Oncologist next to me

Valentin and his family are very grateful and grateful to their attending physician – Candidate of Medical Sciences, Senior Researcher Obukhov Alexander Aleksadrovich for his professional and human qualities. In July 2017, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Initially, I turned to one of the medical clinics in the city of Moscow, where I was prescribed treatment – hormone therapy, and it was not clear what to do next. But when on the phone I contacted Obukhov


Sincerely, Valentin D.

Endless thanks

On behalf of our large international family, I want to express my deep appreciation and immense gratitude to the doctor, PhD, Alexander Alexandrovich Obukhov, who brilliantly gave me an operation on August 27, 2018 in the Department of Radiation and Surgical Treatment of Urological Diseases with the Prostate Cancer Brachytherapy Group of the MRRC named after . Tsyba of Obninsk and planned for me further treatment in the Radiology Department of this very remarkable clinic. I turned to one of the most advanced scientific and medical centers in Russia with the hope of overcoming prostate cancer, which I discovered in June 2018. And after preliminary consultations with specialists from oncologists of Simferopol and Moscow on August 23, I met a wonderful person, a high-class doctor, an oncologist-urologist-radiologist-surgeon in one person, Obukhov

I bow to the doctors from the family of Karlovykh from Sevastopol, Simferopol, Moscow, Suffolk.

In July 2018, I called the urology department of the MRRC of them. Tsyba Obninsk. The surgeon urologist oncologist Alexander Aleksandrovich answered me. He took an active part in taking me for treatment. He has provided tremendous help and support in passing preliminary checks and surveys. A brilliant operation was performed. This person is distinguished by a high philanthropy, an empathetic attitude towards each patient, and selfless service to his duty. Such people are rare. Huge gratitude to him and bow for his work. Thank you for being. Sincerely, Alexander, Kemerovo.

Dear Alexander Alexandrovich! On my own behalf and on behalf of my whole family, I want to express to you deep and sincere thanks for the professionalism and sensitive, attentive attitude shown to me during the treatment of prostate cancer and during the brachytherapy operation that took place on April 26, 2018. Thanks to you, I was able to pass the necessary examinations qualitatively and promptly and correctly determine the tactics of treatment. My family and I wish you success in such a difficult and responsible task of saving people’s lives, further enhancing professionalism and skill, career growth and all the very best. You are a true professional, for such competent specialists and empathetic people the future of our medicine! Low bow to you, good health and HUGE THANKS.

Sincerely, patient Alexander Demidov, city district Podolsk, Moscow Region.

Hello dear friends! Here I am at home. My story did not last long only because I was lucky to see on the Internet tel. in Obninsk. I called in the morning and a miracle. On the other side, they introduced themselves, listened and told to pack everything up and come. All decide! I was taken aback, and did not even believe with my wife. I called back, asked to introduce myself again. It was Alexander Aleksandrovich Obukhov. Everything else did not last long. Trip, reception, re-checking, paperwork for the department. All in one day, and a week later I’m on the table. Everything that happened in the center was like in a well-tuned car. Fast, comfortable. The constant appearance, communication with us (my neighbor) of our doctor, his democracy and accessibility caused us a lot of positive emotions. We were confident that everything will be fine. So it happened. I am writing this in order to help others in need of such help. Are you interested in the price of the question? Understand. I was also interested. In St. Petersburg bent, I immediately "cheerfully" has become. San Sanych immediately replied that everything is based on the MLA. But you need to add 2 trips to Obninsk and double-checking of glasses, plus a couple of tests. I hope that everything is bad behind me. I would like to wish my doctor health, family happiness, life optimism. And let him know that we love him! The team that he heads for success and good statistics! For my family, he is a man of 2017! You are the best, Alexander Alexandrovich! Congratulations!

With respect to you, Kolomeychuk Alexander Ostapovich and my roommate, Vladimir Pavlovich (Kaluga).

In August 2017, according to information from the MRRC, I went to Alexander Obukhov, the doctor, at the Department of Radiation and Surgical Treatment of Urological Diseases with a group of prostate cancer brachytherapy regarding the results of a repeated biopsy of the prostate gland, which I received at one of the medical centers in Russia. The results were not good, so I looked for the most modern Internet

On my own experience, I consider it possible to recommend to all who are shown the treatment of oncology of various organs, not only to citizens of Russia, but also abroad, to contact the MRRC named after Tsyba and you will be provided with decent highly qualified assistance based on the most modern achievements of medicine.

We express our heartfelt thanks to the wonderful DOCTOR of the Department of Radiation and Surgical Treatment of Urological Diseases with the Brachytherapy Group of the Prostate Cancer

Best regards, Detistov family. Rostov-on-Don.

Dear Alexander Alexandrovich! We sincerely thank you for your high professionalism and good human attitude. We would also like to express our gratitude to all the staff of the urology department. We wish you further professional and creative success in your noble activities.

Zinovy ​​and Lyudmila Razu.

