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Iherb com official website in Russian – famous online store, founded in America in 1996. The company is leading in the field of trade in goods containing essentially natural raw materials, with prices pleasant to the buyer.

Iherb warehouses are located in several US states. Products are stored in distribution centers equipped with a climate control unit, which allows keeping the temperature of warehouses at a sufficiently low temperature around the clock.

Five years ago appeared iHerb official website in Russian:

iherb com in Russian provides delivery to many countries of the world, and for residents of Russia and the CIS countries the site is also presented in Russian.

Iherb benefits:

  • Over 1,200 brands and 30,000 products. In addition, they have a price lower than in special pharmacies or hypermarkets by almost 30-50%;
  • Guarantee of authenticity of the goods;
  • Guaranteed delivery of the order;
  • Fair feedback system. Feedback can be left only after ordering;
  • The guarantee of maximum freshness of the goods, because the goods are stored in warehouses for no more than 45 days due to the highest turnover ratio. Also, goods have a shelf life. Many branded products carry with them analyzes, certificates of which are issued by a third-party laboratory;
  • Iherb protects your personal data;
  • If you have questions or any problems with the order – the support service works around the clock;
  • The company cares about the environment, so buying goods from them, you contribute to the protection of the environment.

Catalog online store Ayherb

Online store iHerb provides a huge number of products presented in Russian as well as in many other languages. Explore the range, and find a lot of things that will delight you and your loved ones.

The extremely extensive iherb catalog in Russian contains three tens of thousands of titles. Aycherb online store in Russian is filled with goods in nine major categories:

Each major section is divided into groups, including up to dozens of sub-categories. Eicherb online store – the official website in Russian is able to satisfy any need, you just go to the site and choose what you need.

Also on the site there are SPECIAL SECTIONS:

Iherb online store in Russian has a lot of different promotions and discounts that should be monitored to make the purchase of goods even more enjoyable. below are presented discounts for brands of the week.

Let us consider all the categories in more detail:


The widest range contains a category with dietary supplements. It contains vitamins:

There, they can be selected by brand, by gender, by category of substance, by action on certain human organs and systems, and by scope.


The Herbs and Homeopathy section includes a huge arsenal of various herbal supplements, including the following groups:


For those who are concerned about the harmful parabens in the care products, iherb please with natural products for the soul and care. Almost a thousand-plus titles among the things for body and hair care. Products for the bathroom, personal hygiene, oral hygiene, a lot of aromatic pleasures for any olfactory taste that will fill your home with wonderful smells and essential oils, scrubs and balms created to care for your lips, medical first-aid equipment and not only , men’s care products, and gift sets.

Paleo anti-inflammatory


In the online store iHerb, which is famous for high-quality and natural products, there is also an extensive section for women devoted to your beauty. In it, the fair sex will be able to purchase for themselves moisturizing cosmetics:

  • creams and oils for face and eyelids
  • lip hygiene
  • amazing korean cosmetics
  • care products with various ingredients so that you can choose the right product for you personally
  • cleansing masks and peels
  • means for toning, cleansing and exfoliating dead cells
  • remedies for problem skin
  • decorative cosmetics
  • makeup brushes
  • Gift Baskets.


For physically active people there is a section dedicated to sports and fitness. If you want to gain muscle mass, keratin powders and growth hormone preparations in the assortment will help you. Also, there are supplements for receiving before training, designed to set you up for upcoming physical exertion. For the growth of muscle mass and fat burning in the diet, it is necessary to have a lot of digestible protein, as a rule, athletes need more than the daily norm, which proteins with iHerb will help to fill. After a grueling exercise, rest is required, and additional amino acid intake will not hurt – the means for receiving after a workout are also in the catalog. If you are hungry after physical activity, there are delicious bars and cakes for sports and active, as well as various complexes of vitamins and dietary supplements.

With each visit to the store, the look is scattered into various categories, which are conveniently classified for your convenience by type and purpose of the goods.


If you want to eat tasty and nutritious, then there is a section with products on the site. About a thousand different types and varieties of natural tea, soothing and aromatic, the benefits of which are known to all. The same number of dietary and hearty snacks. You will definitely not be hungry.

