Not in the mood for anything

Do I need to respond with aggression in response?

Sometimes we are rude and rude. Unfortunately. In public transport, at work, in government bodies, at the box office of stores, in the network and

Why are people rude?

Not in the mood for anything

You need to understand: when you are rude – the problem is not in you, the problem is in the person who does it. This means that he feels bad, he is tormented by something inside (anger, envy), or maybe a tooth ache or it was a bad day, he was tired and upset. And he just can not cope with this condition. Because looking for someone to him "to merge". Subconsciously, of course.

But we know that happy harmonious people contented with life will never offend anyone for no reason. Therefore, aggressors and boors can only be regretted.

Not in the mood for anything

It also happens that a person just wants to somehow stand out and assert himself at someone’s expense. Because he has low self-esteem. And sometimes it’s a direct way to get "dose" energy, simply put – banal energy vampirism. Then it is your reaction – especially the negative – exactly what the offender needs.

That is, in general, to summarize: people who are rude and rude are unhappy people. And those who lack positive emotions, love and happiness. Knowing this, we have a different look at the situation.

How to respond to the rudeness of strangers?

If you are rude family members – this is a separate issue. Now let’s talk about strangers who we encounter during the day literally everywhere.

The main thing is not to do

In no case should you take everything personally and close to your heart, let alone react with aggression and snap back. You will only lose energy, you will not achieve anything, and most likely, in the eyes of others you will look as pitiful and stupid as your opponent.

How to respond?

  • Understand that a person is bad, have pity on him. Then you will remain calm.
  • If you are getting some kind of reaction from you – tell me calmly that until he comes to an adequate state and does not calm down, you are not ready to communicate.
  • If the interlocutor does not need anything from you, but he continues to shake the air – we can say "I’m sorry, I’m not interested". And no longer respond.
  • If you are a troll or heyt in the network – it is better not to react at all, and be above it. The maximum that can be answered in this situation: "Well, did you assert yourself at my expense?" or something like "Bad day?".
  • You can use humor and sarcasm. For example, listen to everything that the interlocutor says, without interrupting. And wholesale defiantly sneeze. Or yawn. Then report with a deadly smile: "Sorry, I’m allergic to nonsense. So where are we staying there?". Or say something like "Lack of intelligence does not need to be compensated for by rudeness, it’s not for you". Although not in every situation, it will work, all individually.
  • You can simply refer to the lack of time, employment and express a lack of interest in such conversations. "All the best to you, goodbye". Or report that you are not obliged to listen to this nonsense and not to react to further efforts and not to engage in dialogue. The main thing to say is calm.
  • You can say something completely illogical and break the pattern. Forcing a person to lose landmarks. For example, after hearing his tirade, to report something like "you know oak has white roots". And while the person will think that it was, retire.
  • Make an unexpected compliment to your opponent and thereby silence him and feel guilty.

Not in the mood for anything

Important point: if your opponent is inadequate – it is better to simply ignore any inclinations in your direction.

How to react in a particular case to rudeness always depends on the situation and your personal choice. The main thing is always be restrained, witty and confident. Keep calm and your own dignity. And remember: the stronger a person is energetically and physically and self-confident, the less rudeness will be addressed to him. Therefore, work on yourself and your self-esteem is something that you should always start with.

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