My medical history is similar to many who turned to the oncological clinic named after him. Tsyba. In short: in January 2017 after an unsuccessful operation, held on March 22, 2017 in Nizhny Novgorod in the hospital

With respect to all medical staff. Kalinina Natalya Igorevna, 43 years old, Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod region

Oncologist next to me

Unfortunately, nowadays one often hears accusations against domestic medicine. Argued that if seriously ill, then “only abroad will help us.” I want to express my words of sincere gratitude and respect to the remarkable team of the Department of Urology of the IRRC under the guidance of a talented person, Professor Karyakin Oleg Borisovich! I sincerely thank the attending physician of the leading specialist Safiulin Kadir Nazipovich! Kadir Nazipovich – DOCTOR with a capital letter, terse, demanding, knowledgeable! Clearly, professionally, immaculately spent treatment! Thanks to the correct tactics chosen by the doctor, I am now healthy! Very grateful to all the medical staff of the department! Amazing people! Knowledgeable, kind, disinterested, able to empathize and in every way trying to help and support everyone! A heartfelt thanks to the medical sisters: Ineva Sergeeva, Olga Evgenievna Pereverzeva, Olga Khamzatovna Shamilova, Anna Evgenievna Petukhova, Elena Vladimirovna Petukhova, Elena Vladimirovna Derkacheva, Chipnis Nadezhda Evgenievna, Natalia Y. Hitolenko, Okrugina Tatyana Nikolayevna, Belteva Belteva Elena Belneva. Many thanks to the nurses Chernogalova Larisa Mikhailovna and Semiushina Tatiana Nikolaevna. Special thanks to the doctor urologist polyclinic

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude and with all my heart to thank the oncourologist, senior researcher of the IRRC named

Alexander Alexandrovich and the entire medical staff of this hospital are a close-knit team of professionals in their field. These people really experience and with love treat their, not quite healthy, wards. Thank you for the treatment, care and care.

Sincerely, Yury Viktorovich Zaitsev.

We would like to sincerely thank all the staff of the Obninsk Cancer Center, and in particular Obukhov

In September 2016, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the clinic at the place of residence and was offered a radical treatment method – its removal. I decided to consult additionally, turned to the Oncourological Department of the MRRC of

Sincerely, Yury Vasilyevich.

On the eve of the New Year 2017, we want to congratulate Alexander Alexandrovich Obukhov and all the staff of the Department of Urology of the Medical Radiological Scientific Center.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to wish our dear Dr. Alexander Alexandrovich and the whole team of the Department of sound health, success in such important and necessary work for people, well-being of their families, great personal happiness, joy and all the best in the New 2017!

After all, Alexander Alexandrovich Obukhov and his colleagues give people hope for recovery and work with great dedication.

They are our pride and our hope!

With all my heart we say THANK YOU.

Ilchenko Natalia Petrovna and Ilchenko Vladimir Alekseevich.

Oncologist next to me

Dear doctor and a wonderful man Obukhov Alexander Alexandrovich! I sincerely and wholeheartedly express my deep gratitude for your golden hands, the highest professionalism and patience during the prostate brachytherapy. You save the male part of Russia from many troubles and problems both in your personal life and on the family front. Low bow and respect to you. Such doctors as Obukhov

Special thanks to Professor Karjakin

Sincerely, Kiselev

I want to express my deep gratitude to the staff of the urological department of the MRRC, where I was in September-October 2016. diagnosed with bladder cancer. Kowtow from me and my family for the operation, for the high professionalism, for the benevolent attitude towards me

Your patient Bannikov Vladimir Afanasyevich. Orenburg region


With the deepest respect of Pokidov

I would like to provide feedback on the work of Alexander Alexandrovich Obukhov.

Dr. Obukhov is a doctor-oncologist, candidate of medical sciences, works in the Department of Radiology of the Medical Radiological Scientific Center.

It so happened that my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was necessary to urgently take measures, consult with doctors about the tactics of treatment, look for a medical center where he could be given the necessary medical assistance.

So, after many consultations at the Institute. Herzen, then in a specialized clinic at the Institute. Herzen, we were consulted by Alexander Alexandrovich Obukhov at the Department of Radiology of the Medical Radiological Scientific Center named after.

Dr. Obukhov received us very kindly, listened attentively, looked at all the results of the tests that we brought with us, and after consulting with the therapist and cardiologist, recommended that my husband undergo a course of high-power interstitial therapy. We are not doctors, but the doctor told us in great detail about this method and answered all our questions.

I would like to note the high professionalism of Alexander Alexandrovich and his attentive attitude towards the sick. After two courses of therapy at the Obninsk Medical Center, my husband was discharged, but we are constantly in contact with the doctor, and I am very grateful to him for not feeling lonely, our doctor, Alexander A. Obukhov, with whom we are very we trust.

From the bottom of my heart I wish Dr. Obukhov good health, happiness and great success in his work.