IHerb trial products

Limit: One unit of goods of one name to order. If you order more, you will receive a product at our standard price.

IHerb Instant Deals

Limit: no more than 1 unit of each product in the order

Ordering goods with iHerb

If you have a question, how to place an order for iherb, then our answer is:

  • To get started register on the site
  • Choose products and put in cart
  • Fill in your passport data and contact information
  • Enter the bank card details to pay for the order
  • You will receive an order confirmation email
  • Soon, the order will go to you, which will also alert

By following this simple instructions, you can easily make your first order for iHerb.

When will you make an order for iHerb, when you add a product to the cart, you will see its weight. It is important to remember that the weight of the package will be different from the weight of the goods.

Consider existing at the moment discounts and promotions, it will help you save on purchases.

IHerb Package Payment Methods

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Qiwi Wallet
  • Yandex Cashier
  • American express
  • JCB
  • Unionpay

IHerb Delivery to Russia

In the online store iherb free shipping is available for orders, the amount of which from $ 40.

General information and delivery restrictions:

  • Iherb delivery does not ship to Crimea.
  • To obtain confidence that all goods ordered by you are allowed to be imported into the territory of the Russian Federation, and for clarification on the need to have special licenses for this, contact the Russian customs office.
  • iHerb respects the rules of the Russian Federation and does not import prohibited substances.

Ayherb delivery to Russia is carried out in the same way as in more than 150 countries of the world.

There are three popular types of delivery:

  1. Boxberry (Take from the point of issue) – parcels weighing up to 5 kg and costing up to $ 150. Provides a tracking code and delivers to the office. With an order amount of $ 60 – Boxberry delivery is free.
  2. Boxberry (Courier will deliver) – parcels weighing up to 5 kg and a total cost of up to $ 150. Also provides a track number and delivery straight to the apartment.
  3. Global Mail by DHL International Airmail – parcels weighing up to 1.8 kg and total value up to $ 100. Tracking iherb is not provided, so there is a risk of losing the order.

Shipping costs BoxBerry is calculated based on weight, cost and brand of the product, the final cost you will find in the basket.

If you have exceeded the available parcel limits of any of the deliveries by value or by weight – the inscription that the delivery is not available appears.

Delivery time depends on your city. On average, from a week to a month.

Customer Reviews

You can leave iherb reviews immediately after making the order.

You may know that many sites may be buying reviews from random people, the store may be filled with deliberate negative reviews from competitors, but the iherb is practically devoid of these vulnerabilities. Eiherb reviews inspire confidence, because they are most likely compiled objectively and in essence. After all, in order to leave feedback on iherb, you need to register, order a product and use it. For each product, you can leave a review and evaluation, as well as ask any question you are interested in about the product.

Consider in more detail the goods themselves iHerb

In today’s world, almost everyone has a deficiency of one or another vitamin and mineral, given the culture of poor nutrition, the high rate of life, which force people to eat fast food and other unhealthy food in quick snacks. In addition to this, the inhabitants of Russia and the CIS live in an area where cold, winter weather is in place for most of the year, which affects the availability and quality of fresh vegetables and fruits. Therefore, people need a prophylactic intake of vitamins to improve their health and fresh appearance.

In stock iherb vitamins for children, and for pregnant women, just women and men.

For a growing organism like no one else, it is important to have a proper and balanced diet with the presence of all the necessary vitamins and minerals. During this period, the growth and development of the brain, vision, teeth and bones. All this should be taken care of in advance, so experts recommend giving children the best iherb vitamins for children, selected taking into account both the ratio of substances in the product and its taste properties.

Eicherb vitamins are especially popular, especially marmalade multivitamins and minerals for children from GimmiKing. They include a variety of fruit flavors, and all this without gelatin.

For women in the position of doctors advised to pay attention to folic acid. Every second woman has its deficiency, and during pregnancy the body consumes it in increased amounts, and it plays an important role in the formation of the fetal neural tube, and, according to research, taking folic acid in advance several months before pregnancy significantly reduces the risk of congenital malformations and developmental disorders of the fetus.

