How to write a dating profile

Time passes, and, as practice shows, people do not become more liberated. There are always very nice young people with a set of all the qualities that girls are looking for in every guy.

But that’s not the problem: the guys are so shy that they can not go to the girl on the street or even write them on the Internet first.

And this shyness is not at all caused by low self-esteem (although it happens this way), it is due to the fact that guys often do not know where to start.

How to write so that the girl did not consider him intrusive, so that she became interested in or even paid attention?

So here’s how to start a successful (and this is very important) communication, and we will analyze further.

Filling a profile

It’s not enough to register your page. It is necessary that she breathes the confidence and the girl who comes to her flashed a desire to get to know you.

Seals, cars and other Labuda will not cause the true confidence of the girl.

You can save it all in your albums, post it on the wall, but your profile photo should be exactly your photo (The avatar should also be carefully selected: blurry pictures will not go, or where you are in any sweat and mud work anywhere).

Reference! Post photos with what you like, what’s interesting. Create collections.

It will be easier for perception, and the girl will be able to easily calculate about your tastes and will be incredibly happy, noticing you have common interests with her.

basic information

The creators of social networks and dating sites have done almost all the work for you, having thought through each section and questionnaire point. Well, you just have to fill in all the columns with information about yourself.

How to write a dating profile

If you are ready for a serious acquaintance, then your application must be appropriate. Everything must be filled informatively, briefly, and most importantly, honestly.

Family status

The best option is “not married”, as the girls at the psychological level believe that the guy with the “active search” is not serious and even a little bit infantile.

“Page Life”

We do not forget to publish something at regular intervals, upload new photos. This will incite the interest and confidence of the girl in your person.

What to write about yourself on the dating site is described in the video:

Where to begin?

The first correspondence is very important – for the first time minutes a person gets the impression of his interlocutor:

  • 30% approximately your ability to choose beautiful words will determine whether she will answer or not.
  • The remaining 70% will depend on your profile.

Therefore, you should not be lazy in filling out the questionnaire to the fullest extent, selecting and loading good photos.

Next is to pick the “right” girl by screening: fake pages – away, no common interests – further, I do not like her appearance – “set aside” her person for a while.

Found the right girl? And now is the time to decide what to write to the lady in the first message, with the goal from the very beginning of communication to kindle in her heart the fire of love or even curiosity.

The first message should contain answers to the following possible questions for the girl:

  1. Who you are?
  2. How did you find her?
  3. What is the purpose of dating?

Important! Do not forget about courtesy and say hello, avoiding familiar and vulgar phrases.

It is necessary to study in detail the hobbies, preferences of the girl, and also what she is proud of. This will help to better understand what you can talk with about it further or suggest the idea that you should not start communicating with a girl.

By the way, do not forget that the desire to communicate is a wonderful excuse for the first message.

How to interest a girl with the first phrase is described in the video:

Examples and phrases

And now let’s look at some phrases as examples:

– Hello! I saw your page in the tape, and I really liked you. How are you?

Classics of the genre, but also effective.

– Hi, Olya! My name is Vadim. I accidentally stumbled upon your page and wanted to meet. Painfully charming smile on the avatar.

Compliment, this is brilliant! What a girl does not like when her words say nice words!

How to write a dating profile

– Hello, Sveta! I was looking for Baikal hashtags in the news, and accidentally hit your page. I saw that we were both from the same city, and that you went there this summer. I will not take much time if I ask a couple of questions about the trip? By the way, I forgot to introduce myself – my name is Grisha.

There is nothing better than common passion for anything, for example to travel!

– Hi dear! We are meeting with you tomorrow! What time are you free?

One example of the so-called directory messages.

pros – the minimum waste of time, efficiency. Minuses – the girl may not agree to the meeting so immediately, in this case you should not press on the girl, but suggest online communication to begin with.

– Hello! I know something about you! What are you? Do not even believe it at first! I liked that you combine 2 qualities, in principle incompatible, many men do not like them, but I think this is even a “+” for a girl.

The message-intrigue is good because modern ladies are curious creatures and will immediately want to know exactly what you know about them. But the clever young man will not immediately reveal all the cards!

Examples of the first phrases when meeting a girl are shown in the video:

How to write a dating profile

The basic rules in communication on a dating site and VKontakte

The main thesis directions concerning the first communication with girls:

  • Be arrogant and confident, but in an amicable way, a young man.
  • You should never communicate with a girl, putting her in the dialogue from below, the dialogue should take place, at least, on an equal footing.
  • Think up in communication more non-standard situations and intrigues, throw out all the template phrases.
  • Do not delay the long correspondence, take the phone and start calling.

Reference! Definitely the girl will initially treat you with suspicion.

Do not be afraid of this and abruptly interrupt communication. On the contrary, it is worth trying to predispose a girl to yourself and show that you are not a killer maniac, having offered to meet her, for example, in a busy day in the afternoon.

Do not forget about the constant errors, because of which the communication, alas, above the starting point will not go away:

  1. Banal and pattern phrases. Are you really interested in long communication with this girl? Then forget about the pattern! It’s boring, and interest melts in seconds.
  2. Illiteracy. Not that girls love too smart, but a correctly placed comma will help to understand the essence of the message without distortion, but a correctly written word will create a good impression. Therefore, check the messages carefully before sending.
  3. Profanity. Swearing and scolding in the first place will cause hostility and disgust of the girl.
  4. Obsession. You should not constantly remind the girl of your presence with the phrases “where are you?”, “Why didn’t you answer for so long?”, “What is so long?” If the girl stopped responding / reading messages, it’s best to stop communicating.
  5. About sex. At the beginning of communication there should not be a word about your physiological and intimate needs. To the girl it will seem too rude.
  6. Many terms and abstruse “catchwords”. You should not load the girl with a large number of definitions and complex terminology. If you are a child prodigy, it does not mean that everyone around is smart.

The video describes the errors when communicating with a girl in social networks:

How to choose a topic for conversation?

After examining the profile of a girl, reviewing her profile, photo, hobbies, subscribing to groups (if these are social networks), you can quite accurately determine the starting point in choosing the first topic and the further development of the conversation.

Suppose she answered, it means that you managed to interest her. Well, we go further.

What was the purpose of your dating? What do you want next: continue virtual communication or meet?

If the first, then you have everything ready, the girl is interested – communicate and enjoy, but in the second case you should not wait long with an invitation to the first date and exchange of phone numbers.

It happens that a girl does not want to maintain communication through messages and does not want to meet in life.

  • In this case, you should not immediately excuse her, try a pick-up in communication and seduction with the representatives of the weaker sex.
  • Perhaps, in one or two messages, she will be able to interest her, join the trust and the young lady will still change the decision about going with you on a date.

However, if you really have serious intentions, and not just a week-long pickup for the purpose of having fun, then there is no strict timeframe for dating and chatting in the virtual world with the girl you like.

Important! The first message is the most important key on which further communication and subsequent development of relations with the opposite sex will depend.

Do not use platitudes, use original and interesting phrases and do not forget to write compliments to girls. Perhaps it will happen that way – the usual conversation on the network will be the beginning for a stormy romance and love!

It is worth remembering that there is no 100% method “how to win a girl”, but if it did not work out with one, do not despair and look for the next!

Less shy about your interests, do not be grumbling and bore, always show the girl what you can do not only in the network, but also in life. Young ladies now love princes-conquerors, and stay for some time just like that for them.

Good luck in dating and finding your passion!

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