Live on a cord

The decoration of the room plays a significant role in creating a festive atmosphere. Of course, I want to somehow differ, to create something unusual, not traditional or not too common. They say that everything new is well forgotten old. Can take advantage of this? And to adopt not so forgotten, but already past. Those who nowadays go on a well-deserved rest have found the times of the USSR and well remember the five-year plans, visits to the gathering of potatoes, pioneer bonfires, slogans, obligations, and the like.

It is not necessary to keep the whole scenario in the same style with the pioneers and the communists. You can use something in the design of the hall and, for example, make original invitations for the evening.

Naturally, on the wires for retirement, besides the hero of the occasion, there will still be those present who are familiar with the subject matter of the USSR and perhaps for some of them it is dear. Therefore, it is not recommended to over-exploit the symbolism of that era, this may be ambiguous attitude. It is better to base this topic. Therefore, the invitation can be issued in red, but not to use the coat of arms, sickle, and so on.

Sample text on the invitation:

"Comrade (last name, initials of the invited guest)!

April 13 at 12:00 you have to appear at the commemoration of the dedication of the comrade (last name, name of the future pensioner). Venue: for example, the restaurant “Akatsiya”, table number 4.

On the agenda:

– Debriefing. – tasting alcoholic beverages. – participation in competitions. – verification of creativity. – study dance steps. – drawing up a plan for the future five-year plan.

Turnout is required. Welcome dress, high spirits, good appetite.

Live on a cord

Group of support for future retirees."

Everyone knows love in Soviet times for wall newspapers, which, by the way, are actively used today, in particular, they are timed to common holidays such as the New Year, as well as on Birthday and retirement. You can recall childhood, when the images of their heads stuck to the bodies of the stars or to comic characters. Today all this can be done with the help of Photoshop. And to make a comic honor roll, but where only one main character is a pensioner. On one board will be captured the achievements of the hero of the occasion during his life, you can even start from childhood. For example, take a picture from the Internet, where the kids sit on pots and with the help of Photoshop one of the kids to make a pensioner and under this achievement add the signature “For easy entry into the team”. The picture where a retiree is dancing or singing at a corporate party is “For a significant contribution to the general fun”. The picture, where the hero of the occasion is planting trees in his hometown – “For a significant contribution to upgrading the city”. The picture where the future retiree writes off, using modern opportunities – “For the shown ingenuity” and another in this spirit.

Several slogans hanging around the hall will not interfere: “Pensioner, be ready for your retirement!”, “Long live retirees – combat reserve of free people!”, “Don’t drink everything on wires for retirement – leave it to opohmelku!”, “Everything for a glass! ”,“ The team (the name of the company) solemnly proclaims that a friend (the name of the pensioner) will live in prosperity and in high esteem, ”and the like.

What else can be taken from the Soviet subject is to prepare badges for each guest, that they are participants of the wires to the retirement of a friend of such and such (if it is not possible to order such badges, you can make the medals on a cord or bracelet yourself). This will be another unifying element at the gala event.

What about retirement dedication? I recommend to make a pension certificate from the team, it should be an impressive size, inside on the first page, as the photo of the pensioner should be, the date of issuance of the certificate (date of the conduct of the pension), the name of the authority that issued the certificate (company name). The rest of the leaves are given to fill the departments of the company, where they, showing their imagination, fill them – all this is done in advance and secretly from the pensioner. By wire certificate must be ready.

Of course, it is difficult to avoid congratulatory speeches from the leadership. To be honest, sometimes they are quite tiring, so they are recommended to minimize as much as possible.

Live on a cord

After the obligatory speeches to the music, an orange is transmitted to the auditorium, which the audience must pass to each other, whoever he will be at the end of the music, must congratulate the hero of the occasion. But not just from myself. Assistants lead him from the rest of the audience under the veil, where the transformation takes place. Congratulations will sound from famous personalities. For example, someone who has the honor to congratulate Brezhnev’s eyebrows is pasted on and he has to read a parting word in his manner (the text is given to a person). After the greeting, the orange and the new transformation are transmitted again. It is not necessary to take politicians, it is possible and singers. For example, the mustache and the guitar and the new “Igor Nikolaev” should sing a greeting. The main thing is that one or two distinctive features can be recognized by a famous person, and that he has a recognizable manner of communication that will be easy for everyone to parse.

Now you can organize the initiation into retirees on the example of the initiation into the knights. Of course, forcing the hero of the occasion to kneel is not worth it, but it is recommended to sit on the throne.

Here, as to taste, the leader or the head of the team, the self-made pension certificate described above, concerns first the right and then the left shoulder of the pensioner. After which he must pronounce the oath, which he carefully presented.

Pensioner oath:

In the name of fun, joy, freedom and carelessness, I (the last name and first name of the pensioner) join the Sacred Host of the Order of Pensioners and swear to abide by its charter.

I vow to dedicate my skills and time to the cause of the Order, its prosperity and the spread of its values ​​throughout the world. I pledge not to disclose to non-Knights about the dates and place of secret meetings of the Order, the nuances of the entertainment program and the holiday menu.

