Icy wound

Hiding from the bondage like a thief, Only squeezing the shackles more tightly, And the prisoners’ walking yard Seems wider than the house of the dear.

By the night without morning and sleep, he was nailed by the Poison of ridicule, inaction by hell, Condemned, condemned, condemned With each their breath, gesture and glance.

They – fresh wind, danger and purpose, Risk of fire, the noise of freedom, suffering, I – only the shadows of an ice blizzard, Dust of silence, blindness of expectation …

Better the pain and madness of war, The wound is deadly in battle with the enemies, Than this darkness from wall to wall, Teeth clenching, measure with steps.

As if forgotten on a tethered dog, Tearing a rope, losing strength, Prisoner of heavy, gloomy dreams of the dead air of a grave cell. (Further…)

You ruined yourself. Killed, tortured, lied. I was aware of what you are doing, in the name of what?

You were obsessed with the idea. And you were already close to the goal. But your life ended early, Striking you in the heart with a stroke.

You died with a smile on your face, And only in your eyes froze surprise. No one knows what is there, at the end … Perhaps there are still other doors?

It seemed that you always fell down. Behind the black screen was your body, And you did not see their sad faces – No thirst for revenge, no love, no anger.

Icy wound

He called you. He thought you would come And rush again with laughter into a fight. But all hopes were originally a lie, He believed the enemy sign for nothing. (Further…)

Sometimes it seems to me that you are such as before, A merry shine in your eyes … But alas – In vain I blindly believe in hope, I see that your eyes are dead.

And I know that I cannot help you – Wines follow you like a shadow, As if you destroyed everything that happened, As if you live the last day.

I shared with you the pain of losing a friend, But how to divide your torment, To save you from the accursed circle, In which do you want to be guilty of being out? (Further…)

The night passed in half-delirious – half-forgotten. Changed a new day; leads to the parade convoy. Puppet with a force pull the thread, But she was accustomed. All this is not her first.

Steals morning to look into the face without a mask, To see the pain in its broken features. From the color of black barely faded paint, As soon as the world warmed in cold winds.

Neither a groan nor a cry will give out a doll, trembling and wheezing, Knuckles of fingers whitened in terreni, Shoulders of the submissive, from blow, bend-fold. For the threads pull in the mad passion!

The head of the chapter will prescribe Life Stages of Execution, The smallest reason, a stroke, no matter what! The convoy walks in the leg: Holiday! Celebration! … And the morning looks at the open face mask. (Further…)

I always wanted you to be proud of me. That’s just to be like you – I do not want. PR bragging for yourself at any price: “I will go over my head, but I will get a prize!”

I’m not acceptable. And I am ready to argue with you: Life is a supreme Gift for all, and that Gift is too valuable. You can not be joyful, father, on someone else’s grief! I am extremely frank in my statements …

I dared to judge you … I beg you, forgive me for this: The freedom of my fist is alien to my soul, I have learned the role – to be guilty of all troubles, I am also known for the humiliation of the weak. (Further…)

How dare you, boy, shout out – “Coward!” Not knowing the strength of this word ?! Pain and hate! – snakebite in the neck! – I do not forgive such things!

Yes, I could tell you a lot, What I had to endure and tear down! What do you want to hear? – Look in my eyes! – Don’t get in my way!

Who gave you the right, Arbitrator, to condemn with a sentence exactly the mark? Know that the Half-Blood Prince from the books is me. Nickname surprisingly rare! (Further…)

Do not let me go! Stay my star! You give light, ominous Darkness is full of ruin. Tear frozen, the pain of ghostly happiness, Do not let go! … I’m lost without you.

And life and death are intertwined in me as one. Only you alone will hear and save me From the Void that possesses my body, From the dirt of the one that Lies attributes to me.

The role of the jester of the invisible arena is comical, the Puppets are at the Strongest in their hands. Good and Evil dictate to me their treason, Pushing into the abyss, whose name is “fear” … (more …)

“With Love, Lily” from Lily Evans (Potter)

The world is divided into “today” and “tomorrow”, But I exist as a sunny day. Only two words “Avada Kedavra!” Could take away my shadow from me. “Just not Harry! No, not Harry! I ask you to! I will do anything you like! … “… The back arched in a mortal blow, And now I am free … Free?

For Halloween revealed Mystery. Sev! You have to go through it – Cleansing with Love and Light Before Nagini bites … In your role as a “dark horse” I would touch your shoulder, Ask not to be sad, smile How was once on the playground. I am watching you with my son’s gaze, I laugh to you from the photos. Goldflower with tincture of wormwood. Mixed for a long time. Bitter smoke. And now I am ready to confess – The fact that everything behind the Devil is learned: Who is the True Happiness. Who over whom in a difficult hour laugh. Feel my fingers in the palm, Let go of your pain, let go! That prophecy of strange Trelawney I forgave, and Harry will forgive. He will forgive you, the Half-Blood Prince, the cry of the evil, fatal – “Mudblood!” (More …)

I have no right to ask anything from You. I am forgotten at birth. But nevertheless I ask, let the wine be crucified, Let go! My limit is exhausted …

Hatred, pain, absolute evil And contempt for oneself – the Angel of Light crashed, falling on the wing. There is no one who will help him.

Life is spelled out with the phrase “no one will come.” The potion is brewed into a bitter drink. I stepped voluntarily on my scaffold Towards a series of torture. (Further…)

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