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Modern sayings of modern NASA scientist Michael Tigges – creationist

Michael Tigges is a senior aviation engineer at the NASA Johnson Space Center. 1 He received a NASA Medal for exceptional achievements and an award for engineering achievements. He also published a number of articles about the flight of spacecraft to the moon and Mars and about the safe return of man to Earth. Born in Augsburg, Germany, Michael graduated with honors from the University of Georgia with a degree in physics. He also received a master’s degree in physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Michael is married, his wife’s name is Brenda and they have a daughter, Tiffany, and a son, Joshua. But the most important thing is that Michael is a Christian (Philippians 3: 8). He was lucky to grow up in a Christian family.

Futility of evolution

Like many Christians, Michael studied biology, chemistry, and physics at the university — sciences fully impregnated with an evolutionary idea. Indeed, many claim that evolution plays a very important role in scientific work. But Michael strongly disagrees. In fact, he believes that “a free evolutionary worldview harms the understanding of the fundamental truths about our universe.”

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However, Michael cautions that “regardless of whether a scientist or engineer is an evolutionist or creationist, this does not affect the purpose and safety of space flight.” All this happens because the dispute regarding evolution and creation belongs to the field of the science of origin, which is based on the re-creation of the model of the past. Flying into space depends on practical science. This is the main reason why evolution is not related to operational science. Michael explains:

“By practical science I mean science that deals with the result of regularly repeated scientific experiments. For example, if I create a trajectory in which a person returns from the moon, using the Earth’s atmosphere as a brake mechanism, this approach can be modeled, tested and tested regardless of my “beliefs” regarding the age of the Earth or the mechanism for creating life on this planet ”;

“If you support such a train of thought, then the debate over creation and evolution has almost no effect on practical science. Regardless of the position you take, computers continue to work, stars and planets remain in their orbits, and planes and rockets continue to fly. ”

Evolutionary test of faith

The suggestion of evolutionary ideas caused Michael some difficulties in reading Genesis. However, he said that “faith in the divine inspiration of the Holy Scriptures and in the simple literal truth of describing the Creation in the book of Genesis always lived in him.” But, like many Christians, he did not think about it “out loud”, because “scientific literature was and continues to occupy an evolutionary position”.

But Michael began to understand that the question of creation is not a minor issue at all, and that mixing of Being with evolution has a detrimental effect on a person’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Michael notes that Pontius Pilate mockingly asked Jesus: “What is truth?” (John 18:38). And yet, Pilate was in the presence of Him Who showed: “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me ”(John 14: 6).

But if the Bible says the truth about the young Earth and the creation within six days, then the statement of Jesus “can be cast aside as useless chatter recorded in a refuted by science.” In fact, Michael believes that this is the rationale behind the suggestion of evolutionary ideas – “slyly undermine the foundations of the biblical truth of eternal salvation.”

Rejecting evolution

Active evolutionists often claim that disbelief in evolutionary ideas makes all science useless. But after all, rockets and engineering systems work regardless of whether designers believe in evolution or creation.

Michael “regrets that the mainstream science has reached the point that it absolutely has no scientific faith in the Bible. The world of science fully accepts the idea that there is nothing in common between science and Scripture. These prejudices have reached such a level that scholars who believe in the scientific authority of Scripture are simply expelled from the scientific community because of their position on this issue. ”

Michael investigated the question of origin and found that evolution cannot explain anything in this matter. He confirms:

“Having collected all my scientific knowledge and penetrated into this question, I tried to find a rationale for belief in evolutionary assumptions about the origin of life, and I could not.”

“In a similar way, I discovered that from a scientific point of view, it is quite plausible and experimentally acceptable to extrapolate modern geological conditions into the recent past through catastrophic events supporting the theory of the young Earth.” (The fact that the basis for these two discoveries is contained in the text of a document written 3,000 years ago strengthens my faith in the scientific authenticity of Scripture.)

“At the very end there will be only one truth. And as a responsible and trustworthy scientist, I must accept the data of my research, even if they indicate the existence of Mind, which governed the creation of modern universal characteristics of life and physics. ”

The huge Saturn V rocket, which sent the first astronauts to the moon, starts from the Kennedy Space Center (9:32 am ET, July 16, 1969). At that time, it was the most powerful machine ever built. The height of the rocket was 111 m – higher than the 36-storey skyscraper. Christian Apollo, the inventor of the missiles Werner von Braun, watched space flights to the moon of Apollo series ships.

“This discovery encourages me. I like to know that human life is different from the life of an animal; I am glad that science confirms the biblical teaching that heaven was created by a loving God, who quite recently decided to create the conditions for relationships with beings created in His image; and I am happy that, despite the destruction of the originally perfect creation due to the sin of Adam, I, as one of his descendants, can make a personal decision in my short life that will have eternal consequences. ”

“I am also glad that I can write in this article, and probably inspire others to research a scientifically authentic truth based on the Bible, not paying attention to a completely different focus and misconceptions of the prevailing science.”

