Neutral pH levels

Mineral waters of Ukraine

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Water, you have neither taste, nor color, nor smell, it is impossible for you to describe, they are enjoying you, not knowing what you are. It is impossible to say that you are necessary for life: you are life itself. You fill us with joy that cannot be explained with our feelings.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

1. Types of mineral waters

Neutral pH levels

Our country has unique reserves of mineral waters: for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes over 400 of its species are used from more than 200 deposits. Mineral water is water that comes from underground sources (wells) with the original composition of mineral substances preserved. It differs from ordinary fresh water in its high content of salts, gases, organic substances and its specific properties (temperature, content of biologically active components, radioactivity, etc.).

Mineral waters (MW) contain almost all water-soluble compounds, but three anions (chlorine, sulfates, bicarbonates) and three cations (sodium, calcium and magnesium) dominate. The type of water depends on which ions prevail in it. For drinking treatment use more than 10 types of MV.

An important characteristic of CF is their mineralization. This indicator reflects the total amount of ions and biologically active elements dissolved in water and is expressed in grams per liter – g / l.

Mineralization distinguish MB:

slightly mineralized (up to 1.3 g / l);

low-mineralized (2-5 g / l);

medium mineralized (5-15 g / l);

highly mineralized (15-35 g / l);

brine (35-150 g / l).

Highly mineralized water is used in the presence of concomitant constipation as a laxative, for drainage of the biliary tract, for obesity. Brines are used only for external procedures, and for internal use they are diluted to the appropriate concentration with fresh or low-mineralized water. In the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) for reception inside are also used the cultivation of brine – highly mineralized mineral water of open reservoirs (lakes, estuaries).

Depending on the pH, mineral waters are divided into:

strongly acidic (pH – up to 3.5);

acidic (pH – from 3.5 to 5.5);

slightly acidic (pH – from 5.5 to 6.8);

neutral (pH – from 6.8 to 7.15);

slightly alkaline (pH – from 7.2 to 8.5);

alkaline (pH – more than 8.5).

Water with a pH of 5.5 to above 8.6 is not recommended for internal use. For the treatment of drinking water is usually prescribed low and medium salinity, and in terms of pH activity – slightly alkaline, neutral or slightly acidic.

They differ in MW and in temperature: they can be cold (up to 20 ° С), warm (20-35 ° С), hot, or thermal (35-42 ° С) and very hot, or high-thermal (over 42 ° С). Alone

Warm MW inhibit the overproduction of digestive juices, have an analgesic and antispasmodic effect. For severe spasmodic pains and hot bladder is recommended for biliary tract bassage. To stimulate gastric secretion, water at room temperature with carbon dioxide is necessary. Cold water is required for patients with atonic constipation.

2. Different diseases – different mineral waters

Drinking MV treatment is carried out in the period of remitting aggravation or remission of the disease. Mineral waters have a healing effect only if certain conditions of their reception are observed. Pharmacists should explain to pharmacy visitors that one should not drink CF without

Hydrocarbonate waters have a beneficial effect on the function of the liver and biliary tract, improve carbohydrate and protein metabolism, assimilation of micro- and macroelements, increase diuresis, have anti-inflammatory action. They inhibit the level of acid formation in the stomach, so they are recommended to be used in hyperacid states. Chloride waters are indicated for diseases associated with chronic gastritis with secretory insufficiency and

Magnesium CF have an antispasmodic, hepatoprotective effect and a pronounced laxative effect. CF with arsenic, iron and cobalt are necessary for patients with anemia. Iodine-containing waters promote resorption and regeneration, participate in redox processes, and have a bactericidal effect. Silicon MB is characterized by adsorption, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties.

Water with a pH of 5.5 to above 8.6 is not recommended for internal use. For the treatment of drinking water is usually prescribed low and medium salinity, and in terms of pH activity – slightly alkaline, neutral or slightly acidic.

In case of urinary system diseases, hydrocarbonate-calcium-magnesium and chloride-sulphate-sodium MV are shown. It is undesirable to have long-term treatment with MBPs for those who have a constant tickling reaction of urine and, conversely, patients with acidic reactions of urine should not drink acidic MB for long.

An acute exacerbation of the disease occurs during the period of drinking MV treatment, especially in case of urolithiasis and gallstone disease. Therefore, all symptoms that occur while taking CF should be immediately reported to the resort medical staff.

