How to turn off the ear

Periodically, after updating the Chrome browser, users had problems with the font: it became soapy, fuzzy, blurred, etc. Until the 51st version, this problem was easily solved, but the update to the 52nd version brought all the browser users a big surprise …

How to explain such a move is absolutely incomprehensible, but on the forums, including the official Google forum, a huge amount of angry reviews with requests and even demands to put everything back.

At the time of this writing, August 6, we already have the next version of the Chrome browser (

What problems can be observed in the browser

The problem with fonts can manifest itself in different ways. Someone’s font is just blurry and fuzzy. Someone bold font has a shadow or does not differ from the usual:

Someone has problems with displaying the font on the Vkontakte website: it is muddy, completely unreadable, it cuts and strains the eyes. Example:

Someone instead of black all gray letters, barely visible on a white background:

And some users have complete nonsense and horror at all: the fonts are broken and look crooked:

How to solve the problem with fonts in Google Chrome and return them to a readable state?

If Chrome version is 51 and lower, then you are here, and if 52 and higher, then listen carefully … There is currently no solution to how to make the fonts clearer with the tools – the developers have deprived users of the influence by removing the DirectWrite parameter from the experimental settings!

There are only two ways to solve this problem:

  • First, go to another browser, for example, Firefox. The latest versions of Opera, by the way, have the same problem with fonts as Chrome, since they are based on the same engine.
  • Secondly, roll back Chrome to the previous version, more precisely, to the one where the problem was still missing (

The Google developers and everyone outwitted here :) It’s impossible to roll back through the settings of the browser itself – there is no such option. Even if you delete the current version of the program, then on the official website you will not find the installation files of previous versions.

How to roll back to the previous version of Google Chrome

Only the following scheme remains:

  1. Delete the current version of Chrome (choose Chrome from the list of installed programs, right-click on it and select “Delete”)
  2. Find a version on the Internet on torres or torrents

Who wants to can search independently, and we have already found, downloaded, and now we share with you a link to

  1. Before deleting Chrome, synchronize all the necessary data with your Google account so that it does not disappear! To do this, in the browser’s address window, type chrome: // settings / syncSetup and press enter. In the window that opens, put a checkmark in front of all the necessary items, or better simply select the option “Sync all”, as in the screenshot below – it will be safer :)

Wait a while to complete the synchronization, especially if this option was previously disabled.

  1. After installing the version

Solving other common problems with this browser (user rating):

How to disable Chrome update

That the browser could not be updated, we do one trick. Go to the folder c: \ Program Files \ Google \ Update \ or c: \ Program Files (x86) \ Google \ Update \, if you have a 64-bit version of the OS, delete the file

How to turn off the ear

Everything, no problems :) The Internet recommends that you edit registry entries, change Windows group policies, add administrative templates, etc., etc. As always, most of these instructions are written by those who did not do this themselves, but simply copy each other. . None of this is necessary. Just delete the file

When after some time you decide to install the latest version of Google Chrome (if this happens), simply manually download the installation file from the official website and run it. No problem!

How to turn off the ear

Many users have been helped by a change in the experimental settings of the font-cache-scaling parameter. To do this, copy and paste into the address bar chrome: // flags / # enable-font-cache-scaling, then select the “Disabled” status as shown in the screenshot:

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