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Laminate – laminated fiberboard laid on the floor. Floor panels. Laminated flooring. You can call him whatever you want. And imitation of parquet, and laminated parquet, and laminated board, but due to such qualities as very high abrasion resistance, its scope is much wider. Developed collections of laminate, which can be laid in offices, restaurants, billiard rooms and even in car dealerships and sports halls.

There are many colors: from imitation under a normal tree, to imitation under a stone or granite. Laminate is also called because this board has a so-called laminated surface, such as polishes. In fact, this acrylic or melamine resin. All the beauty of the laminate gives decorative paper, on top of which a layer of resin is applied. That’s it from the thickness of the resin applied to the “laminate” and its quality and abrasion of the surface is different. However, not only the quality of laminated parquet depends on it. Turns are how firmly the fiber itself is pressed. The more turns, the impact resistance and quality of the locks is much higher .. Locks are like that than these laminated panels interlock with each other.

But the main thing is, what is the thickness of the laminate itself. The thickness of Kronotex laminate is from 8mm. up to 12mm. It should be noted that the greater the thickness, the higher its price.

Laminate is divided into several types. On the one that is used in residential areas,

Laminate Kronoteks manufacture Germany from the exclusive representative in Russia.

We suggest you choose the best option – brand laminate KRONOTEX production Germany. The famous German manufacturer, the world leader in the production of such floors, took care not only of their strength, durability, but also of beautiful design, as well as the ease of installation.

Net shopping list

The variety of collections of the German factory KRONOTEX allows you to satisfy all tastes and requirements of customers, including those who love everything new, original.

We hurry to assure skeptics: KRONOTEX laminate – also a natural product that creates indoors a healthy, environmentally friendly climate. For the manufacture of substrate plates, freshly chopped pine wood is used exclusively. Its share in KRONOTEX laminate is up to 90 percent dry weight. Without fear, put a sofa or even a grand piano on this floor – their legs will not leave dents. And if you have to make a rearrangement, nothing will remind you that there was heavy furniture in this place. Graceful ladies’ heels, so insidious for parquet, will not harm the coating. It is much easier to take care of laminated floors – a brush, a vacuum cleaner, a damp cloth will easily remove dust and dirt.

Choose German laminate KRONOTEX, and he will delight you for many years.

In the Kronotexfloor store you will find a large selection of laminate from Germany, baseboards, and linings.

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