Ldl vs ldl

To protect "dobir" and "the horse" cholesterol?

Lipoproteinitis (complex lipid-protein substances), Koito prestresses cholesterol from black pellet to a friend on tissue, and Low Density Lipoproteins (lipoprotein from the bottom), and cholesterol that disappears from t

Lipoproteinite, kito, prenasit cholesterol back cum black cure, sa High Density Lipoproteins (lipoprotein from high density), and Tosi cholesterol ser narich HDL cholesterol. That is, the metabolism in black pellet and nyama risk for postponed stenite on the back of it. Narich e more "dobir" cholesterol. Specialize yourself categorically, cheer up your cholesterol on the horse, and do not depend on it, but you should be at risk of atherosclerosis leaving your temple.

Cholesterol Diet As a result, it is possible, the body produces enough cholesterol, such as is not necessary to store. Hovering kiselini’s masters and trans-kustine kisellins based on the reason for adding a cholesterol and consumiata to serum inactivate them, and even tryna is extremely limited. The maximum allowance for daily use of cholesterol is 250 mg and is equivalent to one egg per gallon, 2 cups palomasleno mlyako or 200 g “shareno” pig meat. Chorata with serum suspected cholesterol, tryaba and take a little cholesterol.

Keep food, reduce the amount of cholesterol, egg, sausage, sausage, cherniyat shot and oil maslenite product. A tezi from the herbal product (fruit, greens, store, yadki and seeds) sa cholesterol. Keep food, koito snuffy celulose and pectin, will act on cholesterol through cholesterol. Celulose ima in all the fruit and greens, but find it most importantly, portokalite, broccoli, shikpata and green, somehow and pyrnosyrnestite store. Yabulkite and portokalite sa nai-rich on pectin.

Cholesterol and physical activity Do not argue for the sake of imposing and changing the physical activity from the key to health in the stomach. Them increases the nivat on the goodness of cholesterol, regulating the body teglo and the pre-name from the current state of the disease. Aerobnite exercises to strengthen muscle and increase whiteness.

Grief dobriya cholesterol, doluh!

Eto nyakoi shine for a momentary habits on HDL cholesterol:

1. When possible, turn on the card in the menu (or store the supplements with garlic extract) to protect the risk of eating cholesterol on the horse by chopping off the stems.

2. Increase consumption of riba (in

3. Prefer to store, which koyato nodrya golyamo amount of antioxidants – vitamin C, beta caroten, vitamin E, selenium.

Ldl vs ldl

4. Drink in a single cup of cherveno wine daily, for it is rich in antioxidants.

5. Nnormentote taglo corelir with niski niva for good cholesterol. Send it by vprosa.

Ldl vs ldl

6. Spread tsigarite! Pusheneto namaliava nivat on HDL cholesterol, and a spirantone Vednaga ga pump with about 15%.

7. Increase physical activity by finding an aero-baron.

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