I pledge to always keep the sacred commandments of the Sacred Army of the Order of Pensioners:

– do not fall under the table after the meeting of the Order; – do not mislead the soldiers of the Order by the vague proclamation of toast; – do not prevent the 33rd desire to take “on the road”; – do not contradict your colleagues and agree to kebabs in nature from the first invitation; – do not recognize the age on the passport; – do not lose pioneer fervor; – show by example that the pensioner is slightly cheerful, young, full of strength and enthusiasm; – to sweep away all the obstacles that can bring the Knights of the Order of Pensioners to confusion and despondency.

I swear to be faithful to the glorious deeds of the Sacred Army of the Order of the Pensioners!

Now, in honor of the newly-retired pensioner should raise the glasses, which is done standing up.

Host: Years are running, they cannot be kept up, Stop for a moment, you are beautiful! Alas, we do not change the course of events, But do not be sad in vain, Life after retirement is just beginning!

The door opens, the heroic horse Gaius Julius Caesar looks in (hereinafter referred to as the script by Julius).

Julius: I am sorry, are the retirees taking here?

Host: Young man, and you were not mistaken by the door? Rather, their intentions? Or you, sorry, the representative of the congratulating party? Something your face is familiar to me.

Julius: I would go to the pensioners, let them teach me.

Host: Retired ?! Maybe I missed something from recent changes in legislation. Can retire immediately with a diaper can go? If I’m not mistaken, the heroic horse is Guy Julius Caesar?

Julius: How nice when they recognize you. I am a simple guy, you can contact me just Julius. Still, did I get it right or not? Has the rumor passed about admission to the pensioners (name, patronymic of the hero of the occasion), is it here or not here?

Host: (Name, patronymic of the hero of the occasion) has just been appointed as a pensioner and accepted into the ranks of the Sacred Army of the Order of Pensioners! And yet I do not understand why this worries you so much?

Julius: Yes, I’m sick of everything. Shook up. The prince and the heroes without me and can not take a step. After all, everything is literally on me! That in foreign policy fun, Julius run, help me out. Then in domestic politics miracles in the sieve, again everything is on my shoulders, and not a camel after all. There are some security officials, in the common people of warriors, they grab above the roof. I’m tired. I want a banal rest, a look of affectionate grandmothers … I heard about the secret weapon of the initiated pensioners, do not tell me what is it? I would get him, and there I somehow break with him into the ranks of the Sacred Army of the Order of Pensioners.

Host: Yes, of course, no problem!

Julius (standing and continues dreamily): What a life will begin! Lie on your hammock, shake your leg, drive away the flies. Or under the palm trees somewhere in the Maldives.

Lead comes and carries a shovel.

Julius: What is it? Shovel?! Why a shovel ?!

Host: A rare pensioner does without it, and those who are members of the Sacred Army of the Order of Pensioners do not part with it from May to October (season of garden work is adjusted depending on the climatic zone, the southerners are lucky, it lasts from March to November) .

Julius: How does a shovel contribute to rest?

Host: Oh! This thing is unique! With its help, you can diversify your life in such a way that you can download it. First you bury the potatoes, then you spud them, then you wait, you wait, you wait and you dig.

Host: As a result! One must dig up no less than he dug.

Julius: Something your humor is not clear to me. I generally about the rest.

Julius: Well, yes! Why go to retire? To rest!

The presenter is trying to hand a spade to Julia.

Julius: No, I do not play such games.

Presenter (comes up to Julia, hugs him): Then let’s work!

Julius: How is that? Again some trick? Will there be a shovel?

Host: No, there will be no shovels. Competition program! Will you help me?

Julius: Competitions are good, I agree.

Competition program

The original props: 3 candy-lollipops (small candy), three prizes – the main prize (a bottle of brandy), the second prize (a bottle of beer), the third prize (lollipop – a big candy).

At the competition are 3 men. They are shown the main prize, a bottle of brandy. The essence of the competition lies in the fact that they must lick the candy (bite off is prohibited!). The one who quickly lick the candy, he gets the top prize. After that, the remaining players are shown the second prize and they continue to finish their candies, the first one who has coped with this task receives a bottle of beer. The last player is awarded a lollipop. Those who participate in the competition after proclaim a toast to the hero of the occasion (you can let them read an interesting toast).

Initial requisite: this competition should be prepared. With the help of computer programs, such as Photoshop, images of beautiful, practically naked girls are placed against the backdrop of a shop’s signboard, trees, building materials and

3-5 men are invited to the contest. The pictures are shown to the hall, if the audience is very far from the “scene”, then the presenters sneak pictures so that all the viewers can see them. After that, the pictures are given for a few minutes to male players, everyone must view them. In total, 5 pictures are enough. Then the images are selected, the task is announced. Players must name (in our case) what is written on the store sign, how many trees there were, what building materials were. That is, men should talk about the background, which depicts a girl. Given at the answers of 5 minutes, the players write down their answers. Then they have to voice their answers about one picture, for example, the text of the store signboard. The player who most correctly remembers the background gets a prize. Again after the contest timeout on toast.

Players of both sexes can participate in the competition. It is enough to call 3-5 people. Presenters call famous abbreviations, for example, their organizations. Players must come up with their own version. It is good if it is connected with the hero of the occasion, for example, the type of congratulations. The most creative player wins the competition. By tradition, the competition ends with a toast.

Julius: It’s time to discover the truth!

Julius (solemnly): I am authorized by the Prince and the security forces to give a gift (name, patronymic of the hero of the occasion).

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