Myers briggs match

The Myers-Briggs test is good because it does not tell us which personality types are correct and which are not. For all types of people, there are moments and situations where they can come from a profitable side. Find for yourself what is most suitable for you, and be open to new ideas.

Myers briggs match

Can I get immediate results?

Yes. Changes coming after you start living life without goals include, among other things, changes in your attitudes. As soon as you begin to “love what you have,” you will immediately feel great satisfaction from life. As soon as you stop “tune in to a specific result,” your life becomes less stressful. Other changes will essentially be behavioral changes. “Looking for adventures” means trying something new in order to get new impressions, even if it be some trifles. “To become a magnet that attracts people to itself” means meeting new people who can enrich your life experience. But, most importantly, the idea of ​​life without goals is to concentrate on the present, to rejoice at what you have achieved by now, not to focus entirely on the future. This approach really allows you to “enjoy life, free from the captivity of goals.”

How can I succeed without setting myself goals?

Although goals are truly one of the ways to succeed, sometimes concentrating on the present just gives you an amazing result.

In 2004, the New England Patriots football team broke all records, winning 21 matches in a row, the longest winning streak of all time the existence of the National Football League. This is an outstanding achievement, especially now, when any player can go to any team, when he pleases. At the press conference after the twentieth match won, team coach Bill Belichik said the following: “This is not a bright streak consisting of twenty matches won in a row, but twenty consecutive light stripes, each from one match”. His philosophy is: to play every match at the limit of its capabilities. Footballers did not recall the past: yes, they could learn from past mistakes, but they could not change what had already happened. And they did not look into the future. As soon as you start worrying about where you are moving, the ball eludes your field of vision. All players can do is play at full strength every time, every match.

And what if you try to imagine life as 30 thousand consecutive light bands, consisting of one day each? This means that you live life in full force. Yes, you will be able to win not every game, and not every day will be perfect. But with such an attitude in the long run, you are unlikely to lose. Moreover, you can even beat some of your own success records.

Wrong ideas about life without goals

Different people have different associations with the words “life without goals”. Now I will try to dispel some misconceptions about people who live without goals. So these people are not:

• irresponsible and selfish. People who live without goals cannot, one day, take and drop everything for which they put considerable effort. And they do not necessarily move from one job to another. In fact, they are very responsible people. Freed from the burden of goals in the traditional sense of the word, these people begin to take a more responsible attitude towards themselves, their family and society. They have the right incentives (which they define for themselves) – they are not driven simply by a thirst for money or a desire for high social status. They find ways to recharge themselves with enthusiasm in the circumstances in which they find themselves at the moment, and change something in their lives only when it is really necessary. Life without goals is not a denial of the throne or an excuse for people who have not been able to succeed;

• lazy and narcissistic. A life without goals, needless to say, is not about wiping your pants in front of the TV, bursting candy. When you strive for something that inspires you and charges you with enthusiasm, it’s not the same thing as striving for simple material pleasures. To live without goals does not mean to become an avid skier just because skiing is your favorite entertainment. Life without goals is a search for something truly meaningful in life, it means not stopping at nothing, to act and be responsible. If you really enjoy skiing, you can find a way to make it a matter of life, perhaps skiing is the best way for you. Life without goals is an activity when something really matters to you;

• aimless. Living without goals does not mean living without direction. There is absolutely no reason to refuse all the benefits of this world and turn into a nomad. This is not existential despair. People who live without goals have a clear sense of direction, dictated by their internal compass and their aspirations. People who live without goals move ahead with confidence and with certain intentions, but are not tied to specific results. They are driven by enthusiasm and intuition, not plans and egoistic motives. Identify your spiritual aspirations and live in full force.

I read an article about graduates from Yale University, which proves that the most successful people are those who set clear goals for themselves. Does this not contradict the principles of life without goals?

Myers briggs match

I am often asked this question because this work is cited by many different authors and lecturers writing and speaking on the topic of motivation. The story so much cited is this. In 1953, scientists surveyed senior students at Yale University to find out how many of them have specific, already fixed goals for the future. It turned out that only 3% of all respondents. Twenty years later, the same scientists again conducted a survey among graduates of 1953 (more precisely, among those who lived to this point) and found that those 3% who had goals at the time of graduation from the university could achieve greater financial well-being, than the remaining 97% combined! There are two major problems with this story. Firstly, if a person has achieved financial well-being, this does not at all mean that he is happy. Success and personal satisfaction are not the same thing. But much more important is this: this common story is nothing but a legend. The magazine Fast Company dispelled this myth back in 1997. This study was not conducted. Moreover, the Fast Company magazine’s article on this legend says that even a man like Forrest Mars Jr., CEO of Mars, replied negatively to the question of whether he had job prospects at the time of graduating from Yale University ( see the article If Your Goal is Success, Don’t Consult These Gurus in Fast Company magazine, December 1996 / January 1997).

Which of those with whom you met during the trip, do you consider the most interesting person?

Myers briggs match

This question cannot be answered unequivocally, because I met many incredible, admiring people. But, of course, one of the most unusual people is John.

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