I need to make a shopping list

Fair installment card for the whole family.

The card works in 8500+ stores throughout Belarus.

Fair installment card for the whole family.

The card works in 8500+ stores throughout Belarus.


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On this page there are various reviews on the installment card "Halva" . After all, you can talk as much as you want about the obvious advantages of a particular product, but only real customer opinions will help to form an accurate picture of how this product actually works.

Map "Halva" available to consumers not only in Minsk, but in all other regions of Belarus. The Bank provides its customers with absolutely all the conditions for shopping to be easy, profitable and affordable. Simplicity of design, significant installment amounts, lack of interest and commission fees, convenient mobile application, attentive service – all these important details become the main reason that the number of active card users is constantly growing. Installment card reviews "Halva" will help you make sure that Belarusian customers are offered honest conditions and sincere interest in the benefits of each purchase made.

My husband recently had a birthday, but it so happened that I did not have time to save up for a gift this time. My husband has long wanted brand spinning, he is my fisherman. They advised an excellent way out: buy spinning on “Halva” and pay off the salary. For me the main thing is that my husband is now satisfied! Yes, and I liked the approach very much, it is always easier to pay gradually than at once.

Olga Sidorenko, Polotsk

I have been using the Halva card for half a year already. Of the latest purchases – vacuum cleaner in the “Crown Techno”. I like that you have to pay strictly according to the schedule, without any overpayments, and all expenses are tracked in your personal account, very convenient and thoughtful.

Anastasia Vetlitskaya, Minsk

I read in the conditions that the card is paid, but in practice it was not quite so. If you use a card and make purchases, you do not have to pay for the service, that is, it turns out that the card is free. Thanks to the consultant from the bank, who explained all the nuances, otherwise I would have thought whether to draw up or not.

Irina Berkutova, Mogilev

I took the map for the future, to be honest, I didn’t even think that it would come in handy someday. But before her mother’s anniversary, we went with her to Galileo to buy a festive dress, and suddenly we picked up a couple of new things and I decided to arrange in installments. Such a nice bonus turned out)

Anna Belyavskaya, Molodechno

I like that money from the card can be withdrawn without interest. This is very convenient, especially when the purchase does not have enough quite a bit, and it is a pity to give the bank a commission. I use Halvah for half a year, while everyone is happy.

Anton Redko, Minsk

As I understand it, the point is that the creators of Halvah themselves negotiate discounts with stores, that is, in essence, for partner stores, they are a wholesale customer, therefore, they have their own commissions initially, without shifting the add. costs for buyers. And we, in turn, buy goods at the usual retail price, without extra charges and commissions, while receiving installments. I am satisfied with the conditions, my budget is dear to me.

Ruslan Maltsev, Grodno

My husband once taught me one little trick, how profitable to refuel before each rise in price of gasoline. I just take a card and fill it up with a full tank, and from the next salary I fill up a card. Of course, you don’t win that much, but it’s still nice!

Yana Semenova, Brest

I have been using Halvah for almost a year now, and for me this is a real magic wand! I am one of those who cannot refuse to shop, even if only on trifles, and always used to be terribly upset when I had to wait for a salary to buy something pleasant. Thanks to “Halve” no more waiting! Of course, I don’t take large sums, but for all I want is enough for me.

Olga Petrovskaya, Minsk

The card was issued almost by accident, spent the whole summer idle, and then they saw a burning tour to Egypt and could not resist, they issued an installment to Halva. As a result, we had a great holiday with my husband, although we didn’t think that we could afford a holiday this year.

Inga Lemeshevskaya, Borisov

At first she was frightened that it was written in the conditions that it was necessary to make purchases for some certain amount per year. And then the problem was solved by itself – I bought ankle boots for 600 thousand, and the monthly fee is no longer necessary to pay. It is also very convenient that notifications come by SMS. Everyone is happy!

Oksana Lepeshko, Mogilev

All and always need to check very carefully. Sometimes, the conditions of the shares sound nice, but they diverge from reality, and as a result, you spend much more than planned. So when I made my first purchase with Halve (sheepskin coat), I immediately checked how much money was withdrawn from the account. The personal account showed that everything was withdrawn exactly by check, down to the ruble. I was pleasantly surprised, I continue to use!

Julia Lanskaya, Grodno

We purchased a computer desk and an armchair for the son on the map by September 1. Everything turned out to be simple, clear and without any questions. The contract is short and clear, which is very rare. Today, in fact, even to buy an ordinary SIM card, you need to read at least two sheets with footnotes and asterisks. In general, not only money but also time is saved with Halvah.

I need to make a shopping list

Inna Osipova, Minsk

Someone writes that there are restrictions on the amount of the purchase. I checked, the card does not introduce any restrictions, you can buy at least 100,000, at least 10,000,000, anyway installments will be the same. So the conditions are fair.

I need to make a shopping list

Peter Karpenko, Vitebsk

My husband was always suspicious of things like “Halva”, until it was necessary to buy spare parts for our “mazdochka”, immediately and a lot)) And then he appreciated the installment plan. And it was especially surprising that the ruble exchange rate does not affect the total amount, which we were very afraid of. Plus, everything can be checked through the mobile application, so far there is no problem with the card.

Lyudmila Gureeva, Minsk

Many people ask what the trick with Halvah is. I explain: the bank has a 10% commission on all purchases. This is a sales accelerator for stores. Goods turnover is faster, all parties are satisfied. So it can hardly be considered a trick. You still do not overpay anything.

Alexander Sinitsyn, Novopolotsk

In our family, “Halvah” we use, and my wife and mother-in-law. Everyone is happy, there were no controversial issues for the whole year, the budget is distributed much easier. The only negative: I would like to have more shops in Brest where you can pay,

Vladimir Fedorov, Brest

The husband designed the card six months ago, since then they made quite a few purchases in the Fifth Element. It turns out to be convenient and easy to pay, and the due date is always reminded via SMS. We will continue to equip the apartment!

Elena Petrenko, Zaslavl

I am an active user of the card, satisfied with everything except the level of technical support. Sometimes it is difficult to get through, perhaps because of the large flow of customers, but as a buyer I should not be affected.

Evgeny Burov, Minsk

There are no complaints about the card, the only thing that strains is the speed of service in our banks. Sometimes, just to fill up the card, you need to stand in a queue for half an hour. But it is rather the problems of our realities. The card itself is simple, convenient and efficient.

Ivan Fadeev, Gomel

I live in Orsha, and of course there are not enough shops on the map. I would like to have a choice of building materials and tools. I managed to buy some of the parts and furniture, the card really works without interest and premiums, which is extremely important with the current exchange rate of the ruble. I look forward to expanding the range!

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