Recommended drinking mineral water for various diseases

3. Rules of reception of mineral waters

It is very important to strictly adhere to the CF regimen recommended by the balneologist. For waters of low mineralization, 100-250 ml are usually prescribed at one time. In diarrhea syndrome, chronic pancreatitis, a single dose of CF should be less, and in the pathology of the hepatobiliary system and diabetes mellitus – more. In most CF diseases, it is recommended to drink in slow sips. Voltage in the morning on an empty stomach should take CF for constipation.

Patients with chronic gastritis and secretory insufficiency of CF are recommended to take 30 minutes before meals. The presence of chronic cholecystocholangitis, biliary tract dyskinesia (GWP) and cholelithiasis requires CF on an empty stomach – 1.5 hours before meals. Otherwise, MV is prescribed for a peptic ulcer in a stage of stable remission: 40-50 minutes after eating, at the height of the digestive system. But in the presence of symptoms of gastritis, 1/2 or 1/3 of a dose of CF is prescribed 1.5 hours before a meal, and the rest is at the height of the digestive system.

Usually mineral water is taken three times a day, in some cases, the frequency of administration can be increased up to 8 times. Duration of treatment in a water resort – 21-24 days. A repeated course is recommended to be repeated in 3-4 months and most patients come for mineral water already in the pharmacy.

4. Drinking mineral water resorts of Ukraine

5. Mineral waters of the Khmelnitsky region

At the beginning of the 70s of the last century, along the Zbruch River, not far from the ancient historical town of Satanov in Podolsk Tovtrakh, huge reserves of “Naftusya” type mineral water were discovered for domestic medicinal use, and water with high salt content was found (up to 38 grams per liter) – ropa – for external therapeutic use. Miracle-water, which brought world-wide fame to Satanov, is the greatest wealth of Khmelnytsky region.

Medicine did not know about the healing water that had flowed for thousands of years into the Zbruch River in the outskirts of Satanova in the City of Moscow. Just tell retellings and legends about her life-giving power, which came out of the earth and healed people. Today, scientists have concluded that Zbruchanskaya Naftusya has no analogues for the content of minerals and microelements.

The discovered deposits were studied by the staff of the Odessa Scientific Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy. In 1972, the scientific council of the institute made the results of research on satan mineral water, followed by"Zbruchanskaya naftusya"It has no analogues for the content of minerals and microelements. The presence of a pronounced choleretic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying action of Zbruchansk “Naftusi” has been proven.

Ukrainian scientists have discovered the new therapeutic properties of Naftusya water – the elimination of toxins from the body, as well as the resumption of the functions of bone marrow hematopoiesis, violated by I due to radiation damage (Ukrainian patent).

Zbruchanska “Naftusya” – the water is clear, has a faint smell of hydrogen sulfide. This bicarbonate-magnesium-sodium water of low salinity, is similar to the Naftusi of Truskavets. But unlike it, Satan water contains iodine, bromine, copper, manganese, fluorine, ferrous iron, metaboric acid, phosphorus. Of all the mineral waters, Zbruchanskaya “Naftusya” is the only one that contains phosphorus, valuable trace elements that are part of the brain and bone tissue.

According to everyone who has undergone a course of health treatment in the balneolonichsky complexes of the resort of Satanov, and according to the findings of scientific workers, Zbruchanskaya “Naftusya” has no equal in efficiency. For example, it enhances bile secretion, lowers cholesterol and sugar levels, increases the amount of choleci in bile, promotes the removal of small stones from the biliary and urinary tracts, and treats obesity.

6. Satanov-Kamenets-Podolsky, two resorts on the shore of an underground sea of ​​mineral water

Podolskie Tovtry (Medobory, Tovtry) is a mountainous arcuate flowering ridge in the central part of the Podolsk Upland, stretching from the Verkhnebuzhsko-Styrsky plain (small Podolia) to the south-west through Zbarazh – Skalat – Kamyanets-Podolsky to Stefants over the Prut in Moldavia. Altitude 350-400 m, maximum 430 m. The length of the ridge is about 200 km, width – from 2-3 to 15-25 km. This is not the only mountain range in the world, which appeared as a result of not tectonic processes, but the vital activity of living organisms. In 1996, most of the Tovtr became part of the National Natural Park “Podolsk Tovtry.”

About Satanov, “Naftus zbruchansky”, research written in the previous chapter. But few people know that the location of mineral waters is located almost under the entire ridge of the Podolsk Tovtr and investigated by no more than 15-20%. According to preliminary studies, the location is huge and comparable to the underground sea, which hides many secrets in its depths.

