My fiance cheated on me

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    Chastooshkas, are replenished by you, our dear lovers of national original creativity. Send and we will publish them. The publication of the littles will be laid out in alphabetical order. If you are the author of ditties, we will publish them, indicating authorship, in a separate catalog. Sweary and pahabnye not welcome. You can send the publication here.

    A – ha – ha! A – ha – ha! Whose will I be a daughter-in-law? Who will be my fiancé? Ah! I torment them!

    And my dear cheated on me, I thought I was dead. My dear, I betrayed your bridge into the river.

    And my rival is tall and thin. Only pull the string – Balalaika sonorous.

    And how borkinsky guys are brave men so brave. Three kilometers fled – Sheep were frightened.

    And my dear changed me, I stand and laugh: For treason, my dear, I will pay three pennies.

    And girls, darling, Argue is not necessary. The guys themselves will choose Who needs what.

    Oh, you, Nadia dear, You are my little sister. I’ll put on my dress blue — Shake a millenochka.

    Oh you, my dear, pray to God badly. Marry me, You are in the world

    . And my dear cheated on me, I thought I was dead. My dear, I betrayed your bridge into the river.

    And my rival is tall and thin. Only pull the string – Balalaika sonorous.

    Come on, girlfriend, think to think, Do not get better from the thoughts. Only the worse you lose weight, Just stay alive.

    Balalaechka, ori, Ori until the very dawn. With sweet I will not part tell anyone

    She came out with a nice little proshashka: he suddenly came home. And in bed – a little drum! And, naturally, with me …

    Your field is green, Our field is greener. Our girls are better than your And walk more fun.

    I will stand on a steep hill, Stand on the ice. Will you come today, drolechka? It’s fun one.

    In the garden, in the currant I found a little note. And the little note says: "Our love is gone"

    .I go out and sing the first song to myself, And the second about the hawker, About gray eyes.

    Get up, mama, early, Go around the yard. There trotchka trodden, They said to me.

    Thank you, play, Yes, and I sang. Young spree, Glory suffered.

    The branch is higher, the branch is lower, The raspberry twig. I love tightly, rarely see the boy’s favorite.

    Adam and Eve are said to have plucked the first fruit from the tree. Together with my milochka we tear them all, and we tear, and tear.

    They say that I am an old woman, Only I can not believe. Look at me, In me everything moves!

    My fiance cheated on me

    I say as a joke to Kolya: “You, Kohl, a werewolf, are you?” He snarled, his tail tucked in, He ran off into a dense forest.

    Harmonist, harmonist I respect you. Buy Krynku curd, Total transform.

    My fiance cheated on me

    Spoke voice: "Do not be heard in the woods". Rejoice, my voice, Separated dear with me.

    We do not have harmonicaists, We don’t get lost. If you need to sing songs, We cope without them.

    Blue pigeons Cute eyes. They cut a zealous Worse sharp knife.

    Harmonist love Duma, for fun. And now the heart hurts Every minute.

    They talked, they say, I spelldied the guys. Ask Milovo Newly Do I love it?

    Say what you want, And whoever you want. I loved, I will love, And love will not end

    They said, they told me, Mila, they hayali. And I went to the show – It turned out better than you.

    My eyes, your eyes, Why did they fall in love? At the porch, at the railing Remember what you said.

    Little girls – goats, go to the walkers. And as women will, Gulianochki forget. The girls ran on the ice, Chill nonsense. And without this nonsense – And neither the taxes and syudy.

    The girls no longer give all the boys idlers. We were visited by the massivist C voz- from such a dodger!

    The girls walked in the woods And caught the hare. The whole day they were looking for, Where the hare has eggs.

    The doctor will give you an enema, and a diagnosis – maybe. Do not look with reproach, What is impossible to joke?

    Village boys They began to hurt too much: Instead of seeds in their pockets They began to wear a mirror.

    Girls, beauteous, Guys do not love me. Do not have cold hearts, They can not fully love.

    Girls fall in love, In guys understand. Which is beautiful, Those are the most burry.

    Girls, in the field wind, Girls, in the field smoke. Girls do not trust, Oh, the guys are young.

    My dear, Galya, Do not love young. They quickly forget And give birth to new ones.

    Come on, Nina, we will get a new one. By tall, beautiful, Yes by black-browed

    Dear my girlfriend, I did not think to repel. Went to your hoot Joking to talk.

    A girl is not a little grass, Will not grow without a slave. As the girl grows up – So Slavushka will pass.

    Girls – belyanochki, Sit down to my sleigh. I am a kid Lenechka Ride quietly.

    Santa Claus came home, Irritable and angry: Because at the banquet, They did not pour the dummy!

    Santa Claus almost does not drink, But on the other hand, on New Year’s Eve, he will get drunk, what a misfortune: In Olivier, all the beard!

    Santa Claus carrying us gifts, Three, went out from under the arch: They want to take away the bag, Grandfather took out an “electric shock”.

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