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How to make a detergent with your own hands

For a long time I wanted to make a detergent with my own hands. My hands suffer from gels filled with chemistry; I have to work only with gloves. Agree, this is not always convenient. Finally, I found a suitable recipe on the Internet and got down to business.

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To make a detergent with your own hands you need:

  • base for soap, melted, 25 ml;
  • hot water, 200 ml;
  • glycerin, 25 ml;
  • half a lemon;
  • alcohol or vodka, ½ tsp.

First you need to grind the base for soap.

Basis for soap (soap base) – this is a ready soap, which is odorless, color, neutral by its properties. You can buy it in the store. Usually used for making soap at home.

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I chose an organic one to get the most natural detergent composition.

And she took not a clean base, but the remnants – small remnants of soap, which we used. But for the future I will try a transparent base devoid of lauryl sulfate. Why? Because, although it is less natural, it foams better and is more suitable for making a detergent with your own hands.

So, the base is crushed, set it to melt. It is possible and in the microwave, but since its amount is small, I managed the water bath – it is more reliable. The basis certainly does not boil.

In the meantime, I put on the water and warm up and squeeze the juice out of half a lemon.

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do-it-yourself detergent. Photo number 2

The base just melted, poured it into a glass. The quantity has estimated on an eye though it is possible to use a measured small glass to be exact.

do-it-yourself detergent. Photo number 3

Time and water. It should not boil, but must be hot so that it can connect to the soap base.

do-it-yourself detergent. Photo number 4

Pour melted base into hot water. Mix well.

do-it-yourself detergent. Photo number 5

Now pour in a thin stream of glycerin. At the same time constantly mix. Its quantity had to be measured off with a disposable syringe. Very convenient, or rather nowhere.

Pour juice from half a lemon.

And the final touch – alcohol or vodka. Measured its quantity also with the help of a syringe, but smaller – by 5 cubes. Although it is possible and a teaspoon. Our hand-made detergent is ready.

do-it-yourself detergent. Photo number 6

It is still liquid and hot. Let it cool. I want to say that because of my impatience, I began to check it even in this state. Kapnula on the washcloth and began to lather it. It seemed that it does not wash at all. And here I decided to add a soap base. That was my fault!

I melted the base and poured another 25-30 ml. Soap, as it seemed to me, it became better. Now I calmed down and gave the means to cool. When it cooled, I poured it into a high container with a narrow neck and lid. It turned out almost 250 ml. The remedy turned out to be liquid, like water, despite the prescription promises to be a liquid gel.

So I left him for the night. The next day, trying to wash the dishes, found that the washing thickened. Strong.

do-it-yourself detergent. Photo number 7

After soaping the washcloth, she saw that she was washing well.

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do-it-yourself detergent. Photo number 8

As for sensations: it is washed much less than the usual dishwashing detergents, but it does it well. Plates – to squeak, but the grease pan does not wash. After use on the hands remains a greasy film. Here it is my exponent – I went over it with a basis for soap making. Need to put exactly the recipe.

Over time, the detergent began to thicken more and more, and it was even worse. I had to dissolve with hot water – it was diluted and began to give more foam. I will continue to restrain my impulses to change the original recipe.

As for storage, I think that this tool cannot be used for more than a month. Therefore, I did not do more basis. Or you can purchase a preservative and add it – then it can be stored for much longer. Hands after him feel great, now mine without gloves.

Master class with a photo: “How to make a dishwashing detergent with your own hands” Serebryakova Anna

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