Libido for men

“Casanova” – Male power in one capsule

When the champion needed recharging

Vegetable capsules “Casanova” are intended to improve the sexual temperament of men and restore potency. The product increases sexual capabilities, endurance, restores fertility.

A powerful tool for potency

At the heart of the capsules “Casanova” for men are the latest achievements of science and effective recipes of the East. This product returns youth, improves and heals the body, strengthens, tones and improves the immune system.

Increases and restores potency

Helps accelerate and strengthen erection

Helps eliminate frequent urination

Increases the duration of sexual intercourse

Ensures vivid long lasting ejaculation

Stimulates spermatogenesis, increases the quantity and quality of sperm

Increases the size and density of the male genital organ

Accelerates the secretion of testosterone, quickly restores physical strength

Improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs

Prevents inflammation of the prostate gland

grandmother’s flowering plant – 83 mg; fruits wolfberry Chinese – 76 mg; Morinda root – 66 mg; real ginseng root – 33 mg; oyster shell – 33 mg; Chinese rhizomes rhizome – 39 mg

* All results depend on the individual characteristics of the organism!

Reception and dosage:

Libido for men

With inflammation of the prostate gland, impaired potency, erectile dysfunction, impotence, premature ejaculation, decreased libido. Course application: 1 capsule 1 time per day, during dinner. Reception duration: no more than 3 months.

Middle-aged men, for confidence in full sexual intercourse and improvement of sexual function. Take: 1 capsule every other day, during dinner (1 month).

For a single use: 1 capsule for 3-5 hours before sexual intercourse (the effect occurs with sexual desire).

Not recommended for use by persons suffering from hypersensitivity to the components of dietary supplements. Storage conditions: Store at room temperature in a dry place inaccessible to children. Production date: Look on the package.

Supplements to food. Not a cure! Certificate of state registration: №

Have doubts and uncertainties about sex? Do not deny yourself the main thing!

Distinguishing characteristics of the drug

Combining knowledge of the East and current cytology *

Concentration of various microelements, nutrients *

The use of plant components of non-toxic action *

The presence of fat-dissolving factors for instant penetration of components into the capsule of the prostate gland *

* All results depend on the individual characteristics of the organism!

Gazizov Қazeke Tynғatovich, Ereymentau

“Casanova” kapsalalaryn bіr nese ret kқyldap kөrdіm. You should note the situation, sіzderdің companylaryлаyza lken alғysymdy bіldіremіn. Paidalanp – өte kөp қyyndyқtardan құtyldym. Man Barryғyna wasps spani zharia etem. Aytatyn, shynynda and 5, 6, 7 grafalar tolyғymen үmіtіmdі aқtady. The bastards are hot қasymda.

Zhusupov Ykylas Aralsk

Zhasym 77 de, bұryn zәr shyғarudan, prostatittan қatty латыinalatnamian. “Casanovan” қ қ д ғ бер бер бер ұ ұ, washed 1 hot zhylday boldy үonem alyp tұramyn.

Malik Saryagash

Dear company producing Casanova Capsules, I am very grateful to you, because before the capsules of “Casanova” I felt like a lost and useless person. And after taking the Casanova capsules, I seemed to be younger and feel like a real man. I began to feel the power, and do not give rest to my wife)) Once again I want to thank for the second youth.

* All results depend on the individual characteristics of the organism!

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