Passive aggressive woman

Those born in the Year of the Rat are distinguished by their attractive and characteristic appearance, and by the horoscope and eastern calendar the compatibility of the woman and the man of the year of the Rat with other signs is distinguished by interpersonal skills and thrift. They can be quite generous to their families and friends, and those people whom they love, who they just like.

Rats are prudent and always count all their moves. Only by foolishness can this person make enemies, but such fools are extremely rare among the representatives of this sign of the eastern horoscope.

In everyday life, however, with their families and relatives, as well as with friends, they do not particularly stand on ceremony and can easily offend them, after which they will not repent of anything or worry about this.

It is rather difficult to call a rat a sympathetic person; this person is more guided by personal self-interest and calculation than by human emotions. This person is contradictory and changeable, therefore it is difficult for people around him to understand him.

They are egocentric, although they are quite sociable and charming, they like to gossip, but they prefer to keep silent about their affairs and problems. Friendship, as they say – friendship, but the snuff apart – this very proverb is extremely suitable for the Rats.

Sign Element: Water

Year of birth: 1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020, 2032, 2044

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Characteristic of the Rat

For men and women born according to the eastern horoscope in the year of the Rat, their natural strength is combined with elegance. Outwardly, they are calm, and their delectable gaiety, is played up and serves only as bait for another victim.

Longer communication with the Rat, will pay attention to its internal anxiety and tension, up to an open desire for aggressive actions.

Many people born in the year of the Rat are careful, ambitious and pedantic, although petty. They are quite open, in the business of agility and agility, as a rule, succeed. Their life force and straightness are clearly visible.

Passive aggressive woman

Rats are always trying to get some benefit and benefit, even from their friends and acquaintances, from their money, and sometimes even from the money of other people. They live in the present, but at the same time they are always trying to accumulate wealth for a secure old age.

The Rats also have their weaknesses, which often lead them to rather serious mistakes, including self-deception, with particular consequences. The fact is that these people are too greedy for decorations and external brilliance, as well as for their love for different tinsel. It is difficult for a rat to resist a cunning person, as well as a swindler and a flattering rogue, because they are used to taking ordinary things for special things, or even as exceptional.

A person born in the year of the Rat is cheerful and happy in his life, those around him respect and appreciate. They love life and are surprisingly easy to get along with people. Your familiar and close people are nice and comfortable and with you. You, as a wise person, are often asked for advice, and you will gladly give them practical advice.

The health of the people born in the year of the Rat is excellent and over the years it only becomes stronger, illnesses cannot cope with this person, they are enduring and usually live a long time.

In love, romantic and sentimental, few can resist the charms of this person. Rat gently cares about his beloved man and his family.

Born in the year of the Rat, ready to work hard and hard to achieve the goal. Plus, these people are an inexhaustible source of diverse ideas. These are people who are unusually organized and talented, perhaps that is why these people make excellent businessmen, and sometimes political figures.

Rats are brave people, they are excited by the desire to learn something new, to reveal secrets. These people will always find an acceptable way out of a difficult and seemingly hopeless situation, using all the possibilities available to her, and if the measures used by the Rat are unsuccessful, then they are ready to take the most extreme measures.

Positive qualities of the Rat:

– charming and pleasant people, they are compassionate, sociable, thrifty in everything, sensual and versatile talented, easily adapt to the new conditions, many of them achieve great success in life.

Negative qualities of the Rat:

– may be unnecessarily picky about others, inconsistency in actions, conclusions and desires, these people tend to clash and argue, too self-confident, not overly powerful and selfish.

Often, the Rats themselves become the cause of confusion, primarily because of their penchant for deliberate lies, although at that moment there were no special grounds. They constantly, in order to influence the interlocutor, create an obsessively pleasant microclimate near themselves, imperceptibly trying to influence him, others around them.

It can be stated that they usually achieve their goals, although often with some difficulties. In some cases, the Rat is saved by her instinct of self-preservation and survival, but sometimes her help comes to her talent for using someone else’s weaknesses, the ability to convince them to work for themselves.

Women of the Rat are caring and diligent, but they should not forget anything that they have in her wardrobe or refrigerator, they buy indistinctly and much unnecessary, you can say everything, with only one desire – to buy in their bins. Rat women have a very rich imagination and a bright, vivid imagination.

Passive aggressive woman

That is why among women-rats you can often meet famous people from the cultural world, people of creative work, although there are also many women of this sign among business people and politicians.

Eastern horoscope – Rat compatibility with other signs

Rat and Rat – compatibility

Two Rats in the family can love each other dearly and ardently, but these two without fail should avoid family disputes and quarrels, as well as their unnecessary and obvious rivalry.

Friendship between these people is also possible, but on the one condition that they stop doing each other dirty things, even small ones. Business relations between Rats can successfully flourish in the form of partnership and cooperation, can co-authorship.

Rat and Bull – compatibility

The marriage of these people can be quite strong, as well as successful, but on one condition that the wife of the Rat will keep her husband Bull and remain firm on the basis of reality. To the bull, for better mutual understanding in the family, it would be desirable to curb his stubbornness and self-will, the Rat is to be more optimistic and more cheerful.

A bull in alliance with the Rat – must always maintain her peace of mind so that she has no reason to worry about her own safety. The friendship between these signs of the eastern horoscope is not particularly lively, primarily due to the lack of interesting common topics for spiritual conversations.

Business relations between them are rare, because the Bull is a simple hard worker, and not a business man, although sometimes he likes to be a guide.

Rat and Tiger – compatibility

The marriage between these signs is quite problematic, and all because of the futility of their relationship, they have significant contradictions of character. The Tiger will have eternal claims for unconditional and unconditional power in marriage. Friendship between them is fastened too rarely, since the petty Rat is too big a materialist for Tiger.

