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Tire width in mm

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Tire profile height as a percentage of its width

Internal tire diameter corresponding to wheel rim diameter in inches

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A value informing you about the maximum load capacity of a single tire

Maximum allowed speed limit at which these tires can be used

A value informing you about the maximum load capacity of a single tire

Maximum allowed speed limit at which these tires can be used

In some cars, this information is located on the driver’s door sill or on the central pillar behind the driver. It can also be placed on the driver’s side inside the door.

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Installment up to 12 months

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Auto Network is a company with over 10 years of experience in the automotive industry. During this time, Avtoset has united around itself a team of real professionals, highly qualified specialists in the field of sales of automotive goods and the provision of services.

Today, the “Auto Network” is an extensive network of shopping and service centers. We work in Minsk, regional centers of the country and the city of Bobruisk.

We offer our customers a wide range of tires from world-famous manufacturers. In the presence of more than 5,000 items of summer, winter and all-season tires, as well as more than 10,000 automotive products, as well as the most advanced models of alloy wheels and car batteries.

We are ready to offer tires for any season and for any type of vehicle. Whether you have a passenger car, urban crossover, all-wheel drive SUV or light truck – you will find tires for yourself. Bridgestone, Continental, Hankook, Michelin, Pirelli, Premiorri, Roadstone, Rosava, Taurus, Toyo – these are only ten of the forty brands that are constantly present in our product range. A choice of over 400 sizes, the most popular of which: 185 / 65R14, 185 / 65R15, 195 / 65R15, 205 / 65R15, 205 / 55R16, 205 / 60R16, 215 / 65R16, 225 / 50R17.

We are open for both individuals and businesses: small, medium, large. Auto Network offers its customers a large list of goods in the cargo segment. Tires for heavy trucks, passenger buses, agricultural, industrial and construction equipment. We are trusted by car parks, factories, taxi services, industrial enterprises, organizations of the service sector. Among our clients are Belgazprombank OJSC, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, MTS OJSC and others. The corporate sector of the Avtoset is more than 10,000 legal entities.

Since 2006, we are constantly moving forward. Auto Network is a professional service. Every year we managed to significantly expand the range of services provided. Specialists of the Avtoset systematically improve their skills in European service centers. It should be noted that the access of a service specialist to new types of work is possible only after a long internship and passing specialized examinations.

The company “Avtoset” constantly focuses in its work on European quality standards. We, of course, also rely on our own experience and greatly value our reputation. In this regard, a quality control service has been organized at Avtoset. We regularly review all offers from our customers and constantly make adjustments to the organization of their work.

Network to work

Today we offer our customers a convenient online service for placing orders for goods and services. All products and prices presented on the company’s website are real and valid. We do everything so that for customers work with us is easy and mobile. We are always ready to provide professional advice on any issue of goods or services. Specialists of the contact center are ready to process each appeal electronically or by telephone.

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