Sincerely, Ilchenko Nataliya Petrovna

When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in April of this year, at first, naturally, I fell into a stupor, so it doesn’t hurt anything, there are no signs, but the tests show the opposite. He began to think what to do, consulted with many people, including the luminaries of medical science in the field of urology.

The tumor is in its initial stage and there are a lot of development options, and this is the most difficult thing when you have to make the choice yourself. I didn’t want to go under the knife, although this is the most radical method of treating this disease, I decided to try brachytherapy. And the best clinic in this area in Obninsk, the center named Tsyba. After all, they were pioneers in our country of this method of treatment. I went there, consulted, showed my analyzes (biopsy, MRI with contrast …), said that my stage of tumor development is suitable for brachytherapy. So in October, I was in the department of urology.

The surgery was performed by the surgeon Obukhov Alexander Alexandrovich. Actually, I am a rare visitor to hospitals, lying only twice with ankle fractures, so my judgment will be rather subjective. I can say that almost everyone liked it – young pretty nurses prepared me for the operation very clearly, the doctor came in all the time and asked how I was feeling. As a result, I calmed down so much that the pressure dropped to 110, although I always had 140-150 and that day I did not take anything. The very next day after the hospitalization I was taken to the operating room. The anesthesiologist made a shot in the spine and soon I did not feel anything. The surgeon, under the control of the ultrasound, stuck needles into me, then all the doctors came out and the actual treatment process began — a needle passed through the needles into the prostate gland to inject a radioactive substance that would kill my tumor. I started to fall asleep when I was told that the process was over and they took me to the ward.

The most unpleasant thing in this procedure is to wait for the frost to disappear. She was leaving for seven hours, only at 9 pm I finally felt my legs. All this time I was constantly visited by a nurse, a doctor, and asked about how I was feeling. At night, the catheter was taken out and by morning I generally felt almost fine, a little blood in my urine and tingling in the urethra reminded me of the operation. Now, after a few days, everything has stabilized. Three weeks later, repeat the operation and then I will wait for the results. I hope I’m lucky. In the meantime, thanks to all the doctors, San Sanych, as the patients call him, although he is still quite young, the nurses, Natasha, who sat behind the monitor and directed her hand to the surgeon, a solid bearded anesthesiologist (did not write his name), an old nurse, who monitored my condition during operations, in short everything.

I wanted to say about my room – a spacious bright room for two patients with a balcony, toilet and shower. In short, I visited the sanatorium, and all this was free of charge, I didn’t even have to go to the Ministry of Health for a quota. Not so bad in our health care!

Mikhail Klimov, a resident of the Moscow region Aprelevka.

I express my heartfelt thanks to Alexander Alexandrovich Obukhov for the treatment of the prostate gland with the brachytherapy method as well as for his sensitive and attentive attitude towards me as a patient. I would also like to say that, owning such high-tech methods of treatment, he does not forget about the personality of the patient, instilling confidence and hope in him. Thank.

Oncologist next to me

Dear staff of the Department of Radiation and Surgical Treatment of Urological Diseases with the Brachytherapy Group of Prostate Cancer Medical Radiological Research Center named

With great respect and gratitude, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, a disabled war veteran of 2 groups, a retired colonel Kushniruk Vasily Ivanovich.

On March 2, 2016, he performed a prostate biopsy in his city. In the histological laboratory, I was diagnosed, from which I fainted. When I regained consciousness and began to compare the results, I came to the conclusion that something was wrong. I turned to the Oncology department of the MRRC named after

Stage 3 prostate cancer. Gleason 7. PSA 13. He performed brachytherapy in the department of radiotherapy and surgical treatment with a brachytherapy group of prostate cancer at the Obninsk Medical Radiological Center. From Moscow 2 hours by train. Very satisfied. The function of urine retention has been preserved, the muscule channel has not narrowed as doctors suggested at the place of residence. Attitude towards the sick is friendly, not boorish. The operation was performed by the attending physician Obukhov Alexander Alexandrovich and the doctor Biryukov Vitaly. In the medical team noticed a radiologist. Two days later was discharged. Satisfactory condition. I express my gratitude to the medical operations team and medical workers of the urology department.

I, Kuznetsov Mikhail Alekseevich, in the fall of 2015 was sent for treatment to the Obninsky Medical Radiological Center from Kaluga Oncologic Dispensary by Dr. Naumov

With sincere gratitude, Honored Artist of Russia Kuznetsov

In August 2015, I was undergoing a biopsy procedure at the Obninsk Cancer Center. The operation was performed by the doctor Obukhov Alexander Alexandrovich.

Frankly, not the most pleasant event in my life. However, "skillful fingers" Alexander Alexandrovich brought all the discomfort to nothing. The clarity and coherence of his work, the endless optimism and personal charm of this doctor helped me easily overcome this difficult procedure.

I want to express my gratitude to Alexander Alexandrovich as a first-class specialist in my field. He perfectly owns his skill and uses modern equipment, is in constant scientific search and improves his skills.

I sincerely thank the talented and caring professional, DOCTOR with a capital letter.

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