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The boy looked at me wildly, suddenly clapped his hand on the stamp and pressed his palm to it. Then he looked and suddenly laughed. M-yes. Maybe I overdid it with negative? But no. Laughing, the guy with a predatory growl rushed to me and dug his lips into a strong kiss. I did not lose my head and immediately pulled him closer to me. Hm, I definitely like it.

Nightshade for you

– What kind of moron are you, huh? – roared someone above us and the boy was torn away from me.

– Eh – to say that I was surprised – to say nothing. – Father.

– Yes! – roared the parent, holding the duke by the collar. – And you are a piece of an idiot! Do not you feel that your partner is pulling strength? Or did you not notice how he has changed since your last sex? Are you a baby going to fuck next time?

– He is already a baby compared to me, ”I growled, stubbornly folding my arms across my chest. – He is only 49.

That met with a relative.

– Idiotina! – barked appeared next to dad. – Tulip means physical condition!

No, of course, I noticed that he had become a teenager, but somehow I did not think that he would become even younger. What am I going to do with him? To educate?

– Uh, ”I began, getting up, taking the boy from my father and hugging me. – How to turn it?

– Father, dad, are you looking at the petty again? – I looked numb as Am, my elder brother peeking out of the wall. Most likely there is a disguised portal.

– AGAIN. – I roared, throwing off screeching tops. – And how long have I been supervised?

– Ah, hello Nightshade, – Am smiled guiltily and disappeared into the wall.

I looked at the parents.

– Don’t spike, ”papa snorted. “We’ve only found a couple of days.” This is the first. Secondly, you, little things are pot-bellied, before you could acquire your spouse, you could first introduce him to your family.

– I? Spouse? – my jaw has planned on the floor.

Next to the duke dropped.

– Why so much surprise, son? – Father snickered and, lifting the guy from the floor, turned him to face me. – Or is it not your sign on it? If you do not know, then in our clan only spouse can be noted this way. Younger or equal, decide between them.

– Not the youngest, – croaked the duke, apparently just left the stupor. – Only not younger.

He suddenly turned pale and began to sink. Father barely managed to catch him at the very floor. Putting the Duke to the post, he stared at me.

– Come on, son. What happened to you during these three or how many days there? You can start with your look.

– Days? – I laughed. – Days? Forgive me Father, but I managed to live without your care for more than five years. Appearance? Well, I think I just grew up in that time.

– Yeah, ”my dad replied, sitting down next to his father on the bed. – And about this husband, do not you want to add a husband?

– Well, only that he captured me on the very first day of my getting here and made me his sex toy. True for long. I was released and answered him the same. I put the stamp five years ago. But not as a husband, but as a sign, so that he would not forget that he himself could become a toy. The second time we met three days ago. Now he gives me some possessive feelings. I was going to pick him up from this country, which reminds more of the gadyushnik. He got me so spoiled.

Parents impressed by the story were silent. Then my father sighed and turned around to the duke, who was still blackout.

– Say Nightshade, – said the father. – Who do you need him for? Slave, concubine or partner?

– First I need adults, – he looked at the teenager. – At least relatively. And we’ll see. What can you say about his changes?

– What can I say, – the father answered sadly, – My son is an idiot and we have to accept it.

– May be enough? – I roared, and really starting to feel like an idiot.

– No, not enough, you fool? Have you thought for a second that your partner is not a magician, eh? And in general he has nothing to do with magic? Did you even look at his aura? He simply does not have a magical reserve. He has nowhere to accumulate. And getting a charge from you. There is no pleasure, so do not bother. Getting a charge of magic from you, he simply digested it into life. And as a result, younger. And if you are his again.

– Yes, I understood, I realized, – I winced.

– And if you understand, – said the father. – Then get ready. Yes, and explain to the guy.

– And you say – "got it"- Dad snorted. – Now we will separate part of your reserve and implant it on the guy. That is, to make him a magician. By the way, what is his name?

– Eisari Halak, the Duke of Lari, the king’s brother, ”I said, marveling to myself. Probably, the memory was activated from fear, before what my ancestors can do to me if they find out that I simply did not know who I made as a spouse. “So if you are going to make him a magician, then his destabilization of power will begin immediately!” He is not a child for his mother to stabilize! Who.

– “You’ll go on balancing your boyfriend,” the father replied with a laugh. “In the end, you also need stabilization.” Here you will be crutches for each other. What do you need to explain this need to be, or did the big boy guess himself? In short. The first couple of days you better not crawl out of bed. Magic itself will take care of the needs of your bodies. I mean that you will not want to eat and eat and relieve the need. The process is proven, so don’t worry about it. It remains to obtain the consent of the parties. Hey, hare guy pretend.

