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icon of the Virgin “BURZER”

Loving your ex

October 30 (October 17, old style)


Description of the Icon of the Mother of God Redeemer:The glorification of the icon of the Most Holy Theotokos, the Deliverer, began in 1841, when, through prayers before it, one of the Greek provinces got rid of a locust invasion. Miracles emanating from the icon of the Virgin, attracted to her many pilgrims that the keeper of the shrine – the elder Martinian, a former inhabitant of one of the Athos monasteries. Tired of human attention, the elder, together with the icon of the Virgin Mary, returned to Athos and settled in the monastery of the holy great martyr Panteleimon. In 1889, the abbot of the monastery donated the miraculous icon of the Virgin to Russia for the Novo-Athos Simon-Kananitsky Monastery opened in the Caucasus.

The icon of the Mother of God “The Redeemer” was carried on a train by Emperor Alexander III, returning to the capital with his family after a rest in the south. As is known, the royal train fell into a catastrophe, but the emperor himself and his household miraculously survived and unharmed. The members of the royal family associated their miraculous salvation with the patronage and intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos. In memory of the miraculous salvation of the Russian emperor and his family, the celebration in honor of the icon of the Mother of God “The Savior” was established on October 17.

Some of the ancient images on the maforia of the Virgin depict five-pointed stars – pentagrams. Since ancient times, the pentagram means “Chosenness, duty, loyalty.” Unfortunately, starting from the 16th century, Masonic organizations began to use the pentagram, and later communist, which led to the emergence of an ambiguous attitude to this ancient pious symbol.

There is another version of the icon of the Most Holy Theotokos, the Deliverer, which depicts the holy Apostle Simon the Canaanite and the healer Panteleimon, holding the icon of the Mother of God against the backdrop of the New Athos Simon-Canaanite Monastery.

Before the icon of the Most Holy Theotokos, the Deliverer, they pray for the healing of the afflicted by insanity, from the invasion of the locusts, for the healing of mental and bodily infirmities, during a disaster, for the sending of grace in resolving difficult circumstances.

Prayer of the Blessed Virgin Mary in front of Her icon, called the “Savior”

O Mother of God, our help and protection, always ask, wake our savior, we hope for Ty and always inspire Ty: we should have compassion and help, take pity and deliver, bow your ear and accept our mournful and tearful prayers, and even welcome, Calm down and make joy to us who love your Sonless God and our God. Amen.

Troparion of the Blessed Virgin Mary in front of Her icon, called “the Savior”

Loving your ex

Troparion, voice 4

As the brightest star, the divine wonders, Your holy image, the Redeemer, the rays of grace and Thy mercy, enlighten in the night of the sorrows of those who exist. Give tribute to us, the All-Good Devo, deliverance from troubles, healing of mental and physical ailments, salvation and great mercy.

Akathist to the Most Holy Theotokos in front of Her icon, called the “Savior”

Kontak 1

Repent the enemy with our anger, and ultimately excommunicate our Lord, and teach us how to petition You are merry: Rejoice, Redeemer, who saves us in distress from sorrow, misery and death.

Ikos 1

There are many angels according to Thy, Mother, our command is opposed to our deliverance threateningly. But you receive this prayer: Rejoice, who sends our angels to salvation! Rejoice, Queen of the high ranks, giving them heavenly help to us. Rejoice, thou who commandth us, with an angel! Rejoice, army of angelic our enemies striking. Rejoice, Deliverer, from grief, misfortune, and death, saving us in distress.

Kontak 2

They see those who are in distress and a little bit of help and help Your heart to those who call, they admonish unto thee to Thy Son unceasingly: Alleluia.

Ikos 2

Of course, mnosi are supposed to be Thy Son of Yours, the Deliverer of the afflicted, and singing the same way: Rejoice, thou hardship of the Mati; Rejoice, afflicted. Rejoice, ailing healing; Rejoice, unreliable hope. Rejoice, Deliverer, from grief, misfortune, and death, saving us in distress.

Kontak 3

The power of the Most High gave ti to help and save the world and us in the perils of the lost. And who is not delivered by You, and who does not sing to Your Son: Alleluia.

Ikos 3

Imusche incomprehensible love for the human race, cues sighs did not accept hast, cues of tears did not wiped hast, and who did not compel thou to call upon Ty, crying out: Rejoice, distressed hearing soon; Rejoice, sad and mournful consolation. Rejoice, perishing fast salvation! Rejoice, captive liberation. Rejoice, Deliverer, from grief, misfortune and death, who save us distressed.

Kontak 4

Storm of misfortunes raid on us, save us perishing. Our redeemer, the tempest of perdition upon the earth, tarnished and accepting our song: Alleluia.

Ikos 4

Hearing humanity, give birth to all your wondrous love for Christians and Your powerful deliverance from all the evil who find on them, teach thee to Thee: Rejoice, deliverance from the calamity of misfortunes;

Rejoice, termination of everyday storms. Rejoice, despondent, Threamer; Rejoice, joy in tribulation to us Giver. Rejoice, Deliverer, from grief, misfortune, and death, saving us in distress.

