How to use black seed

Black Sesame: Properties

Calorie: 565 kcal.

The energy value of the product Black Sesame: Protein:

Black sesame – This is nothing like the unpurified seeds of a plant called sesame. And the product itself is better known to cooks under this name or as simsim. These seeds are extracted from boxes of a herbaceous plant growing in Africa, as well as in Asian countries, particularly in India and China, as well as in Korea. What this product looks like, you see in the photo.

In the old days, black sesame was considered one of the components of the elixir of immortality, therefore its value was rather high, as was the demand for it. Sesame began to cultivate, and now it is successfully grown in large quantities by whole grounds.

Today it will not be difficult to purchase this product, therefore, more and more questions arise on the topic of how to use the product correctly, where to use it, and what benefits or harm the seeds can cause. Many are genuinely interested in their properties, widely used in traditional medicine and often advertised.

Most often, of course, sesame attracts the attention of women. More and more they are convinced by their own experience in the magic of these small grains, capable not only of giving external beauty, but also harmonizing inner health.

Application of black sesame

The use of sesame seeds can be found various, ranging from cooking to cosmetology. They can boast a large number of useful and nutrients.

How to use black seed

These small shiny black grains, which are difficult to hold in their hands, have gained popularity from people due to the unique taste due to the unique chemical composition and its balance.

In cooking

In cooking, black sesame began to be used in eastern countries, adding it to sweets and halvah. A pleasant-tasting paste was also obtained from it, which itself had a sweetish taste, despite the fact that sesame has a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Having come to us, this spice has become widespread among cooks. She is firmly included in the list of favorite seasonings and is used by chefs to sprinkle buns, as well as in cooking:

  • eastern sweets;
  • marinades;
  • rolls;
  • Korean food;
  • meat

Prepared from sesame and milk. It can get rid of the sweet tooth. In its composition such milk contains a lot of fiber and trace elements. This product is especially useful for children, because its composition is rich in calcium in the form easily absorbed by the body.

This supplement is easy to prepare yourself at home, and share the recipe with you with great pleasure.

How to use black seed

First, seeds need to germinate a little. To do this, take half a cup of sesame seeds and soak them before swelling for eight hours. The appearance of real sprouts will be noticeable only in a day from the beginning of soaking, but it is not necessary to wait for them to make milk. After time, carefully drain the water, and smash the seeds in a blender, adding to them a glass of clean water at room temperature and a couple of spoons of natural honey.

Do not worry if the water after soaking the seeds turned dark, because it means that you have a natural product, and not a fake.

The finished energy product can be stored in a tight-fitting glass container for a week in the refrigerator and consumed half a cup of fasting every morning. This should be done for two weeks, and the miraculous result from the reception will be noticeable after half of this time.

Amazingly delicious cakes are obtained with the addition of these seeds.

They also use grains of unpeeled sesame and for breading, mixing them in equal parts with flour.

In large retail chains with a fairly large range of products, you can find bread with sesame seeds, which are recommended in the form of food supplements while adhering to strict weight loss diets.

In cosmetology and medicine

In cosmetology and medicine there was also a place for unrefined sesame. Its medicinal properties are used in various masks and balms for the body and hair.

The most famous of all is the Thai balm for the treatment of joint pain. Often, you can still hear that it is popularly called black royal balm. A small amount of this miracle cure is enough to get rid of chronic pain and pathologies of the articular tissue. It also helps with varicose veins, and also has the ability to quickly relieve pain from prolonged exertion during sports. Reviews of this balm are just great.

The widely known black mask based on sesame oil and spirulina aroused great interest among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Due to the high content of oils rich in regenerating substances, this product helps to cope with diseases and pathological conditions of the scalp and hair, as well as to combat gray hair that is hated by women.

Cosmetics with oil derived from sesame seeds are considered the best for removing makeup.

The beneficial properties of black sesame are widely used in pharmacy, so this oil can be purchased at the pharmacy. It is also available in networks whose activities are aimed at maintaining beauty and are aimed at people taking care of themselves. Given the relatively high cost and the need for strict dosing of this oil, it is most often sold in capsules. In the same cosmetic products can be found in more. Get oil at home is impossible.

Product dosage

The dosage of the product comes from the recipes of various dishes, but it should be borne in mind that the seeds of this sesame are more caloric than the white of its counterpart.

Just a handful of product will help the body get a daily rate of nutrients and minerals.

To minimize the effects of an overdose of the beneficial substances of this product, it is recommended to use seeds in various mixtures. The most common composition is flax seeds, black cumin and, in fact, sesame itself, mixed in equal proportions.

Useful properties, harm and contraindications

The beneficial properties of unrefined black sesame seeds are obvious. This product contains 60% more calcium than white sesame seeds, which are used only in peeled. It is in the husk that contains the greatest amount of calcium, so black sesame is more expensive than other sorts of products at a cost. This is their main difference.

The best and best option is to use in food seeds that have not undergone changes in the chemical composition during heat treatment, and even better – germinated.

Regularly eating sesame food, a person will be able to saturate his body with carbohydrates and amino acids, as well as proteins and vitamins A, E, C and B vitamins. Sesame seeds are rich in microelements. The composition of the seeds contains a large amount of phosphorus, iron and magnesium, which has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. I also want to note that the use of black sesame seeds in food has a good effect on the hemoglobin level in the body.

How to use black seed

The greatest amount of these substances is contained in the oil obtained from the seeds of black sesame. Eating these grains slows the aging process.

The black sesame urbech has amazing properties. This product is a unique and dense black paste that is produced by manually grinding the seeds on stone millstones. Use it in food, mixing with a small amount of any oil.

Urbatch can be taken both as spreads on whole grain breads, and as an independent product. You can sweeten this useful product with agave juice or natural honey. Just one spoonful of this miracle cure per day will help get rid of cholesterol plaques, rejuvenate the skin and get rid of women’s problems associated with beriberi.

But, despite the huge number of positive qualities, sometimes the use in the diet of this product can cause harm to the body.

Contraindications to the use of the product are diseases and conditions of the body, such as:

  • urolithiasis disease;
  • overweight;
  • thrombosis;
  • poor blood clotting.

Particular attention would be paid to such an issue as the use of the product during pregnancy. Due to the fact that the seeds are considered a means to relax the uterus during painful menstruation, in the specified state, its action is similar. But if in the first case black grains are a panacea, in the second their use is highly undesirable.

You should not use black sesame in the diet and people suffering from low blood pressure, because the product can cause both dizziness and nausea, and a complete breakdown. In each case, the approach must be strictly individual, because there is also an individual intolerance to this product.

Here it is such a useful product, if used correctly, that has been beloved by many culinary specialists and representatives of the fair sex and is called the magic word simsim.

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