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Spanish law enforcement began an investigation into the death Igor Malashenko, Russian political technologist and one of the founders of the NTV television company. On February 25, a 64-year-old man was found dead in his home near Marbella. According to his wife, a journalist and a blogger Bozeny Rynski, Malashenko unexpectedly flew to Spain on the morning of February 23, without informing her and forbade her to fly. “He said that he would be engaged in business, that he should take a break from everyone, including me,” she said on her page on the social network. Earlier, Rynska told that Igor Malashenko felt bad in early February, Bozena also stated that he could not bear the stress that had befallen him upon sharing property with his first wife Elena Malashenko (before marriage – Pivovarova). According to Rynski, Elena claimed 80% of the state of the political consultant.

I'm for my ex

What is known about Elena Pivovarova?

Elena Ivanovna Pivovarova – the first spouse of Igor Malashenko. They met when the future co-founder of NTV was just beginning his career and worked at the Institute of the USA and Canada. According to media reports, at the time of her acquaintance with Malashenko, Pivovarov worked as a tour guide at the Pushkin Museum, and then she was the art director of the Manezh Gallery. According to some sources, Igor Malashenko and Elena Pivovarova got married in the 1980s. Three children were born in the marriage – two daughters, Elizabeth and Elena, and also son Vladimir. According to media reports, they studied in England, and then returned to America.

I'm for my ex

Elena Pivovarova: photos of ex-wife of Igor Malashenko cause bewilderhttps: //

In the early 2000s, the family left Russia abroad. The couple bought a house in New York and London, and after a while Malashenko bought a flat on 91st Street in a mortgage, one block from Central Park. According to American media, the market value of these apartments with a total area of ​​more than 370 square meters exceeds 10 million dollars. Income from renting an apartment for all these years received Elena. According to media reports, Malashenko also acquired several apartments in Russia for his relatives and relatives, and a villa in Spain, in Sotogrande, where the family came to rest.

I'm for my ex

In 2011, Malashenko returned to Russia. In Moscow, he began a relationship with Bozhena Rynski. Until 2018, they lived a civil marriage. Last year, Malashenko divorced Pivovarova, and a few months later he formed a relationship with Rynskaya. The divorce was filed in the Cheryomushkinsky District Court of Moscow without the presence of Helen, since they no longer had young children.

In response, Pivovarova filed for divorce in New York and began sharing property in an American court. According to her American attorneys, Malashenko became a bigwife under American law, which is considered a criminal offense in the United States. In court, they submitted extracts from Malashenko’s bank accounts, as well as Rynsky’s posts on social networks to prove adultery.

According to Bozena Rynska, Malashenko offered Pivovarova half of his fortune, but she refused, hiring “for his money the most expensive law firm in America”. According to her, Pivovarov directly threatened Malashenko to “leave him without his pants,” and also in the presence of witnesses, said that he would “shook” her ex-husband for three years and “he would give up the ends”.

After the death of Igor Malashenko, Elena did not comment on either the lawsuit against her ex-husband or the death of her ex-husband.

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