The discovered deposits were studied by the staff of the Odessa Scientific Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy. In 1972, the scientific council of the institute made the results of research on satan mineral water, followed by"Zbruchanskaya naftusya"It has no analogues for the content of minerals and microelements. The presence of a pronounced choleretic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying action of Zbruchansk “Naftusi” has been proven.

Mineral waters of the Satanovsky region were developed and studied at the beginning of the 70s. Thanks

In the late 80s, according to the project “Ukrgeokaptazhminvod”, a right-bank geological reconnaissance expedition drilled 8 wells from 137 to 540 m deep to investigate the so-called Kamyanets-Podilsky mineral water field. The Odessa Scientific Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy conducted physical, chemical, microbiological, and physiological studies. Depending on the depth of the wells, the following were found: sodium chloride water of high salinity with a high bromine content; sulphate-hydrocarbonate magnesium-calcium low and medium mineralization.

If we compare the mineral waters of Satanovsky and Kamyanets-Podolsky deposits in terms of their organoleptic properties, chemical components, microbiological and sanitary-bacteriological indicators, and physiological studies, they differ little from each other, from which we can conclude once again. Kamenetz-Podolsky and Satanov are resorts on the shores of an underground sea.

7. Kamyanets-Podilsky – well No. 30, water type "Naftusya" – "Stara Fortetsya"

With the collapse of the USSR – the exploration of mineral waters, the drilling of new wells, the use of drilled – ceased. Well number 24 depth of 450 m and well number 28 depth of 140 m, were eliminated by plugging. Well No 25 with a depth of 518 m, well No 26 with a depth of 520 m, well No 23 with a depth of 540 m, well. No 27 with a depth of 137.5 m, well No 30 with a depth of 221 m.

All of the above wells (except wells No. 30) are covered with special tips with the establishment of concrete bollards, which is the “Preservation Act”.

Well No. 30, drilled in 1988, is located on the territory of the hotel and recreation complex “GALA-HOTEL” at the address: Kamenets-Podolsky,

In 2004, the Ministry of Health, the Ukrainian Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Health Resort completed research on mineral water from well No. 30, assigned the name “Stara Fortetsya” to water, and made scientific conclusions.

Neutral pH levels

“Old Fortress” – mineral, medicinal-table water, such as “Naftusya Zbrucha Some.” – Sulfate-hydrocarbonate magnesium-calcium low mineralization; – Cold neutral-low-salt – 11.5 ° C; – Odorless, colorless, sweet to taste; – Without accompanying gases; – Total mineralization 1.3 – 2.2 g / dm3;

Chemical composition: Hydrocarbonates – 450-620Sulfates – 260-460Chlorides – Back in the middle of the 90s, I advocated developing a rehabilitation direction in the city based on the existing source of mineral water. Then this project could not be implemented due to lack of money and practical interest of local authorities. I am very glad that today a private initiative gives a second life to a mineral source.

Kvasnevsky Yuriy Antonovich, urologist of the highest category, head of the urology department of the city hospital. Operational treatment of urolithiasis with modern minimally invasive technologies (remote shock-wave lithotripsy, percutaneous nephrolithotripsy). In patients with the above-mentioned type, the period of normalization of urine analysis indicators was significantly shortened, the discharge of urinary tract stones was facilitated, the period of recovery of kidney function was shortened, the time of re-stone formation was significantly prolonged with course water intake 2-3 times a year.

Years of experience has proven the positive effect of hydrotherapy.

Zaritsky Alexander Nikolaevich, Candidate of Medical Sciences, urologist of the first category. The use of hydrotherapy with “Old Fortress” mineral water in patients with various infectious and inflammatory processes of the urinary tract significantly increases the effectiveness of primary therapy, makes it possible to achieve a longer remission. In patients with the initial stages of chronic renal failure with hydrotherapy, normalization or significant improvement in renal function occurred.

Arsenyuk Valeriy Viktorovich, city surgeon, head of the surgical department of the city hospital, surgeon of the highest category. The inclusion of hydrotherapy with the Old Fortress mineral water in the rehabilitation program for patients who underwent surgery on the biliary tract accelerates the normalization of digestive processes, prevents the risk of recurring stone formation in the biliary tract, reduces lithogenicity of bile.

Galina Vasyura, gastroenterologist of the highest category. The inclusion of the “Old Fortress” mineral water in the treatment program of gastroenterological diseases allows for therapy with the use of fewer drugs. The course intake of water in the period of remission of diseases makes it possible to consolidate and maximize the effect obtained from drug therapy, to make the disease more prolonged.

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