Any woman knows that proper nutrition takes an essential place in the work on maintaining and strengthening her beauty and health indicators. The best iherb vitamins for women, specifically the Optimum Nutrition Optimization System nutrients, can help. Vitamins have almost two thousand positive reviews for iherb.

Optimum Nutrition also took care of men by presenting men’s best vitamins with iHerb – a vitamin complex that will help in optimizing the absorption of nutrients by the body.

Iherb has a special section with goods for kids. A lot has been gathered there: from baby food, organic bath accessories, diapers and other diapering accessories and toys that contribute to mental development and learning.

Paleo anti-inflammatory

Do not forget about the health of the stronger sex – for men requires much higher doses of vitamins, macro-and micronutrients than women. In the iherb section, vitamins are often found in Nature’s Way, Alive!, Which provide good multivitamins that need to be taken once a day. Solely to be calm about the presence of all important substances in your diet and their optimal digestibility. Vitamins stimulate energy and endurance due to the fact that the composition contains such substances as: Siberian Eleuther, Rhodiola Rosea extract, Korean ginseng extract and many other stimulating substances in the mixture.

Healthy and shiny hair is one of the main advantages, the pride of many women. There are more than a thousand hair care products. These are vitamins, conditioners, masks and shampoos for any condition and hair type.

Mild By Nature took care of the desire of women to have thick and beautiful hair, and provided products for hair:

Anti-age is a range of measures aimed at slowing the aging process. Lifestyle, including physical activity and nutrition – is half the impact on how quickly the body wears out. It is important to understand this and take care of your body from an early age, directing efforts to maintain the health and beauty of your body, and using facial care products. As for the skin, for its appearance are important antioxidants, which do not allow free radicals to damage cells. They are contained in the anti-aging serum for the face Azelique, Serumdipity, which, judging by the reviews, is in considerable demand.

Many athletes are familiar with joint pain after long and hard workouts. The joints need additional strengthening and support in order to save them from wear. According to numerous positive reviews, Glucosamine-Chondroitin-Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) from Doctor’s Best is an effective joint preparation. It has an anti-inflammatory effect on the joints and ligaments, and can eliminate the pain in them. It is recommended to use the course.

If you are worried about excess weight, then on iherb there are lots of slimming products that will support and speed up your path in a beautiful body.

The Naturade Total Soy slimming cocktail is especially popular. Tasty, and the energy value of some 130 calories. Cocktail helps to reduce harmful cholesterol, which is beneficial for the cardiovascular system. Two and a half thousand people who have tried this product, note the excellent chocolate flavor and effective assistance in the process of weight loss.

For skin, two substances are crucial: vitamin A, also known as retinol, and zinc. Retinol is effective in preventing the appearance of wrinkles and regulating the secretion of fat in the sebaceous ducts, which is the main therapeutic and preventive element in the fight against acne and comedones. Zinc is involved in the process of skin regeneration and maturation of new cells, which is important if you go to the maximum speed up the process of updating the epidermis and getting rid of both the acne itself and the traces of them.

Vitamin A from New Foods will cover the necessary daily level of the substance and will relieve of its possible deficiency.

Zand has delicious elderberry and zinc lozenges – perfectly combine business with pleasure.

In order for your brain to work effectively and to resist daily stress and stress, your body desperately needs omega acids. Their maximum amount is contained in fatty fish of the cold seas, but if you are not a fan of fish products, or you cannot use it often enough, it is enough to take special supplements with omega-3, or fish oil.

Popular iHairb enjoys supplier Solgar, additive, which contains the maximum concentration of natural polysaturated omega-3 acids. It undergoes molecular distillation and mercury removal, which guarantees safe use.

Special eye patches are good helpers for correcting puffiness and removing bags under the eyes. Patches from Petitfee contain interesting active ingredients, such as gold, ginseng, collagen and water of rose petals. Effectively moisturize and tone tired eyes, returning their shine and freshness.

For skin characteristics such as elasticity and elasticity, it requires collagen. However, its synthesis decreases with age, therefore, to support healthy skin, it is not superfluous to add collagen to your diet, as well as to use special cosmetics containing it.

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