The duke, who had previously looked at us from under his eyelashes, sat down and frowned at me.

– Junior, I will not go for you.

– Do not count on the eldest, – I answered in tone.

– Clear, – said dad. – Equal marriage.

I looked with surprise at the duke, and he, too, stared at me with the same expression. Well, yes, in this world, equal marriages have long been firmly forgotten. I forgot about them too.

Parents quietly laugh at us. My father offered to immediately carry out the transfer of the reserve ritual, but my duke objected that before deciding to link his life altogether with a sadistic psycho (my father kept me), he needed to solve his problems. And the first of them is the nephew who captured his castle. Having briefly described the situation and possible consequences, if the prince’s plan is fulfilled, the duke asked what we, in the sense of me and my father and father, can do to help. Father answered, and I was angry. It was necessary to go along with him the illusion. I’m really an idiot. The duke did not say that he can wait for him if the prince wins, but apparently this is something so bad, that even from thinking about it, he constantly distorts him.

-BUT? – something I thought.

– You think too much. Are you ready? – Father asked gloomily, while his father imposed on his duke his guise only older. He now looked about thirty years old.

– Play the role of the youngest, – papa sighed.

Explained. From time to time I tried to kill the duke or my own parents. I am a guild mercenary, known for three kingdoms, as a very vengeful psycho, to turn into a cutesy fucking source!

– Over the corpse! ”I replied to my father and Eisari.

– Your? the duke asked immediately, curiously.

– Most likely, yours, – I answered. – I am known not only in the guild. In this country and in the neighboring country, I am a fairly well-known mercenary, and no one will believe that I was pretending to be a warrior, but in fact a spoiled, gentle princess. It is easier to pretend that I escaped from under too strict parents, and now I have been found and are demanding a return (besides, this is practically the truth). And I, such a bastard, did not want to leave without my lover. By the way, if I pretend to be younger, the prince will only have to bite his elbows. Yes, and his owner will be careful to change the power in the kingdom, if you, my dear parents, stalk us to the palace and conclude a pact with the current king and say that you always support him, as a relative, your little-boy-in-law.

The people in the room thought.

– We need to appear effectively, – the father handed down the verdict. – So you two get ready. We need a couple of hours.

– A couple of hours for what? I asked suspiciously.

– You do not think, – confirmed my suspicion dad, who with his father seems to be thinking on the same wavelength. – What we will appear before the relatives of your boy as beggars? Nooo. We will appear with pomp and special effects. In short, we need to gather people.

And he left with his father through the portal. Here are bastards! So I knew! Now they will tell everything to Uncle Besu, but don’t feed him with bread – give someone’s fate to arrange. And, what is the most disgusting, he predicted to me even small things the narrowed. I looked at the duke calculatingly looking at me. But this parasite is exactly fit. Well yes. "The same half taken from two peoples. The more you the less it". It seems Bes. Far less. Once again, take it and there will be a whole lily. And I want to.

So you need to be distracted! So what should be done there? Get ready? Fine. A cold shower right now for me.

Yep Find him here. Had to settle for a warm bath. And the guard of the royal guards did not want to bring it. I had to persuade. I barely strangled one, fastened the second to the wall with the tops and did not crumble the souvenir ribbons. Bath brought terrified servants. I drove the duke into it. To which he was surprised to say that illusions actually disintegrate in water. I neighing and replied that the disguise in the performance of the Pope will disintegrate only by his order or if he dies. I myself had to spend this time with the guards outside the door. Not to say that they were happy from the company. Half an hour later, when the splash in the room died down, I took the water, after cleaning it out. The duke at this time was a shabur in the dressing room. I did not have such a lot of gear, so I did not have to wrestle with what to pull on myself. I got out of the tub, wiped a towel after the guy and heard someone swallowing noisily behind my back. Turning sharply, he saw the frozen duke. Even under his guise, his pupils widened and his pants were ready to burst. It’s nice that not only is it worth it, but vice versa. True, I did not show my interest and quickly dressed. Having dressed, we just sat on the bed as if on the only suitable furniture and waited.

However, I thought, when a servant came for us half an hour before the appointed time. My father is painfully accurate and hardly anyone could persuade him to act earlier.

Hmmm, sometimes it’s a shame that your relatives are predictable. This is not a father gathered in the past. His highness wanted to see us in the morning. You see, he definitely needed to have breakfast with his beloved uncle. Trifle svolochnaya. When we were taken to the dining room under escort, this trifle sat at the head of the table and asked Eisari with a sympathetic air: did he change his mind? The duke made a thoughtful face, and then he was stunned by his nephew.

