My cat sneezes

If the cat just breathed dust or sniffed something too fragrant, sneezed a couple of times and stopped, then do not worry. But if he sneezes constantly, then this is already a problem, especially if there is a discharge from the nose and eyes, in this case, immediately contact a veterinarian.

My cat sneezes

Causes of sneezing in a cat are very diverse. It happens that he manifested allergies. This may surprise many cat owners, but pets are also susceptible to this disease peculiar to people. Perhaps the cat manifested intolerance to tobacco smoke, if the room is full of smoke, and maybe aerosols or something from household chemicals caused him to have such a reaction. In any case, it is necessary to identify and eliminate the cause of sneezing, then it will pass by itself.

Allergy is the most innocuous option, because of which the cat can sneeze. It does happen all the same not so often, and most likely, the reason lies in another area, which means that the animal has a health problem.

The most likely answer is that the cat has caught an upper respiratory tract infection that can be caused by a fungus, virus, or bacteria. It is possible that sneezing caused any more illness. If it is an infection, then the cat’s temperature rises, it will become harder to breathe, discharge from the eyes and nose will appear.

If the animal has breathing problems and sneezing, then most likely it is toxoplasmosis. It is activated by intracellular microorganisms, a significant problem also lies in the fact that this disease is infectious for humans. It can be especially dangerous if there is a pregnant woman in the apartment. Toxoplasmosis causes serious disturbances and complications if the fetus is infected. Therefore, be sure to find out the cause of sneezing your cat. Toxoplasmosis is not dangerous for healthy people.

A cat may begin to sneeze from chlamydia, which is also transmitted to humans. In addition to sneezing, for an animal, this disease is characterized by secretions from the nose and eyes, fever, coughing and difficulty breathing. Sneezing can cause bortedellez, the so-called “nursery cough.” This is a bacterial infection, in which the cat develops fever, cough, sneezing and nasal discharge. If the animal, besides sneezing, has conjunctivitis and discharge from the eyes, then it is possible that the reason for this is mycoplasmosis.

Another common disease that causes sneezing is infectious rhinotracheitis. Symptoms: sneezing, coughing, shortness of breath. Conjunctivitis, rhinitis, and purulent discharge from the nose and eyes are also present in some cases. There are other symptoms.

My cat sneezes

It can also happen that a foreign body gets into the cat’s nasal passages, and with the help of sneezing, it tries to get rid of this object. If the cat does not manage to cope on his own, immediately contact the veterinarian, as soon as he can remove the foreign body.

In any case, sneezing is a serious symptom, in the presence of which you need to go to the clinic. Only a doctor can determine the cause, identify the infection and prescribe medications. It is impossible to hope that the animal will recover itself, since the disease can lead to the most deplorable outcome. Human medicine cat does not fit the cat, they can only harm! So do not try to give the animal something from your own first-aid kit.

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