Kontak 5

Favorite for the star, fitting, darkness and darkness in the sinful hearts of the dispersing, but in Thy light; They will love the Lord and sing to him: Alleluia.

Ikos 5

Videsha Rossiistiy people, Your deliverance from various misfortunes for deliverance, joyfully sing to You: Rejoice, our Assistant in troubles; Rejoice, we take away our sorrows. Rejoice, our repulsive sorrows! Rejoice, O consolation in our sorrow. Rejoice, Little Hut, from grief, misfortune, and death, saving us in distress.

Kontak 6

Preach your help and love, Mother, healing, comfort, joy and salvation from troubles, and sing to Your High Power Son: Alleluia.

Ikos 6

He brought us light of salvation in the gloom of perdition that surrounds us, and instructed us to eat you: Rejoice, thou who disperses the gloom of sins; Rejoice, sinful consuming darkness! Rejoice, my darkness of my soul that enlightens; Rejoice, encouraging light of the joy of the soul. Rejoice, Deliverer, from grief, misfortune, and death, saving us in distress.

Kontakion 7

To the ultimate despair that we want, surrender, to the misfortunes from everywhere, which are thought of You, the Redeemer, and cheer and comfort, singing to Your Son: Alleluia.

Ikos 7

A new and unexpected show us His mercy, under Your sovereign hand, you perceive us, and from this cry Ty: Rejoice, sovereign Queen; Rejoice, and perceiving us under Your power. Rejoice, who granted us your protection! Rejoice, our enemies struck. Re-pout, Redeemer, from grief, misfortune and death, saving us in distress.

Kontak 8

A strange miracle to the destruction of the doomed and in need of the languishing innumerable, all of a sudden, salvation and deliverance are received from You, All-loving, singing to God: Alleluia.

Ikos 8

All things that are in the darkness of sorrows, all overwhelm the miseries of the storm, come to a good haven and our help, the protection of the Virgin, the Redeemer, crying to Her: Rejoice, joy of the source; Rejoice, sorrow of turning away. Rejoice, misery reduction; Rejoice, every peace of rest To the giver. Rejoice, Deliverer, from grief, misfortune, and death, saving us in distress.

Kontak 9

The whole human being praises Te, all sing Te, the many-different redemption bearing, instead of sorrow, the joy of singing: Alleluia.

Ikos 9

Vetya of the poly-mongrel of the foolishness, seeing Thy fast and miraculous deliverance from the misfortunes of sufferers, and silencing us, singing T: Rejoice, you surprised world with wonders! Rejoice, you who strengthened miracles. Rejoice, you who have destroyed the wonders of godlessness! Rejoice, you who have disgraced your enemies by the power of God. Rejoice, Deliverer, from grief, misfortune, and death, saving us in distress.

Kontakion 10

Although to save every human soul, all love, make me feel sad about it, don’t learn to teach Thy Son: Alleluia.

Ikos 10

By the wall, the peace of the Christian who keeps and every soul from the enemy who protects, appear your icon, the Redeemer, in the world Orthodox and wonders of miracles. To you, people who sang of God: Rejoice, our Teacher, the Holy Mountain of Athos, having chosen the lot for herself; Rejoice, our Redeemer, with your blessing New Athos blessing. Rejoice, our gladness, the sign of the union of the inseparable destinies of His earthly ones by Your icon, having revealed; Rejoice, our eternal joy, with the wonderful care of the young Novo-Athos monastery favored. Rejoice, Deliverer, from grief, misfortune, and death, saving us in distress.

Kontakion 11

Unceasingly, singing by You and Thy deliverance, and Thee, packs, have found joy, and Thy Divine Son are sung joyfully: Alleluia.

Ikos 11

With the shining luminescent radiance in the gloom of sin, appear to us, Your icon, Redeemer, admonishing us to petition to Thee: Rejoice, you who redeem us from your wrath! Rejoice, the destructive nature of the vegetable world is driving away. Rejoice, crops and forests, and all who save from destruction, Rejoice, farmers who grieve the consolation and labor of their blessing. Rejoice, Deliverer, from grief, misfortune, and death, saving us in distress.

Kontakion 12

Grace, from Thy icon, to the Redeemer, flowing, the jet heals abundantly giving, and quickening the heart with joy, conquers all by the will of the petition to You, Mati, and to Your Son and God: Alleluia.

Ikos 12

Chanting healing, singing the most resurrection of Anastasia lad and singing: Hail, resurrect the dead; Rejoice, quickening of the heart of death; Rejoice, I take away from death and eternal fire. Rejoice, our posthumous hope and protection. Rejoice, Redeemer, from the grief of misfortunes and death, who save us in distress.


O our Mother and All-Loved Mother, have compassion now and have mercy, redeem us in the fierce and hopeless real sorrows, teach us to heartily praise God who forgives us: Alleluia.

(This condac is read thrice, then Ikos 1 and Kondak 1)

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