– You see, my young friend. I cannot enter into a new marriage, as I am already married to the younger prince Feiler.

The prince had just fished his jaw under the table, as one of the guardsmen ran up to him and began to say something in a whisper, from time to time, breaking off into a roar. Apparently the father had done something quite unreal with his arrival.

– What demons dragons. – the prince has broken on a falsetto. – What are you, all drunk? Where is the captain?

No one had time to call the captain of the guardsmen. Outside, there was a thunderous roar from which all the stained glass windows were scattered, showered us with colored glass.

– These are dragons! ”The warrior said hoarsely, looking, like everyone, at the horned head squeezed into a broken window on a long neck.

– Oh, here you are! – the head has snapped and there and then has cleared away. – Tulip, I found it! – already outside.

Kapets! They dragged the head of the dragons. And if Fear is here, then Uncle Ping is not far.

BABAH! For sure! Only one relative of mine can produce this sound.

– Your family will not smash me a stone by stone? whispered Eisari, who was still standing in the doorway with me.

– Hopefully, I replied.

Suddenly there was a ringing silence, which was immediately interrupted by a youthful voice.

– It is their fault that they do not open!

The dragon head of Fiara reappeared. He grimaced and announced in a businesslike voice.

– Nightshade Sakirs ImTaele ImSoRaf, the younger prince of Feiler, be so kind as to give the order to open the gate so that your esteemed parents and their retinue can enter and greet you. Or His Highness the Elder Prince Pin Obsidian will open them himself. By the way, they are already on one loop to hold.

The head of the dragons removed his head from the gap.

– Prince, ”I said, looking at how my so-called spouse turned pale through the tan. – Open the gate. My relatives, can simply smash the castle in the rubble, if she wants to pick me out of it.

– Q. is your r-kin? – Stammering with asked the boy, not yet departed after the contemplation of the dragon.

– Well yes. You heard.

– BUT? Aha. So you are.

– Yes, I am the husband of your uncle. Five years already, by the way. Well, so how do you open the gate or wait for Uncle Pin to open it?

– Swear that they will not harm us, the youngster demanded.

– Brazenly. I can’t do that, ”I grunted. – At the moment, my word is nothing. Outside the gate is the head of my clan, and only his will and word matter.

– Then I will not give up.

Hmmm, the prince is unable to finish his thought today. His words were interrupted by the sound of the wind. Not. Hurricane. Strong gusts of wind began to walk around the dining room, frightening the prince’s young suite with him. I just shook my head. I can argue, one of the fairies invisible was here and gave everything to the Head. Well, now will begin. Yep I told you. The collapsed gate banged loudly, and behind them all doors leading to the dining room began to swing open. All the guards in the room huddled around the prince ready to defend. I sat down on a vacant chair with a melancholic look and pulled Eisari to the next one. And then I had the feeling that my duke is now bravely crashing into a swoon. That opened the last door and it was important to enter the room evil as a demon of hell father. Dressed in black veil of high society in drow fashion, he, the reptile, was handsome. Behind him came mom and dad. Both in similar clothes, only dark green color. Following in single file, (MOTHER OF MY!) Drow warriors in black-haired adamant combat armor. Behind them are dragons, seven sentient in human forms. And for a snack heap of fairies with Uncle Bes. He frowned and waved his hand. Immediately, the glasses lying around as if on cue rose up and returned to their rightful places in the stained glass windows.

– Head, thy mother! – someone from dragons howled. – A slower is not destiny? You scratched my hand with a little glass!

– Sorry, Rei, – Bes snort. – Who knew that Pin is driving you like this today, that you can’t dodge.

– Atheaaa – for some reason, the dragon stretched out pretty and immediately got in the forehead from a short bell-boy. That is from Ping.

– Let’s get involved in the case, but not arrange it, ”Pin roared. – Tulip!

– And, yes, – the father came to his senses. – A son. I want you to return home immediately.

Nightshade for you

– Sorry, father, – I started playing already. “But I have already found my destiny here and do not want to part with my spouse.”

– Who! – suddenly mom screamed. His, that, not enlightened? – Who dared to ring you? – It seems so.

– Uh Here, – I drew the stunned duke to me. “My husband, Eisari Halak.”

– You, mer. – Mom started, but his father interrupted him.

Nightshade for you

– Hidem, shut up, he snapped. “Nightshade, you must still get a higher education, so you will have to return.” And you will take your spouse with you.

– Hey, suddenly came the prince. – What is your right to decide? Eisari Halak – Duke and brother of my father, the king! Only the king has the right to decide.

– So, – the father frowned, looking at the impudent youngster, – You, unfinished embryo, did not give you words. Vyakat will when behind you will have at least a small state. How old are you, Eisari?

