Mask for dark spots

Gone are the days of exalted persons, who were proud of the dark circles under their eyes, and society considered this to be a sign of romance and passion of nature. It is ridiculous to say, but women of the 20s tried to sleep less at night and put blue shadows on the lower eyelids to create such an effect. Today health is in fashion and we don’t need faces with a haggard, haggard look.

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Who is guilty of bruising under the eyes

If you have not fought with anyone lately, you need to deal with this fact thoroughly. Bruises result from impaired lymph and venous blood flow. When there is stagnation in the capillaries of this zone and so little is supplied with oxygenated blood.

Dark circles are not an ordinary cosmetic defect and are badly hidden by make-up. In cosmetology, bruises under the eyes are the most common problem.

The causes of this condition are many and varied. Many of them are corrected with ease, but others are much more difficult to correct. To defeat the consequences – let’s find the cause.

You do not appreciate yourself?

Of course, not in the literal sense of the word – just your lifestyle leaves much to be desired. Sometimes we just forget about ourselves, plunging into the frantic pace of life, which can completely exhaust the body.

  • Chronic lack of sleep. The results of constant night rest at 4-5 o’clock (if it can be called rest) you see on the face: pallor of the skin and purple spots under the eyes.
  • Illiterate diet. Fried, spicy, smoked and fatty is, of course, tasty. But not at all useful for the state of the periorbital zone. The love of coffee and ryumashka-another alcohol every night only exacerbates the manifestation of dark circles and edema.
  • Stress. Modern life is rich in hassle. Only one fare in public transport at rush hour is worth something. Here add hours of work at the computer and the heat of the offices.

All this is a powerful wave falls on the skin. Toxins, slags begin to accumulate actively, plaques are formed. The consequences of this we see under the eyes. By removing or adjusting the reasons, you can easily get rid of ugly circles. Worse when it comes to your own health.

Health problems?

If everything is normal with your regime, you are a lover of a promenade in the fresh air, good nutrition and regular visits to gyms, then the cause of dark circles is much more serious.

  • Allergy. The reaction to dust, flowering plants, animal hair, cold air leads to tearing and itching. The eyelids are irritated and there are circles of reddish hue.
  • Anemia and insufficient blood circulation. Iron deficiency in the blood can be determined by analyzing and the presence of dark blue spots under the eyes.
  • Poor kidney function. The yellowish-brown color of the spots around the eyes indicates renal ailments.

The culprits of the emaciated eye can be problems with the heart, thyroid, liver. In this case, your main assistants are doctors, who must be examined regularly.

Or maybe the matter is different?

There are other reasons for the appearance of ugly circles under the eyes. This can be a long-term use of antibiotics and hormonal drugs, “hard, hungry” diets, when you deprive yourself of essential minerals and vitamins. Your age also speaks its “weighty” word in favor of circulatory disorders. And the usual heredity, genes, when you receive a thinned and light skin in the eye area as a gift from your ancestors.

Mask for dark spots

How to quickly remove the dark circles under the eyes at home

Elimination of the reasons may stretch for a long time. We are able to speed up this process and quickly improve the condition of the skin in the periorbital zone. To our services:

  • Natural masks.
  • Effective compresses.
  • Daily massage.
  • Caring cream.

But these practices should not replace getting rid of the true cause of bruises, but only complement it and help. Only a complex combination of all measures will help your eyes to get a blooming and radiant look.

Making masks at home

The composition of home remedies include effective substances, the purpose of which is to improve the microcirculation of lymph and blood. Conduct sessions should be 2-3 times a week, their time is calculated for 20-25 minutes.

Mask for dark spots

  • Potato. Raw potatoes perfectly whiten the skin and are very effective in the fight against circles under the eyes. Mix finely chopped potatoes with warm milk (the mixture should have the consistency of porridge). Mass lay in the brand.
  • Cottage cheese. We need to knead the rich cottage cheese well (12 ml) and add a few drops of strong tea to it so that the cottage cheese gets a golden hue. From the curd mass dazzle cakes and put on the eye area.
  • From parsley Crush fresh parsley in a blender (20 gr.) And add lemon juice to it (3 drops).
  • Walnut Mix crushed walnuts (10 gr.) With warm butter (12 gr.) And add pomegranate or lemon juice (4 drops). The mask is valid for 20-25 minutes.
  • Sour cream. Mix cucumber pulp (5 oz.) With chopped parsley and cilantro (4 oz.), Sour cream (10 ml).

A great aid in daily eye care will be wiping this area with pieces of cosmetic ice made from sage, parsley, chamomile, cornflower, and dill decoction.

Effective compresses

Compresses made from medicinal herbs are the most powerful method of getting rid of dark circles under the eyes. It is necessary to spend them in days of rest from masks. The procedure time is 10-15 minutes.

  • From sage. Sage (10 gr.) Pour boiling water (100 ml). Insist 10-15 minutes. Merge the infusion. The mass is divided into two parts and put in marlechki. One part is placed in a hot infusion, the other in the cold. In turn, impose a mass on the eyes.
  • Parsley. Parsley herb (10 g.) Brewed with boiling water (200 ml). Infusion time 10 minutes.
  • From chamomile. Dried chamomile flowers put in gauze bags and hold them for a quarter of an hour in boiling water. Cool slightly, apply compresses on the eyes.
  • From cornflowers. Flowers of cornflowers (10 gr.) Pour hot water (200 ml). We give 20-25 minutes to insist.

In addition to masks and compresses, we need to constantly train the muscles of the eyes and skin, to stimulate the work of epidermal cells. We will help regular massage.

We train our eyes

Morning massage is a very useful and effective procedure from dark circles, carried out independently at home. After the usual washing, we start the exercises, which will select only about 5 minutes of your time.

When washing the periorbital area, do not stretch the skin! Limit yourself to light water on these areas. Only wash your eyes with cold water!

Warm up the skin before exercising: do a light tap on the pads of the ring fingers for a minute. Then apply on the skin of the eyelids usual morning cream. Then do the following procedures:

  1. Hold your eyes tight for a minute, then open your eyes wide. Repeat 3-4 times.
  2. Blink your eyes quickly for 3 minutes, then close them tightly. Count to 10 and open them. At the same time look at the point in the distance for 5-10 seconds. Do this 5-6 times.

Mask for dark spots

Well, after gymnastics you can apply makeup. With the help of competent cosmetics, you can retouch dark circles. But do not forget to remove the makeup as soon as you return home. And apply a healing cream under the eyes.

Right eyelid cream

It is necessary to use such creams every night before bedtime. You need to apply the tool for 20-30 minutes. The remains to clean the cotton swab with delicate movements.

  • Cream with kojic acid or hydroquinone. It has a powerful whitening effect and significantly reduces the darkening of the skin on thin areas.
  • Cream with caffeine. It helps to reduce the blood vessels, stimulating them to vigorous activity.
  • Cream with epidermal growth factor. One of the most effective anti-bruising care products.
  • Cream with vitamin A (or tretinoin). Highly effective nutrient for the care of the thin skin of the periorbital zone. It contains a large amount of retinoic acid.

How to get rid of dark circles under the eyes at home? Just understand one truth that was once said by Heinrich Heine: “The only beauty with which I am familiar is self-love and health.” Take these wise words as the basis of your life, and you will always delight others with the glitter of your eyes and the beauty of your body.

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