Miracle stories

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We went to the bathhouse with Sergey’s brother, his wife, who came to visit him. Igor’s neighbor was also going to steam up with us. Igor warned that he would linger.

After the bath was ready, Sergey and I went to bathe. The bath was wonderful. A clean waiting room, a steam room, a sauna – everything was finished with natural wood material. In the steam room, in the hot air, there was a thick smell of pine needles. Gorgeous bath brooms of birch and oak neatly lay on a sturdy wooden bench, located along the wall. The steam room consisted of two-storeyed floors, the upper of which was wide, completely washed. Everything had to receive that indescribable pleasure, which can only be obtained in the bath. This Russian bath.

When Sergei undressed. I was stunned. He had a very large member. I looked at this truly masculine miracle, and could not look away. Gentle skin tight fit trunk. It ended in an enormous size with a prick, which in relief finished this desired miracle. Zalupa did not fit under the skin, and, in half, its purple flesh was peeking out from under it. It was felt all over that from sereginogo huya not just one person was raped by bliss.

My chest tightened. Breathing became deep and intermittent.

Sergey looked at me mysteriously and knowingly smiling.

He took his dick with his hand, slightly raised it, batted the skin, revealing a huge purple head. His trunk is already resilient, slightly raised, feeling that today he will receive a lot of unforgettable affection. A transparent grease began to trickle slightly from the spring.

– Well, come here, shoot down a bit of a hunt, or you won’t be able to wash yourself, ”said Sergey. He slowly jerked off his penis with his hand, shaking them. And repeated, – Come.

I, burning with desire, barely moving my feet that had suddenly become wadded, approached him. Seryoga put his hands on my shoulders and slightly pressed them down, making it clear that he wants to see me on his knees in front of him. I knelt down. Before my eyes was starting to fill with a huge, so frightening and at the same time coveted Sergey dick.

He put one hand on my head and began to move it towards his penis. Another took himself for dick, already pretty tense, as much as possible, zalupil skin on it, and began to thrust it into my mouth, which is no longer able to resist, burning with desire, he himself strung his lips on the huge flesh of his penis, hot, craving caresses.

Feelings were indescribable! A huge prick, a huge trunk entered my mouth. There was no free space. A powerful energy of desire radiated from Seregin’s member, he was hot, slightly trembling from the buzz that his master was experiencing. The member entered on the very throat, salty grease, abundantly flowing from its trunk, increased pleasure.

Sergey did not let go of my head for a minute, intensifying the pace of getting pleasure from both. He moaned, moaned, sighed.

I was kneeling, clasping his ass with my hands and. felt no less pleasure.

Miracle stories

My cock stood on end, he, like me, also received pleasure, a lot of sperm accumulated in him, ready to break out, he was trembling, he also demanded caress. And suddenly I experienced something that made my soul explode, flew into space. Someone’s hand firmly zapupila him, and someone with the strength and great desire began to suck him.

I groaned, wheezing from the incredible pleasure that I began to receive through my penis.

Someone’s lips curled my prick, someone’s tongue began to cuddle up to her, rub against her, someone’s hand jerked my dick. Then someone put it on, the prick often began to rest on the larynx. My dick entered his mouth tightly, the walls of the trunk received an incredible pleasure.

I began to pass the caress to Seryoga, began to suck his cock stronger, with a great desire, why he began to moan and groan even harder.

Kaif growing at all at the same time. Seryogino’s body trembled, I felt this shiver with my hands. he began, with even more power, to thrust his cock into my mouth, which was filled with lead, mine was no less firm. Suddenly, a powerful fountain of sperm splashed out of Seregin’s cock into my mouth, lava also burst from my cock.

We were silent for a minute, moving away from the buzz.

When the tension had gone, Seryoga took his slightly limp dick with his hand, opened his huge purple prick, lifted my face by the chin, began tapping it on her face, driving her lips, leaving a trail of sperm on them.

On the bath field, in front of me, on all fours, stood Igor. He did not want to let my cock out of his mouth, continued to gently suck it, and with pleasure licked off the remnants of sperm from the buzz I received.

While copying Seryoga, I also took my dick, bared a prick (I noted to myself that she had no less, and maybe even more, than Seryoga), and began to drive her on the lips and face of Igor.

– Well. Liked? Let’s wash, – said Seryoga.

But, seeing that Igor did not get the buzz he wanted, Serega approached him and also began to drive his dick over his face and lips. Both of our powerful pugs began to rub against each other on Igor’s lips. He closed his eyes. With the battles we tapped him on the face, eyes, he dutifully knelt and. enjoyed

Our trunks began to gain strength again.

– Well, Dimon, let’s please the kid, you see, he asks. We have time to wash.

We tried to shove our guns in Igor’s mouth at the same time, but this did not work out. Then Seryoga approached Igor’s ass, took him by the hips, lifted it and carefully began to plant his penis into it. And I started again to blow the neighbor in the mouth.

I felt that Igor was getting excited more and more.

His body began to tremble, he began to actively move his ass, helping Seryoga, began to suck my cock in a mad way. hands stroking my ass, holding the buttocks, with a force drove my cock into me.

With Sergey we finished at the same time. Fountain behind the fountain, we poured into Igor sperm. I swallowed Igor in big swallows. Seregina flowed down his buttocks, legs.

Igor turned to Seryogin and began to carefully lick off his sperm.

After a little rinsing, not steaming, we went to the dressing room, decided to get some rest, have a drink and a little snack.

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