allergic dermatitis may spread beyond the area of ​​primary contact.

Itching and swelling are key components of the anamnesis and may indicate allergies. For irritant dermatitis, a burning sensation is more typical.

Dermatitis caused by plants often has a linear form of propagation.

Allergy to the external drug, used for the face, may manifest as itchy erythema spots, located asymmetrically. With the defeat of the face, vesicles are rarely present.

Strong sensitizers can cause intense inflammation, despite their low concentration or short contact time; weak sensitizers can only cause itchy erythema.

The palms, forearms and face are the areas of the most typical localization of allergic contact dermatitis. In this disease, very limited skin areas can be affected, such as the eyelids, back of the palms, lips, feet, or genitals.

Aeroallergens (for example, burning poison ivy) can cause dermatitis of the face (including the eyelids and skin behind the ears), neck, and other exposed areas of the body.

For photoallergic contact dermatitis, lesions of exposed areas of the body are typical: face, neck, forearms, and dorsum of the palms. Usually the areas under the chin, on the upper eyelids and behind the ears are not affected.

Herbs and plants.

Treatment of diseases with medicinal herbs.

There are many ways to treat. Herbal medicine is a way to treat herbs.

In the history of mankind, herbal medicine has been used for a very long time. In the course of his development, man had to learn the healing properties of herbs and plants. So gradually, people gained knowledge of medicinal herbs.

Nowadays, with a developed pharmaceutical industry, herbal medicine is often used, especially in villages. Herbal treatments are used for various diseases. Most often, herbs are used for the prevention of diseases.

Photos of poison ivy

But herbs can not always be used. There are diseases. which cannot be cured with herbs and in such cases you should consult a doctor to choose other methods of treatment.

Why is herbal medicine still used when pharmacology is developed? When treating herbs, they act on the human body more gently and minimal side effects, and even without them.

In more detail with the medicinal properties of herbs and plants, as well as their photos, you can find on the pages of our site.


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Poison Ivy: New Seduction (1997) (Poison Ivy: The New Seduction)

25 April 2015 09:14

Dumb movie. If the first "Ivy" contained the plot, the actions of the main character were not obvious and were revealed during the film, then in this part the level of the Brazilian series: a bitch who comes up with various meanness. It looks like a ploverless erotic of its time, in our time it is absolutely not erotic. Again the heroine of the first "Ivy" erotic.

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