I’m in love with your body

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I'm in love with your body

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We met by chance in a cafe and met views. It was pleasant to look at your face and eyes a sweet smile. You had a very sexy body. Beautiful elastic forms that could be seen through your sexy dress. Your beautiful legs captivated me. I approached you. I smiled sweetly. , but not to drink us some wine, you smiled sweetly, why not you said, we ordered wine and began to discuss what we like, what films our hobbies and hobbies we would look into each other’s eyes and say and say to me lo pleasant to listen to your voice, and you’re cute

Yesterday I read what I have,

three theories why

I'm in love with your body

3. social learning

as written in the book

I'm in love with your body

Three theories. Everything is so simple.

And maybe scientists are right.

But to me from theories

My thoughts are hidden.

Tonight again all evening

I think of the boy

Sasha’s birthday has come, he turned 13 years old. Sveta thought for a long time what to give to her son and decided to buy him a new iPhone.

Sasha’s friends came, they congratulated him, and then they went to his room to play computer. Sveta was cooking a festive dinner at that time, and also ordered two big pizzas.

Seeing Sasha’s mom, his friends and his members instantly got up. Sveta saw it, but didn’t say anything, many guys repeatedly ran to the toilet, she understood what they were doing there and didn’t see anything wrong with it, the hormones did, after all, and it’s hard to resist

"The year came to an end, the studies were over, the only thing left was to come to the school tree. It began at 18:00. I came early to help prepare everything, my brother came with me and helped me.

– Vick, let us have a boy fuck you today? – asked Ilya.

– No, I will be busy, and enough already give me your buddies. – I replied.

– Damn, okay, can I fuck you? – asked Ilya.

– Yes, brother, you can always be, despite the fact that this morning I already sucked you. – I replied.

"In the morning, before leaving for school, my brother, as usual, drove his dick into my ass, periodically fucking me in the pussy, since recently I began to take birth control pills, because I was afraid that someone would not have time to pull out and fertilize my seed pussy

After classes, I stayed at school, because soon a school tree, and I was the headman, I had to help in organizing this event, invent contests, etc.

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