Is coconut water good

In the treatment of arthrosis, water is an important factor for restoring healthy joints. Often, it is the lack of fluid that leads to the destruction of cartilage tissue. We should not forget about the synovial fluid inside the articular bag: water deficiency leads to arthrosis through the loss of the functionality of this articular lubricant, which, in turn, ceases to be a high-quality shock absorber, and the joints wear out more quickly. Water in case of arthrosis helps to recover: in modern therapy, baths are widely used for osteoarthrosis, swimming in the pool, gymnastics in the water and

Water in the daily diet

As mentioned above, we can not underestimate the importance of fluid in our body. Whole health directly depends on the quality of drinking water and the products consumed. Musculoskeletal system is no exception. The fact is that the leaching of calcium from the bones occurs throughout life, but especially increases after 35 years. It is from this age that people begin to notice the first unpleasant symptoms of nascent osteoarthrosis: a crunch in the joints, stiffness of movements, difficulty of climbing the steps.

The young body is able to quickly compensate for the loss of calcium and fluid, but over the years, the metabolic processes are slowed down, and now the joints do not receive the necessary amount of water. Hyaline cartilage loses its elasticity, and the lack of lubrication in the capsule leads to pain in the knee, hip joint and other joints. The destruction of cartilage is also dangerous because a large number of cytokines appear due to chemical degenerative processes.

Cytokines are protein molecules that produce lymphocytes and provoke inflammatory processes.

Doctors recommend drinking water at least two liters per day. For patients with arthrosis, a glass of clean water will be very useful in the morning, since overnight the body loses up to 200 grams of fluid. Unfortunately, modern society has forgotten how to drink it; we drink teas, juices, compotes, coke, but our body practically does not receive pure H2O. It is very important to fill the balance with high-quality drinking fluid.

Is coconut water good

Our advice: drink on an empty stomach an uncomplicated and tasty cocktail: mix water with natural or freshly squeezed orange juice and honey. It will give a tone to the digestive system, add nutrients that are sure to reach your bones.


Now let’s talk about outdoor use of water. Hydrotherapy is commonly understood as a set of techniques and methods for the treatment of arthrosis (in our case), using water for wiping, dousing, bathing, swimming in pools and performing gymnastic exercises there.

What is useful hydrotherapy for arthrosis? It allows:

  • Relieve muscle spasms;
  • Enhance blood flow (as a result, an increase in nutrients supplied to bones and cartilage);
  • To tone the muscles, which leads to a decrease in the load on diseased joints due to the strengthening of the muscular system;
  • Visibly relieve pain;
  • Perform gymnastic exercises in the pool, which are sometimes inaccessible on land, without much risk of damaging or overloading the joint.

You can talk a lot about exercises with arthritis in a pool or a river. A lot of research has been done confirming the positive effects of the unconventional practice of gymnastics. Due to the amazing properties of the liquid, the weight of the human body in it is half the weight on land, which reduces muscle fatigue by 50%, and the corresponding load will be sparing.

What exercises can be performed in water with arthrosis?

Is coconut water good

  1. Knee legs with knee osteoarthritis, coxarthrosis.
  2. Rotations of the hands in case of arthrosis of the upper extremities, shoulder osteoarthrosis.
  3. Walk on the bottom of the reservoir.
  4. Swim in a way known to you, but recommend a breaststroke.
  5. Squat, especially with osteoarthritis of the lower extremities and spondyloarthrosis (vertebral disease).
  6. To sit on the splits, or seeks to this – recommended for diseases of the hip joints.


Thus, arthrosis and water are highly interrelated phenomena. Insufficiency of fluid will adversely affect the health of the joints, however, and its excessive use can also lead to water imbalance. In addition to the mandatory drinking of pure or mineral water, it is imperative to include hydrotherapy with baths, washes and gymnastics in the pool and reservoirs into the overall complex therapy. Then the process of treatment of arthrosis will move more successfully. Drink water, stay healthy!

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