Lavender oil in tea

Lavender is a delicate and fragrant flower that is widely cultivated for the production of fragrant essential oil. It is actively used in the perfumery and cosmetics industry. Landscape designers also love Lavender – in areas where it does not freeze through harsh winters, spectacular curbs and flowerbeds suit her.

But there is another field of application of lavender, about which not all people are aware. This application of the plant to create fragrant, tasty and healing teas.

Properties and composition of lavender

The aroma of lavender relaxes, soothes, relieves stress and gives a peaceful, sweet sleep. This property of lavender essential oil is actively used in perfumes and cosmetics. The use of lavender in shower gels and body creams gives tenderness and tranquility. The same properties allow the use of lavender and for flavoring tea. Flowers can be added to regular black or green tea for flavoring, or used in pure form, with the addition of other useful and fragrant herbs, such as mint and lemon balm.

Tea with lavender helps to relax and fall asleep. It can be used for abdominal pain, stomach cramps and painful menstruation.

Lavender flowers have not only an antispasmodic effect, but also the ability to improve blood circulation, remove headaches and swelling, treat depression, colds and bronchitis, bronchial asthma, migraine, neurasthenia, dizziness and heart palpitations.

Lavender oil in tea

Application of tea with lavender

Tea with lavender is useful for people who lead a busy lifestyle and often suffer from sleep disorders, increased anxiety, irritability or a tendency to get depressed.

Lavender oil in tea

With various digestive problems, lavender helps relieve cramps, reducing pain and increasing acidity. Colds can be cured more quickly with hot lavender tea with honey. The same remedy works well for heart palpitations, headaches, cramps and dizziness.

Lavender with fennel in traditional medicine is recommended for use in developing cataracts.

A light, fragrant drink can be drunk as a tasty, mild sedative with increased anxiety, poor sleep, anxiety before an important meeting or event. Lavender acts very delicately, without causing drowsiness or slowing down the thought process.

Lavender tea is very easy to make. You need to take 2 teaspoons of the flowers of the plant and pour half a liter of boiling water over them. For brewing, you need to use glass or porcelain dishes, tightly closed lid. This is necessary so that the drink does not lose its aroma and beneficial properties along with evaporating essential oils.

With the same purpose, the lavender is not brewed with boiling water, but like green tea – with a “white key”.

Drink from lavender alone is very light and slightly sweet. Enrich its taste and aroma by adding other useful herbs, for example, mint, lemon balm, chamomile. With a cold, it is good to add a spoonful of natural honey, preferably lime or acacia, in such a drink.

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