Night sweats men

Sweating is a function by which the human body gets rid of increased body temperature, evaporating water and mineral salts through the skin’s surface. Therefore, to some extent sweating can be considered part of the excretory function.

The causes of sweating during sleep can be different, but you need to remember that, in any case, it will not be caused by increased muscle contraction and will be sweating alone. This condition is also referred to as hyperhidrosis, and this term may well replace the phrase “increased sweating.”

Night sweating is a consequence of violations or external influences on the body.

It is also important that heavy night sweats is a non-specific symptom, and it can manifest itself in an extremely wide range of diseases and pathological conditions.

We will try to understand this question, especially since such a state as night sweating in men has, in some cases, a different origin than women. First, we will try to describe the causes of sweating in a dream, having no relation to the state of health:

When you do not worry

Causes of sweating are often common, “household” nature. Sometimes they are surprisingly simple, but for some reason this is not paid due attention. Here they are:

  • just a blanket roast, chosen “out of season”;
  • lack of ventilation of the room, as well as just a high temperature in the bedroom, which exceeds 25 degrees Celsius;
  • sweating at night in men can often appear after “errors” in the diet, drinking alcohol, as well as due to drinking a large volume of liquid;
  • excessive sweating is often due to drinking carbonated drinks, chocolate and drinking coffee.

But still, night sweats most often cause concern, since they simply do not expect it. The situation with the hot bedroom and the previous libations can be understood and conclusions drawn. But to understand why sweats in a dream, only the head or neck, it is impossible without resorting to medical reasons.

Night sweats men

Medical aspects of nocturnal hyperhidrosis

The range of diseases in which severe night sweats in males is a symptom is quite wide. We list the most known states:

  • Problems associated with endocrine disorders. First of all, thyrotoxicosis and diabetes should be called. In diabetes mellitus, severe sweating is the area of ​​the head and neck.
  • Conditions associated with autoimmune inflammation syndrome, or rheumatological diseases. These include rheumatic fever, and, for example, an infrequent disease such as temporal arteritis.
  • A large group of causes of heavy sweating during sleep are infectious diseases, and tuberculosis is considered the classic one. Sometimes it comes to the fact that the sheets need to be changed several times during the night, before they become wet. Why is this happening in a dream? The fact is that this is how intoxication manifests itself, which often causes not only sweating, but also weight loss. At the same time, other common causes of night swelling may be acute purulent diseases, such as lung or liver abscess, HIV infection, chronic viral hepatitis. Sweating during sleep is very characteristic of infectious mononucleosis, and even for the common adenoviral catarrhal infection.
  • Often men (and women) sweat during sleep in the early stages of malignant neoplasms and various cancerous processes. Moreover, sometimes only this symptom can disturb a person for a long time against the background of complete health. Why is this happening? As a result of the manifestations of the same intoxication syndrome, not only of inflammatory or infectious nature, but accompanying cancer growth. In this case, it is a question of the paracancrosis (okolorakovym) process. Most often men sweat with lymphogranulomatosis and the development of various lymphomas.

Hyperhidrosis can accompany malignant neoplasms.

  • Sweating during sleep is very common with a condition such as multiple sclerosis. Both men and women sweat equally often, although women suffer from multiple sclerosis more often than men. But in men, the disease is more severe. The reason for this is a violation of the myelin sheath in various nerves, and the associated signs of a violation of the nerve impulse. If such patients sweat in their sleep, then this indicates a violation of vegetative regulation.
  • Also during sleep, a person sweats excessively with various mental illnesses. It occurs in nervous exhaustion, bipolar disorder, hysteria, depression, schizophrenia.
  • Finally, men often sweat in their sleep with various addictions, substance abuse, with chronic alcoholism and other abuse of various psychoactive substances.
  • In addition, various drugs can cause night hyperhidrosis, especially antipyretic drugs such as paracetamol when used uncontrollably.
  • Sleep apnea syndrome. In the event that a person has occasional respiratory arrest in a dream, then the body regards this situation as stress and responds to it with excessive adrenaline production, which also causes an increase in sweating.

Preventing sweating

If a man sweats in his sleep, then, first of all, in order not to obstruct the diagnostic search for the doctor, he must take measures to eliminate, at the very least, domestic causes. Only in the case of the ineffectiveness of these measures he should contact a specialist.

Preventive measures to prevent night sweats

Such preventive measures include:

  • sleep and rest;
  • keeping the bedroom at an optimal temperature;
  • a blanket and a nightgown must “breathe”, it is not necessary to put on underwear made of synthetic fabrics;
  • limit yourself to stimulants – you should not drink, smoke, drink coffee and spicy, stimulating foods before going to bed;
  • take a warm shower before going to bed, follow the rules of personal hygiene.

Before bedtime, in addition to body hygiene, it is also necessary to take up “soul hygiene”. You should not watch TV at night to be calm, but rather take a walk, soothing nerves.

Then you get a full sleep. Remember that in a dream a person spends a third of life, and you need to carefully take care of your own dream to be healthy in reality.

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