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Agency “Second Mother” for a long time engaged in the provision of services for the selection of domestic staff in Moscow. The agency managers will help you find an employee who will meet all your requirements. To a person who has never encountered the need to pick up domestic staff, the task may seem elementary and does not require much effort, because the modern market of services is replete with offers from individuals and recruitment agencies.

However, things are not so simple. A nanny, a governess, a maid or a housemaid, no doubt, must competently perform their duties at home; however, the requirements for domestic staff are not limited to this.

Nannies, governess.

The governess, nanny or maid should be responsible, decent and honest, their stay in the house should not cause a sense of psychological discomfort among family members. The governess should have not only special knowledge, but also certain human qualities necessary when communicating with the child. Find yourself a home staff who meets all the requirements at once difficult and troublesome. Recruitment agency “Second Mother” will save your time and help you find domestic staff. To make the best choice, it is important to clearly define your preferences and talk about them in a conversation with the manager.

I need to find myself

Housekeepers cleaning the apartment.

The selection of a maid or housekeeper, harbors no less difficulty, because the range of duties of our assistants in the household is wide enough. High-quality cleaning of an apartment, cottage or country house, care for the clothes of its owners, their pets and plants – this requires domestic staff to have special knowledge and skills of environmentally friendly cleaning using modern appliances and detergents, as well as ways to care for products from various materials and fabrics and much more that is needed in homework.

I need to find myself

Assistants and housekeepers

Suppose you can’t answer specifically which employee’s services you need, but you know for sure that you need help. For example, you know for sure that you are not coping in a country house with raising children or cleaning the house. You do not need only a nanny or just a housekeeper. You need a person who would perform different duties at different times: sit with the children, go shopping, walk the dog and

The home staff recommended by the agency “Second Mother” will make your life easier.

It is enough to read specialized blogs, forums and social networks to understand how relevant the topic of selection of high-quality staff in Moscow is: nannies, governesses, housekeepers, tutors, pediatric speech therapists, cooks, and nurses. These are the people who due to various life circumstances have to trust the most important and expensive. The recruitment agency is ready to assist you in such an important search. We cooperate only with those who meet the high requirements of the above specialties. Use the services of our recruitment agency, and we will save you from the “headache” of finding professionals.

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