I think I have OK

Irina Dubtsova told about the rest in the Maldives and how to stay in shape.

Maldives – the perfect place for a relaxing holiday. Therefore, Irina Dubtsova, after a rich pre-New Year program, has come here for the holidays for the first time. This time the company singer was made by her son Artem. Ira shared with OK! luxurious shots in a bathing suit and talked about how she works on herself to stay in shape.

Irina, is it true that all artists from the end of October are drinking one water and not leaving the fitness rooms, because ahead of the shooting of New Year’s lights and corporate parties?

I think I have OK

Not. I will talk about myself, I do not know what others are doing. Weight does not affect the quality of the food. I basically always eat right, but I can get better or lose weight from stress or lack of it. My hormonal background is not quite right. It turned out just now at the end of the year. I am recovering it in every way now, because for almost 13 years after the birth of my son, I did not understand why any normal person who eats like me (and my diet consists of fish, vegetables, chicken, grass, very rarely meat) does not get better. Many people are mistaken in trying to fix something in themselves with diets and killer workouts. It is not right. Every problem – if you think this is a problem – should be handled by a specialist. I, in fact, turned to them. First of all, I think about my health.

And the artist must always be in shape, must meet certain standards …

These standards have long been blurred, for example, because they cannot all be sticks. Although I, for one, enjoy admiring very thin women. Thank God that the number of my concerts does not depend on the size of my clothes, because they love me not for the waist, but for the music and my poems – for what I do.

You, thank God, still not very shy of their forms. Have you been persuaded to take the cover of a men’s magazine for a long time?

No, but I was persuaded to leave some photos. Because I have some questions for some frames. But in the editorial office they asked me to leave it as it is, because I’m looking at where to reduce something and how to sit down so that something is not visible, but they say to me: “We have been doing this magazine for 20 years, and we know what men really like! ” But again, these are my kind of pens, which have appeared due to the fact that I am anyway still affected by stereotypes. When the same thought is driven into your head every day, in the end it will settle down with you there somehow. I used to be upset, worried. But the older we get, the more things that seemed to us like a catastrophe or something insanely important become ridiculous.

Bodypositive is in fashion now. This is the other extreme, as you think?

This is also a selector. There are standards for models. But I am not a model. I should not strive for these standards. I don’t want to load my nervous system, since I’m a woman who is forcedly independent — which, by the way, I’m not very happy about, would gladly shift the men’s responsibilities onto the men’s shoulders. But I have not met that person whom I could call my own. Plus, an a priori artist cannot have a stable nervous system. All creative people are expressive. And I am so. But I am not whimsical, not hysterical, but too emotional. But I am very active and positive. Any conflicts translate into a joke. My friends know that in order to quarrel with me, you have to try very hard. And it is necessary to hurt me a lot. Therefore, in my environment only light people. They are emotionally mine, energetically. I do not communicate with people who I do not like.

You once again rested in the Maldives. Why do you love this place so much?

Many people say to me: “It’s boring there too!” If you are bored, go to Turkey, there are animators, foam parties, bars, swimming pools and

You rested with your son. Artem is already such an adult!

I think I have OK

Yes, an adult guy lives with me in the house, who is already taller than me. He is a young man with a sense of humor, with his own interests, position in life, very kind. What is important, he grew up a well-bred boy – he always opens the door for girls who get out of the car, entering the room. Simple men like things that immediately make a man a man, but are not given to everyone. (Smiles.) In his almost 13 years, he knows all this, although I did not hammer it into his head. Of course, I am correcting something in the process of its formation. He is such a correct, normal kid. The girls he meets will not be disappointed, he is not an egoist. Then I try to invest something else, of course. A child is not able to learn everything from his own experience, and especially from the Internet. Here we are with his dad and my mom put maximum efforts. My mother in general, a monument in life need to put. She is engaged in his school affairs, and this is a feat, I think. (Laughs)

Tell us how you were preparing for the long-awaited beach holiday?

Before the New Year, each artist lives in a very tight schedule, and the holiday itself was a great success. But as is often the case after protracted periods without quality sleep, in constant running and, of course, with errors in the diet (where do without them?), I realized that it was time to take on myself and return the feeling of lightness. It is logical that this happened exactly before the holidays in the Maldives. I do not think that I have any problems with the figure, but still the thought that it is worth a little work to look perfect in a bathing suit, did not let me go. Since it was exactly a week before the holiday, I went to the clinic “Lanthanum”, where the detox program “6 days of health” has recently appeared. Natalia Alexandrovna Imaeva, the head of the clinic, told me what her goal was: the program was designed specifically for those who work a lot and are constantly busy and who are easier to trust experienced doctors than to seek the cure-all of their weaknesses, not only losing precious time, but also depressed by the upcoming restrictions. I was promised that after going through the program, my body will be filled with energy, the body will tighten up and this will be an excellent push to stop stuffing myself with food on the go or just to eat indiscriminately. And the most tempting one – a loss of 4–5 kg can become one of the bonuses of such a correction.

For six days I was exposed to four devices. The doctor combined them all the time in different ways. Every day I was waiting for the device SuperSculpt. A special gel was applied to my body, then they were asked to literally jump into a huge suit, which looked like an astronaut’s spacesuit, or a firefighter’s uniform. I dressed in it and found myself on a couch. With the help of many wires I was hooked up to the body of the device and told to just relax. Then the most interesting thing began: the spacesuit started off nicely squeezing and tickling my entire body with impulses. The doctor explained that these are bio-pulses that act on the α- and β-receptors of fat cells, accelerating metabolic processes. The fact is that it is in the adipose tissue that toxins hide. Peristaltic pressure, which is evenly distributed throughout the body, improves the reabsorption of fluid from the tissues into the blood vessels, thereby significantly accelerating the removal of toxins from the body. About ten minutes later I plunged into a sweet slumber.

On the apparatus for pulse stimulation of muscles, Slim Up, I underwent three procedures. Electrodes were attached to my hips and waist, the purpose of which was to make the muscles contract with high intensity. At the same time – about happiness! – I was again lying on the couch, and above me was the apparatus, which treated me with warm light rays. But there was another pleasant surprise ahead: I was lying, and my muscles under the electrodes began to contract themselves. It turned out that I was engaged in fitness, without making special efforts. After the procedure, I felt that I had worked well, but at the same time I had a feeling of lightness. Natalia Alexandrovna explained: the Slim Up procedure allows us to saturate the skin and muscles with oxygen, intensify the processes of detoxification and regeneration, and correct the excess fatty tissue on the stomach, buttocks and thighs. With it, you can also strengthen the muscular frame.

Three more procedures I did on the device Slim Up Drain. The same spacesuit – the same pleasant sensations. The doctor explained that this technique stimulates the lymphatic system: we remove excess interstitial fluid and contribute to venous and lymphatic outflow. This prevents stagnation of blood and lymph and improves vascular tone. Very good before going out in a bathing suit!

I think I have OK

And the final unit is LipoLine. We had three meetings with him too. This is an ultrasonic cavitation apparatus. It uses the natural soy enzyme phosphatidylcholine, which is involved in lipid metabolism and normalizes blood circulation due to the excretion of cholesterol and cell membrane residues. Detox, solid detox! The process of intensive removal of split toxins continues for three days after the procedure.

This is how my program looked in brief. To be honest, I did not get up on the scales and did not measure myself with a centimeter. But the reflection in the mirror told me thanks. In a bathing suit, my body began to look more outlined and fit. And the feeling of incredible lightness raised and still lifts me to my feet already at 7 am!

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