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Aloe juice from the common cold will help to overcome the disease and adults, and children. The benefits of aloe (it is also called agave) has long been known. This plant was actively used by our ancestors for the treatment of various diseases. Effectively aloe and in the treatment of rhinitis. One of its advantages is the natural composition. That is why such home nasal drops from agave juice will be useful. They have practically no contraindications, and you can take them for a long time, and not just 3-4 days, as pharmacy counterparts. Judging by the reviews, the tool is really effective and effective in use. It helps both adults and children. Treatment with this method really helps, as our grandmothers were convinced of, actively using aloe for various purposes.

The benefits and effects of the product

The benefits and effects of aloe will be of interest to all people who plan to use the plant for medicinal purposes. Almost any cold, as well as allergies, are accompanied by a runny nose, which is painful and causes discomfort. Rhinitis leads to difficulty breathing, nasal congestion. And this leads to the fact that a person cannot conduct activities that are familiar to him.

Juice fast results

Tip! Aloe juice can be made independently (you will learn about it below), and you can buy it in a pharmacy in finished form. Choose which option you prefer.

What is aloe? This is a plant that is perennial. It is grassy and leafy, has a short stem with thick and fleshy leaves that grow diagonally. Often at the edges of the leaves are sharp thorns, in some cases they can reach sixty centimeters in length (this depends on the age and size of the plant).

Aloe is considered one of the most unpretentious plants. In extreme conditions, the plant clogs the pores of the skin, retaining moisture inside. This property allows the plant to easily tolerate even severe drought. That is why aloe is often called one of the most optimal indoor plants, since this plant does not need special care.

People have long known about the beneficial properties of the plant. And today this is confirmed by modern research. This allows massive use of agave in the medical, cosmetic and pharmacological spheres. Aloe rich:

  • carbohydrates;
  • B vitamins, and individual C and E;
  • niacin;
  • folic acid;
  • amino acids;
  • polysaccharides (they activate the work of white blood cells, help to increase immunity);
  • beta carotene;
  • essential oils;
  • enzymes.

This composition allows the plant is famous for a significant number of useful properties, including antimicrobial, immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, cleansing, protecting against toxins, bacteriological, wound healing. Not surprisingly, the agave is in demand for the treatment of rhinitis. In particular, the tool is able to fight against inflammation and edema in rhinitis, to ensure good nasal mucous hydration, which prevents the penetration of bacteria into the respiratory system.

The jelly-like juice of the plant is therapeutic. It is used instead of nasal drops for rhinitis, which allows to obtain the following results:

  • the destruction of infection and removal of mucosal edema due to the content of the vitamin complex;
  • increased immunity due to amino acids;
  • strengthening of vessels, because there are catechins in the composition;
  • stopping blood through the presence of tannins;
  • removal of allergic edema through exposure to flavonoids.

The benefits of using aloe are many. In particular, the plant does not provoke addiction, quickly removes irritation of the mucous membrane, cleanses the nasal sinuses, actively destroys viruses and microbes, increases the resistance of the immune system to diseases, normalizes breathing. When treating rhinitis, the juice penetrates deep inside, being absorbed by the smallest blood vessels. Natural antibiotic helps to neutralize toxins, prevents further exposure to infection. The remedy works almost instantly, which makes the product one of the best for treating a similar problem.

How to make aloe juice from a cold?

How to make aloe juice from a cold? It is easy, but it is important to follow a number of rules, namely:

  • take an adult agave (he must be at least three years old);
  • Do not water the agave for at least 20 days before the leaves are picked;
  • cut a thick leaf;
  • Rinse the leaf thoroughly with water (especially if the plant was growing in a pot in the kitchen and evaporation settled on it);
  • use a blender to shred the leaflet and squeeze it (you only need juice);
  • Pour the juice into a bowl or jar and put it in the fridge.

Juice fast results

Worth knowing! The most useful are the lower leaves of the plant, usually they are the most fleshy and watery.

Keep in mind that to create children’s drops should take a young sheet. It differs in that it practically does not burn. Bury means should be once a day. Dosage is one drop in each nostril. Not all of the following recipes are suitable for children. It is necessary to give preference only to the safest formulations, the likelihood of an allergic reaction, burning or other unpleasant sensations from which will be minimized.

Recipes at home

According to recipes at home, you can easily create nasal drops from aloe juice. There are several different ways, more details about which can be found in the table.

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