Morning reading meditation

Morning meditation allows you to prepare for the coming working day, to gather your thoughts and adjust your body to fruitful work. This is a smooth transition from a state of calm and sleep to active wakefulness. It passes gently, without a sharp “ejection” from absolute relaxation to full tension.

Properly chosen morning meditation helps most women avoid the stress of waking up and starting a new day. She builds up in a positive way, calms and at the same time tones. With its help, you can clear your mind of yesterday’s experiences and tensions, prepare for the future day and meet it with joy, like a holiday.

The benefits of meditations in the morning

This time of day is most conducive to meditation. It is enough just to wake up a few minutes earlier and immediately go to practice, allowing your mind to assess the situation and thus prepare for the coming day. The first rays of the sun help most women to wake up, read prayers, thanks to the supreme essence of the day lived and for the opportunity to live on.

Morning reading meditation

Morning meditation and mantras help to release the mind from the inner voice that constantly sounds in our head. In women, it is often very annoying and interfering with relaxation during the day. This is mainly due to the fact that they are significantly loaded at work and at home, and overloads develop the habit of constantly scrolling through my head possible scenarios or problems that have already appeared. Such a continuous load overloads the mind and “fills” the mind, not allowing it to relax. The goal of meditation is precisely the complete purification of the consciousness, and for this the inner voice must be silent. Morning meditation is especially good for women in that it allows you to muffle the inner voice that has not yet fully awakened and allow yourself to plunge into the depths of your own self. Prayers and mantras, read out loud and silently, help in this. For beginners, various videos and music recordings can help.

Silva morning meditation

Helping to gain a good morning start and start a new day joyfully and positively can help Silva meditation. Its creator is the world-famous parapsychologist and teacher from America, José Silva. He wrote many works on the psychological theme, which are aimed at the development of hidden human abilities and the achievement of new heights in the internal development of human consciousness.

Morning reading meditation

Silva morning meditation is a powerful tool for the development of mental abilities of the individual. Each person can achieve any task with its help by doing regular practice and accompanying meditation with mantras and prayer.

For women, Silva meditation will help open up new horizons in discovering one’s own personality, as it helps to enter a special state of the brain in which a person discovers not only the correct solution of the most difficult life tasks, but also receives special knowledge that can completely change life. You can independently read mantras or listen to them in audio or video.

Morning reading meditation

Osho Morning Meditation

Osho’s dynamic meditation theory helps many find themselves. Chaotic movements and breathing release pent-up energy in people constrained, notorious. Looking at the video of the state of people during this practice, you can see how not only the behavior changes, but also their very state. Sullen and unsociable people literally bloom on the eyes. Osho advises using early morning mornings for meditation and mantra, when the awakening nature gives a powerful energy message to all living things on the planet. Along with everything alive, a person who meditates on the same wavelength with the Universe receives a huge charge of cheerfulness and cosmic knowledge. According to Osho, it is chaos that helps to relax and clear your mind (you can relax with this meditation). Osho insisted that man must pass the world through himself, not taking it into himself, not fixing on his materiality. Such a morning, spent in meditation in union with the outside world, will help to harmonize the relationship of a person with life and himself. A video recording a meditation can be used as an aid.

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