I fell out of love

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Love for hire

After firing, the life of the flight attendant Eugene collapses in a jiffy. To keep afloat, she is forced to work as a nanny. Zhenya almost becomes accustomed to this role, but suddenly a new proposal comes from the employer – for a few days to pretend to be his bride.

Rainbow of life

Young modest teacher Natalya on the street accidentally meets businessman Andrey. Did the patient Cinderella wait for the prince and now she is waiting for a cloudless family life? But, alas, instead of a beautiful fairy tale, Natasha is drawn into a real drama! The girl is left without money and a roof over her head and is forced to start life from scratch. But will it be possible to open your heart again and believe in true love.

Flower Tango

I fell out of love

Varia realizes that her serene life is over when her parents divorce. At this difficult moment in her life, Varya finally agrees to meet with Vladimir, the son of a deputy who has been caring for her for a long time. But it soon turns out that Vladimir not only cheated on her from the very beginning, but also quit, as soon as he learned that she was pregnant. Shocked by what is happening, Varya falls under the car in which the brothers Ilya and Alexey are driving …

The only joy

The life of the dressmaker Vali seemed quite prosperous: the adult daughter Sasha, clever and beautiful and loving husband. Until one day Valya heard a terrible prediction from a gypsy woman. She decided not to believe the prophecy, but it … has come true! At one moment, Valya was left alone. She decided that she would now live for the sake of her only joy, Anechka’s little granddaughter. But soon a young man appeared in her life — Anton, the girl’s father. He is determined to take the baby himself. It turned out that grandfather left Anya a huge fortune. And Anton needs a daughter only for the sake of inheritance. But what can an ordinary dressmaker oppose to money and connections? From this point on, Vali’s life turns into a desperate struggle for her granddaughter …


A 25-year-old Irina, who cannot get a job in any way, once happens to meet her former classmate Alina. Alina asks her father to take Ira to his job, and he agrees. But who would have thought that the friendship of the two girls could be hindered by the suddenly erupted feeling of a middle-aged man who would turn out to be in return … And now Ira claims to be a stepmother … her own friend …

Taste of happiness

I fell out of love

Lera has no one closer and dearer than the younger sister Natasha, whom she raised herself from 18 years old. So that her sister did not lack anything, Lera abandoned her dream and did not enter medical school. Sisters live in perfect harmony, until one day the youngest goes to the capital in search of a better life. And then, in general, the girls have to face each other in the fight for the heart of one man. But, fortunately, both have enough intelligence and sibling love to avoid a complete break. Lera leaves aside, so that Natasha was happy. And fate awards her new love …

Love by mistake

Lena is a young girl who does not know how to stand up for herself. She works as a cashier in a store and one raises her daughter Asya, barely making ends meet. And when all the problems are piling on Lena at once – both with her daughter in the kindergarten, and with work, even with her neighbor – a friend persuades her to go to a psychologist to learn how to cope with life’s difficulties. Desperate Lena goes to the reception. But in the office instead of a psychologist is a completely stranger – Victor. Confused, the man begins to listen to the confused story of Lena in tears. When Victor realizes that she took him for a psychologist, he no longer dares to tell the truth …

New Year’s Angel

New Year’s Eve Nastya expelled from the hostel. Desperate, she wanders through the snow, wherever they look, and almost gets under the car. The driver, Sergey, is also in a frustrated state, because on holiday he quarreled with his bride. A new friend in misfortune offers to give the girl a lift, and during the trip they get into a car accident …

Drawn happiness

The twenty-year anniversary of marriage unexpectedly turns into a nightmare for Lera and Anton. Her husband’s secret adventures are publicized and lead to a tiff in the family. Instead of suffering about a broken fate, Lera gathers will into a fist and decides to live on no matter what. She goes to work in the office and begins an active life. Soon, a friend Maria introduces Leroux to her colleague George, who is very sympathetic to her. Suddenly, George and Lera understand that they are made for each other. They decide to be together, but fate has prepared many tests for those in love on the way to happiness …

Double lies

I fell out of love

Tonya and Slava have been married for several years. They live from paycheck to paycheck, but at least they have their own housing – an apartment that Tone inherited from the deceased mother. Slava works as a taxi driver for days, but money is still not added. Tonya dreams of a child, but her husband assures her that you must first “stand up”. One day Slava returns late from the night shift. There is no face on it. He tells his wife that he fell asleep at the wheel and hit a man at a pedestrian crossing. Now he is in a coma. Glory faces jail. Tonya and her husband come to the hospital to the injured man – Leo. A tearful woman, his sister Alla, is on duty at his bed. She agrees to withdraw the application only if they pay for expensive treatment in Israel. Tonya decides to save her husband. But all she has is her apartment. She sells an apartment and gives money to Allah. The next day, Slava reports to Tone that he has fallen out of love with her and no longer wants to see … Overnight, the heroine is left without a husband, without money and without shelter …

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