These people can have business relations, because both of these signs are honest, both can earn well, and live in a big way, but in any case, to avoid conflicts, the profit from joint business should be divided equally and immediately.

Rat and Rabbit / Ivory – compatibility

We should refrain from this marriage, because Rabbit may want to swallow his Rat, despite strong love for her, and Rats, in turn, do not really like this kind of adventure. Friendship is impossible between these people, as a business relationship is unlikely, because in this case Rabbit is dangerous for the Rat.

Rat and Dragon – compatibility

Life in the family between them is often quite successful, especially when the rat in love will flatter the partner without end, and the very strong Dragon spirit, his courage and humor, combined with the energy and cunning of the Rats only strengthen the foundation of marriage.

But the main thing in this union is that these signs of the eastern horoscope have a strong physical attraction to each other, to the friend, and to the sensuality of both partners.

It is quite possible and the friendship between them, because they appreciate each other, and friendship with time can go in love. They will also be able to quickly establish relations in business, but on condition that the main one is the Dragon, and the main performer is the Rat.

Rat and Snake Compatibility

A rather problematic marriage, always a mysterious and partly unfaithful Serpent, can bring Rat alone disappointment and misfortune. More, less successful marriage is possible, but only if the Snake does not change the partner. They can be friends, but their friendship will be held only through a mutual love chat.

Business relations between these signs are very interesting, but as such they look from the outside, no more, a conflict of interest between the Rat and the Snake is almost inevitable.

Rat and Horse Compatibility

This marriage should be strictly avoided. Although at the initial stage of their acquaintance, emotional passions are possible between them, but in the future everything can reach major quarrels and divorces. The friendship between these signs of the eastern horoscope is simply unrealistic and impossible.

There can be no talk of friendship between the Rat and the Horse; these signs absolutely do not understand each other. Relations in business between them are also unlikely, they can only harm each other, and all because of the eternal contradictions, not only in key but also in minor matters.

Rat and – Goat / Sheep – compatibility

In this marriage all, as they say, will be “with a sin in half”, because there are as many of them in common as there are contradictions. Among other things, the Goat for the Rat is too closed, if the second has enough money, the Goat can calmly graze in the meadows, in this case her soul will be satisfied and calm. But the Rat will often be satisfied with the behavior of his Goat, so they are close to the disorder.

They can be friends, though very briefly, because of the contradictions and outbursts of the dispute on both sides.

Relationships in business are possible if at the general meeting the Goat’s creative tastes are adopted as a guide. The question of who will lead in the general business remains open.

Rat and Monkey – compatibility

The best marriage combination – this union can be both very successful and very happy. Both these signs of the eastern horoscope complement and fascinate each other with their sudden, albeit superficial connections, they are ready to forgive the small sins of their partner.

In this union, mutual love is combined with complete understanding, but the friendship between them, though possible, but it will always be to the detriment of the poor Rat, because it will have to give in to the Monkey and its whims. Business relationships in business are also likely and quite possible, but the Rat should beware of blind obedience to the Monkey.

Rat and Rooster – compatibility

In this marriage, deep sympathy for each other. Even in spite of the fact that the Rooster is a woman and can be a big lotion, the Rat man who loves her can still show great patience, because she appreciates her worth and recognizes a lot of her virtues. A rooster woman will relieve her husband from the excessive passions of anger, she will help him to get rid of his competitors.

Passive aggressive woman

Friendship and mutual sympathy between them can be very superficial and fast passing. Speaking separately, about the business relationship between these signs, they should not be. Their joint business is unlikely to take place, things will go badly, and the Rooster will be to blame.

Rat and Dog – compatibility

The marriage union between these signs of the eastern horoscope can be quite interesting, and calm, even more boring. The rat should be as small as possible at home, for Dogs this is the best option, because it wants to be and dream, and alone and in private. In this marriage, the best option if the power in the house will be for the Rat, and the Dog will get homework, household chores.

Friendship between them is unlikely, because the Rat does not make transcendental and impracticable plans, it is in Dogs rank in one of the lowest places. Business relations can be shown, also not from the best party. The dog is at the same time a realist and an idealist, and the Rat is too self-serving for her, and she is also an egoist for the Dog.

Rat and Boar / Pig – compatibility

A marriage union, under certain conditions, can be very harmonious, for both have a lot in common: they both love idle life, but at the same time are intellectuals. In addition, these signs of the eastern horoscope have good spiritual mutual understanding, and the horn and business qualities of the Boar are very pleasing to the Rat.

The friendship between them can be real and deep, they love to walk and make some noise together, and the aggressiveness of the Rat at the Boar does not find a response and special objections. Business relations between them can successfully develop, but only if the Rat does not deceive his partner.

Born in the year of the Rat, men and women – the influence of the signs of the zodiac

Aries – fast, active, initiative and aggressive Rat

Taurus – nice to talk to, just charming Rat

The twins – probably the most dexterous Rat, will bypass all the set traps

Cancer is too dreamy and partly passive Rat, its entertainment can cost it dear

The lion is a mindset, a strange and contradictory character.

Virgo – will be looking for a long time and yet will find a way out in the confusing maze of life

Libra is a reconciling Rat, its aggressiveness is greatly mitigated.

Scorpio – stinging and tough Rat, everything is wrong for her, can destroy everything that gets in her way

Sagittarius – a workable Rat, energetic and lucky, can achieve a lot in business

Capricorn – this Rat is not easy to catch by the tail, it is strict

Aquarius – very intelligent and logical thinking Rat, with great talent as a writer

Fish – Rat with a developed imagination, can do almost everything, but more because of stupidity

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