– Forty-nine, said the duke.

– Forty-nine years, ten months and seven days. Why?

– Yes, yes. Simply by our laws, you are a minor under fifty.

– Yes, son, yes, – the father said vengefully. – Until his fiftieth you have celibacy.

– And how much you? – suddenly asked me Eisari.

– One hundred twenty one, – I shrugged.

– There is nothing surprising. In a drow, the age of majority comes in a hundred. Before, they wouldn’t let me out of the house. Especially in a foreign world.

– “They didn’t even let you out after that,” Mom intervened. – You fled without permission, mischievous boy! Do you have any idea how I have been saving for these four days?

– Hmm, Mom, I’m not a child anymore. Stop yelling. You scare my spouse.

– So! Tulip said that until his coming of age you can no longer ***, – mom replied, squinting. – So, before him, he will live in our house, and you, my adult, must acquire a house during this time, wherever you could bring him.

– One minute – climbed Eisari. – We did not agree! I’m not going to leave, as long as everything is not smooth here. So, you can yell at least until the blue in the face and tear each other into shreds. Until you sign a pact for help with my brother, I will not move to Nightshade.

– Bravo, baby! – in the silence they heard claps and Bes came out of the crowd of fairies. – In something ever, in the family Tulip joined the normal reasonable. We did not deign to introduce. I’m your father-in-law’s elder brother, Immortelle.

– Head-a-a, – suffering Fyar stretched. – Well, who seems so? You are the ruler of the planet!

– Shut up, – Bes grumbled. “You are here, the head of the largest clan of werewolf dragons, but I don’t remember something that you ever introduced yourself like that.”

– I also compared.

– I understood! You, uncle, decided to hire a farce? – suddenly laughed the prince.

Everyone looked at him. And Ping shot. Well, he has neither patience nor conscience. On the boy’s chest. Oops. Not on the chest, but on the chest guy now was not. And the rest continued to disappear.

– Why? My "atni"the gun still had to be checked.

– Head, stop it! ”I shouted. I myself was going to take revenge on the petty creature.

– That’s always the case. How to cripple, so everyone, how to heal, so at once the head, – the glavfey growled and threw a lump of green energy at the dying man.

A couple of seconds and the prince again a whole. True, only he. His clothes did not return and now everyone was admiring the slim body of the guy in the top, from the remnants of the once rich outfit. Someone from the fairies took pity and conjured his pants. M-yes. Fairies still have an abnormal sense of humor. Tight white jeans looked weird along with the remnants of a camisole.

– So – the father got into the noisy action. – Immortelle. Enough circus breeding. We must go to the local king to sign the act and leave already.

– Let’s go. True, we have already signed an agreement with local werewolf wolves. And why else with these.

– This is what my future younger son-in-law wanted, ”his father grinned, squinting at Eisari.

And then everything began to turn so that I did not always keep up with everything. The fairies opened the passage directly from the dining room of the castle to the palace square. We all went there. The king was shocked by his future relatives. Ambassador of the wolves, too, he threw a scandal and demanded that the fairies do not sign any agreement with the cats. Stressing that wolves are the leading race on the planet. He tactlessly hinted that it can be corrected. The king quickly realized that the wolves would not bark like that if the contract with the family of fairies is not beneficial. He immediately blessed his brother and signed a treaty. And he also asked that his son be taken as ambassador to Feiler.

Immortal prince did not like, and the boy was not happy, to go to a foreign unknown country, and not talking to his master. By the way, the wolf, who, as I understood, had plans with the conspirator for evil, uncovered a conspiracy in which almost the entire court of the lion king participated. Began raids and arrests of conspirators. Fairies and dragons helped. Panther was executed.

The magic here was just what we needed. The palace became deserted and those who had previously been in disgrace or too ignorant to be in it were locked in it. The king immediately forced the new court to take an oath of blood. Someone from the fairies, seeing a primitive ritual, immediately made his contribution and the oath became full-fledged. After we finally left in Darkshire. I was kicked out of the house right after dinner with the wish to find a house as soon as possible. I swore evil and went looking. Also went to the university. It was necessary nevertheless to recover and get higher.

After only two months, I bought a normal two-story house at the other end of the city. At the university I was accepted with open arms. Eisati way too. I paid for both. For the time being, he only teaches theory, since we have not yet performed the transfer ritual. Eisari will come of age only in three days.

Hurry already. Ato I’m on a dry ration, without sex, became angry and vindictive. Three duels – three corpses, clearly showed it. In the university, by the way, I am no longer bullied. Fear. The name Klikun remained with me. Tops, too.

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