Overworked and overloaded

We will learn to implement professional standards

  • only practice-oriented approach (mechanisms, rules, steps, documents, legislation, cases, questionnaires, testing)
  • the choice of the form of education: internally or remotely
  • leading experts of the federal level
  • further support of the organization in your account
  • development of a comprehensive implementation plan for your organization
  • correlation of posts, levels of education, seniority, employment functions
  • issuance of a certificate of advanced training and certificate of a specialist in the implementation of professional standards

Overworked and overloaded

  • deputy heads of personnel
  • personnel officers
  • HR specialists
  • accounting staff
  • labor protection specialists

The program of additional professional education “Development of the national qualifications system and practical steps for the implementation of professional standards in organizations” has been developed:

  • Committee on professional standards and independent assessment of the qualifications of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Bashkortostan
  • Department of Labor Law and Social Security Law of the Higher School of Economics
  • Legal Department of the Confederation of Labor of Russia
  • Center for the implementation of professional standards

Venue: Ufa, st. Ring, 5/2

Enrollment: By phone / fax: (347) 260-91-77, 264-68-65 By email. Email: ugntuipk @

Venue: Ufa, 74/2, October Ave.

Enrollment: By phone: (347) 248-43-01

Overworked and overloaded

Venue: Full-time – Russian Academy of Entrepreneurship Address: Moscow, st. Malaya Andronyevskaya, 15. Remotely: on the educational platform

Sign up for training:

Place: Ufa

Dates: April 25–26, 2018

Enrollment: By phone / fax: 8 (347) 286-52-77 E-mail: finek2016 @

Upon receipt of applications

Unique offer of the Center

1. Connecting to a personal account on a unique online platform “Implementation Center 24”. 2. Fixing a personal curator who accompanies the organization on a daily basis. 3. Providing instructions on how to interact with the curator and experts in your account. 4. Consultation 2 hours a week offline with the provision of expert answers for 5 days. 5. Systematic register of all professional standards approved by the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation.

6. Video materials of the Center and leading experts. 7. Systematic norms of legislation, state presentations. employees and leading experts. 8. Access to updated documents and materials, including regulatory legal acts. 9. The list of all documents (memos, orders, plans, reports, local acts) on the implementation of professional standards. 10. Examples of court decisions on the application of professional standards.

In addition to the basic services, the Center for Professional Standards Implementation on a contractual basis provides the following services:

How does the implementation center 24 platform look like?

Personal account features:

Overworked and overloaded

  • personal curator at each organization
  • daily maintenance
  • answers to any questions that may arise
  • analysis of personnel documentation
  • online consultations
  • current register of professional standards
  • use of the archive of regulations
  • examples of court decisions
  • specific solutions for the implementation of professional standards
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