Magnesium Chloride Uses

With the advent of cold weather, the question of protection from the flu is acute. This insidious disease is difficult to treat. This is due to the fact that the influenza virus is constantly changing and it is required to change treatment methods and medications. Today, Influvac, the flu vaccine in 2018-2019, is one of the most effective ways to fight infection. This serum has proven itself in the confrontation of two types of influenza A and B.


Manufacturer Influvac

This subunit preparation has been manufactured in Holland for more than twenty years. Abbott Biologicals BV has been producing influenza vaccines for fifty years, which have proven themselves very well in many countries around the world. During the existence of Influvac, the company has already released more than 150 million doses.

Magnesium Chloride Uses

general information

Serum consists of antigens of three types of flu:

That is, the vaccine is suitable for the fight against influenza, both groups A and B.

In addition to antigens, the vaccine includes other components:

  • sodium dihydrate;
  • potassium dihydrogen;
  • cetyltrimethylammonium bromide;
  • magnesium hexahydrate chloride;
  • potassium chloride and sodium;
  • gentamicin;
  • polysorbate;
  • chicken egg component;
  • sucrose;
  • formaldehyde.

Each year, the manufacturer changes the composition of the drug in accordance with WHO forecasts for the upcoming season.

This respected organization is confident that the following types of flu will spread in the future season:

The drug can be completely free to buy in the pharmacy network. It is necessary to carefully look at the composition of the drug. The pack contains information for which season the vaccine is intended. If you get a product with antibodies of influenza, which is not relevant in this season, you can not count on proper effectiveness.

Specificity of the drug

For the manufacture of medicines used chicken embryos. They multiply a certain type of flu. Technologically, it looks like this:

  • an embryo is infected with a certain strain of influenza;
  • then it is kept for several days at 33-35 degrees Celsius.
  • then produce suction allantoic fluid;
  • thereafter, the mass with the virus is inactivated using formaldehyde;
  • then the composition is filtered, cleaned and processed using detergent;
  • then the suspension with neuraminidase and hemagglutinin is mixed with a preservative;
  • in the final stage, ultracentrifugation is performed to produce a monovalent vaccine.

Magnesium Chloride Uses

Similarly, the vaccine is made for three types of flu. In the end, the three formulations are combined into one vaccine and sterilized. All this at the end is charged into a special syringe, which can itself collapse. Ready Influvac has a volume of 0.5 ml. You can store it for one year.

Note: Hemagglutinin and neuraminidase, which are part of the vaccine in an amount of 15 μg do not represent a danger to the human body.

Who is contraindicated for vaccine

If you purchase this drug on your own in the pharmacy chain, you need to seriously get acquainted with the instructions. It says that Influvac:

Should not be used if there is intolerance to its components. This is primarily about chicken protein. There are people who have an increased sensitivity to proteins: hemagglutinin and neuraminidase. Also, some people do not tolerate:

It is also not recommended to use Influvac at high temperature and in exacerbation of chronic diseases.

If the form of ARVI is not severe, then vaccination can be done after the temperature is normalized. The same goes for intestinal infection.

And the third warning, which should not be forgotten, the drug is not recommended for children under six months.

Side effects

Most often, the vaccine is easily tolerated by people without side effects. However, some people may experience undesirable reactions. Can:

  1. headache;
  2. appear cramp;
  3. tingling in limbs
  4. numb body parts;
  5. develop neuralgia, encephalomyelitis;
  6. pain in the muscles and joints;
  7. vasculitis occurs;
  8. feel weak and unwell;
  9. chills appear;
  10. the temperature will rise;
  11. sweating will increase;
  12. swelling occurs in the area where the vaccine is administered;
  13. itching and rash appear.

Magnesium Chloride Uses

All of these undesirable consequences can occur if the rules for using Influvac are not followed. Very rarely, this may be a manifestation of the individual characteristics of a person.

Despite the fact that the vaccine has proven to be one of the most effective ways to fight the flu. In 90% of cases, Influvac coped with the infection. If you do not want to get sick with the acute form of the flu and get complications from other vital organs, then you should get vaccinated with this drug.

Doctors recommend vaccination in the autumn, 2-3 months before the onset of a possible flu epidemic. Vaccination is mostly free. It is enough to go to your hospital to a general practitioner or to special vaccination points. In large cities, vaccination can be done right near the metro stations. It should be noted that this is a voluntary event.

What other vaccines are available

A lot of different vaccine options are currently used to fight the flu. Starting from living, whole-virion inactivated to split inactivated.

The trivalent vaccine is used to protect immunity from such influenza species as: H3N2 and H1N1 group A and one type of group B.

The tetravalent drug reacts in the same way, but is more effective against group B influenza.

The following vaccines will be used this winter:

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