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Prince Harry: Biography

Once the most enviable groom of Britain, heir to the royal title of Prince Harry, it would seem, is the embodiment of the dreams of all the girls in the world. He is very attractive, athletic, brave, he has a tall, incredibly red hair and a wide snow-white smile. Well, the charm of the youngest child in the family, the most spoiled of all, has always given him an image of playfulness and attraction.

Prince Harry in childhood

But the medal has two sides, Prince Harry managed to break wood for his stormy youth, becoming a participant and initiator of several serious scandals. Yes, and in love, he did not stick for a long time – beloved girls ran away, unable to withstand the onslaught of demands on the potential companion of the Crown Prince’s life. Will the prince’s new relationship with the little-known American actress in Britain become something serious, or will it all remain a tumultuous romance of 2016 — that’s what people around the world say.

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Harry is the fifth heir to the throne, the second son of the royal family. Harry’s mom and dad — Prince Charles and Princess Diana — did not care for their youngest, mischievous son. In childhood, Harry was naughty, but charming. Like his older brother, Prince William, Harry did not receive an individual education, but went to a London school with ordinary children not of royal blood.

Prince Harry with his parents and brother

When his mother died in an accident, the boy was 12 years old. Harry’s teenage years were stormy, not without going beyond the limits of decency and the law. He had a situation with the use of alcohol and light smoking drugs. Scandals greatly upset the royal family, but they could not calm the riot of emotions and the young impetuous thirst for impressions that seized Harry.

Prince Harry was repeatedly found to be racist, xenophobic. Like many Englishmen of his age, he sometimes did not even notice all the wrongness of his remarks. He also drank alcohol and smoked weed in his youth.

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Perhaps the last straw was the trick of Harry on the eve of All Saints Day, when he appeared at a party in an army historical costume with a swastika on his shoulder.

Photo of Prince Harry with a swastika hit the newspapers

After that, the prince brings a public apology to everyone who could be touched by his unfortunate idea of ​​a suit, and goes to where he was waited a long time ago as the second son of the royal couple – the army met with open arms. In the army, Harry quickly matured, but playfulness did not disappear anywhere. Having matured, he is still the prince himself, who with a couple of photos can tarnish the reputation of the entire Windsor family.

Prince Harry in Las Vegas

So, his vacation in Las Vegas has become legendary, because photographs of a naked prince in a company with several naked girls of bright and defiant appearance scattered around all the news agencies of the world. However, youth is not a vice, such behavior is characteristic of many young people, even princes.

Army and career

It is well known that the younger princes receive military education and the ranks, it is building a military career. Harry enters the service in the army air forces, participates in operations in the Middle East. According to his fellow soldiers, he repeatedly participated in risky operations.

Prince Harry in the army

According to unofficial data, one day Harry alone destroyed one of the leaders of a large-scale terrorist organization. This was the cause of the threats that came from Harry from the terrorists. Prince increased security and increased secrecy in the performance of military tasks and participation in operations.

The prince shows his best features, which over the years have only strengthened – Harry pays a lot of time and attention to charity, he always participates in all royal events, participates in public life in the UK and serves his people. He, along with his brother and his wife, became the personification of a new generation of rulers who are young, not perfect, but responsible and intend to serve their country all their lives.

It just so happened that it was Harry, as the smallest in the family, allowed and permitted small exits beyond the very strict rules that the royal family adheres to.

Personal life

Women Prince Harry is a separate topic, which the media adored to discuss. And Harry himself regularly threw up new occasions. His personal life has always given many reasons for gossip and gossip. He had many short-term romance and uneasy relationships, but several women stood out among his love conquests.

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Prince Harry and Chelsea Devi

Chelsea Devi became a girlfriend from school for Harry. After a long separation, the grown up children met again on another continent – in Africa, there they fell in love, they spent a lot of time together. As the couple matured, it announced the strength of the union and the seriousness of intentions, then suddenly parted after a stormy showdown. In total, over the course of 6 years of relations, young people have already split up three times. The last nail in the coffin for their relationship was the wedding of the elder brother Harry and his chosen one Kate Middleton.

The wedding of William and Kate

It was a real royal ceremony, followed by all over the world, so the whole process and the actions of the participants were clearly calculated and distributed by the minute. Chelsea could not stand such strong pressure, although she held herself with dignity. After the wedding, she admitted that she was not ready to live all her life under such close attention, so she fled from England to Africa to her father and broke off relations with Harry.

Prince Harry and Emma Watson

There was nothing left for poor Harry but to make a decision of the girl — he himself could not follow her to the other side of the world after her, refusing the responsibility and obligations imposed on him by origin.

After Chelsea, the prince had a long downtime on the love front, he could not find a worthy chosen one for himself. He had models, aristocrats, and singers. At one point, he fell in love – the famous actress Emma Watson became the object of adoration. The girl was flattered by the attention of the prince, but their fleeting romance did not lead to anything serious.

Prince Harry and Megan Markle

In 2016, Harry starts a relationship with American actress Megan Markle, who starred in popular TV series. They have long kept the nascent relationship in secret, the novel became officially known only in the fall of 2016. At the end of the year, a couple of journalists were finally captured together – a photo of Megan and Harry, who, holding their hands, walked around central London, spread all over the world.

According to the representatives of the couple, they highly value the ability to conduct their personal lives in a private, almost secret, manner, but do not want to hide from the press and do not mind sometimes appearing together in public. Needless to say, the whole world is watching this royal romance.

Prince Harry and Megan Markle

In early 2017, there were rumors that the couple is very serious. It is possible that the dream of millions of girls will soon change the status of a bachelor and marry. Harry has already begun to introduce Megan to family members, Brother Kate’s wife has become the first – she is very close to Harry, he often listens to her opinion. Megan Duchess liked, the meeting was cordial.

Of course, the most difficult thing for Markle is still to come – grandmother Harry, the current Queen of Britain Elizabeth II, according to rumors, is not very happy with the choice of her younger grandson. She still believes that for the sake of the crown, all the heirs of the royal family should marry their own kind, and not at the call of the heart. But times are changing, and a new generation of British heirs to the throne are ready for anything, just to marry for love.

Prince harry now

Many people remember that Prince William and Kate Middleton were engaged in an engagement secret from the public. Harry and Megan were less secretive. November 27, it became known that Prince Harry and Megan Markle were engaged.

May 19, 2018, the wedding of Harry and Megan. The celebration was attended by members of the royal family, famous personalities and ordinary people. Prince Charles himself led the altar, as the girl’s father could not come.

Prince Harry and Megan Markle Wedding

In October 2018, it became known that Megan Markle was pregnant. Prince Harry’s first child will appear in the spring of 2019.

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