Like the climax of a woman

Spring is coming, March 8, and the soul is singing! Arrange a holiday for women – prepare a fun musical party, and you will have enough positive emotions for at least another year.

Any holiday requires preparation. There are plenty of contests in the piggy bank, the main criterion for the selection of which is their musicality, pleasant gifts for the beautiful half and the artistry of the men’s team – this is what is needed for the success of the event. In advance, you need to prepare women’s outfits for the team of men and for the leader – the name of the party requires. You can also recruit teams — male and female — in advance, but this is not at all necessary. If someone from your team plays the guitar or the piano, they will be able to accompany you during the competitions or make wonderful musical pauses, which is also important.

1. Warm up “Song auction”. We recall the songs on the themes: “Spring”, “Women”, “Love”; it is desirable not only to call the songs, but also to perform small fragments. The team that calls the last song wins. Examples:

  • “What a woman”;
  • “Streams are murmuring”;
  • “Katyusha”;
  • “Darkie” and

3. shifters. In advance on sheets of paper are written, “inverted” in meaning, the names of famous songs. The task of the participants is to unravel what song is hidden under this name. Examples:

  • “Eh, heat, heat” – “Oh, frost, frost”;
  • “Our cactus in a pot recently dissolved” – “Chrysanthemums in the garden have already bloomed long ago”;
  • “This is something that went down to the lowland” – “Someone came down from the hill”;
  • “His ears are sluggish, his ears are red, his ears are pale and terrible” – “The eyes are black.”

4. Painted song. Representatives of both teams are called. Each player is issued and a tablet with a marker. A participant needs to draw a heard song. Whose drawing will be more recognizable, he wins. Songs for the contest: “Jolly Neighbor”, “Black Cat”. You can use any other songs as long as they have a vivid video sequence.

5. Repetition. Called by one representative from each team. Take popular, preferably drinking, songs. Everyone first tries to sing his song separately to the applause of the hall, and then the participants sing at the same time, trying not to get lost. The one who manages to finish the song to the end without stopping and not losing it wins!

Like the climax of a woman

6. Staged songs. For this competition suitable children, known to all, songs. For example: “A grasshopper was sitting in the grass” and “A grandmother lived with two funny geese.” The more a person engages the team, the more fun the competition will be. Task: to make a performance based on the song. Welcome the active use of all kinds of improvised devices and costumes.

7. Shooting a clip. The culmination of the program. Competition, uniting both teams. For him is selected bright downhole music. The presenter calls several people and gives them the tools (these can be like real ones – a drum, a triangle, a ratchet, a tambourine, maracas and

After the main program, it is good to arrange karaoke – a tournament and a festive dance marathon, interrupted only for congratulations and toasts for lovely ladies.

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