Space exploration

Michael says that even when he was a child, he dreamed of becoming an astronaut. But “because of poor eyesight and health problems, he achieved his goal by exploring the cosmos through mathematics and science.” Yet he says:

“I remember with what immense delight I watched the first flight to the moon; and just imagine how this event pushed me to devote my life to exploring outer space. My work at NASA began shortly before the first launch of the Space Shuttle, therefore, I received my first direct data on the Apollo launch via radio and television. ”

His Christian faith is also a great inspiration for his work:

Make a faith quotation jump

“Heaven fully preaches God’s glory. Completely! From the very moment when I first looked into a telescope as a child, I felt the presence of God. When I saw the image made with the Hubble telescope, I was seized with fear and awe. Every mathematical equation that I write down to predict the flight path of spacecraft shows a miracle of accuracy that God put into our world. Every time the Space Shuttle is launched, I am amazed at the skill God has given people to perform this complex task. ”

When I think of the unimaginable size of galaxies and the power of creation, I am in a tremendous thrill, and I humbly freeze before my personal significance for God, who sent His Son to die for my sin.

Make a faith quotation jump

“When I think about the unimaginable size of galaxies and the power of creation, I am in a tremendous thrill, and I humbly freeze before my personal significance for God, who sent His Son to die for my sin.”

Neil Armstrong – the first person to visit the moon, makes his first step on its surface with the lunar module (22:56, July 20, 1969). “This is just a small step for man and one huge leap for humanity,” said Armstrong, when the whole world watched him on television. In fact, he was going to say for “an ordinary person …” to emphasize the difference from “humanity”.

Michael carries the Bible to work every day. He says:

“This is the Bible that my parents gave me when I was seven years old. Not a day goes by without me thinking about the Holy Word of God and not feeling the divine providence of my Heavenly Father in all aspects of my personal and professional life. ”

“The Lord blessed me with good work. My task is to find safe ways to transport people through space. I understand the incredible danger that people who travel through outer space are exposed to. The concept of the sacredness of life of which the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob speaks helps me to work hard and do my work. ”

I asked him what he would advise to young people who want to do research work at NASA. He replied:

“I would advise them to always seek the truth, regardless of prejudice, fear, career or financial advantage. I pray that they seek God’s guidance, study the Bible, and allow the truth of the Scriptures to be revealed to them. I would ask them to put Jesus first, so that only His truth would have meaning and order against the background of tangled lives. ”

Have people really been to the moon?

From time to time, television programs show us “documentaries”, allegedly proving that landing a man on the moon is nothing more than a hoax. In international creation ministry, we advise Christians to be probiblical, and not just to reject the prevailing opinion out of a love of truth. So I asked what Michael was thinking about this statement. He replied:

“I also heard and read the statements of those who believe that all the Apollo space flights were a hoax, invented by NASA, to artificially“ get ahead of everyone ”and go to the moon for this or other reason. 1 My answer to this question is similar to the answer to people who doubt the authenticity of the Bible and the life of Jesus Christ – events that took place in the distant past, but which we know from written sources. I propose that the truth of the event is determined not only by the number of testimonies of witnesses or participants in the event, which were sufficient during the flight to the moon event and during the life of Jesus Christ. One of the flawless witnesses was the late James Irwin, who was a staunch biblical creationist who had been on the moon. ”

In the lives of those people to whom the heritage was transmitted, one can see the consequences of those events. Michael says: “The flight to the moon had a tremendous impact on modern civilization, which continues today through the wonders of materials science, computers, satellites and other technological innovations.”

Make a faith quotation jump

And finally, Michael puts everything in its place:

“However, no matter how great the flight of Apollo was, and no matter how great the impact of this flight today on humanity, all this fades away from the truth of the influence of one person on the lives of countless people — a person we know as Jesus Christ He lived, died, and resurrected about 2,000 years ago. ”

“Sometimes it seems to me that those who do not believe in the flight of Apollo are simply fools, or maybe cynics who can do nothing more. But, ultimately, I am not afraid of those who doubt Apollo’s flight to the Moon, since their doubt is expressed only in words. But I fear those who do really great harm with eternal consequences, who deliberately doubt the truth of Christ and who try to convince others by knocking them astray. I not only condemn these cynics and “blind guides” and accuse them of teaching false doctrine, but I reproach them and will blame until the last day of my life for distorting the most important of all historical events – the life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. “

References and notes

  1. See, detailed refutation, Fox TV and the deception of Apollo’s flight to the moon, February 13, 2001. Return to text.
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