How to strengthen the male orgasm

The most sensitive part of a man’s body is the penis; " wisely"

How to strengthen the male orgasm

Most of the nerve endings are located at the top of the penis, so during all the manipulations, pay particular attention to the penis head, the head crown (the place where the head joins the trunk) and the bridle (vertical groove on the underside of the crown).

Penis is heterogeneous: a network of nerve endings suggests that some parts of the penis are more responsive than others. The trunk of a member, for example, is less sensitive to stimulation, and the most “responsive” area is the head. According to the anatomist Zdenek Kata, there are not just many nerve endings on the head, they are also of various types. Most of the nerve endings are called “sex bodies”, but there are both the Pacini body and the Ruffini body. One of them likes very light touch, the other – persistent pressure. Nerve endings are concentrated around two zones: the crown and bridle.

Top tips, how to raise it to heaven

1. Stop moving up and down all the time.. Yes, we know that this is the most obvious “direction”, but, honestly, we don’t need to limit it. During the stimulation of the penis, you can rotate the palm clockwise or counterclockwise – so the nerve endings can be stimulated in a new way. During the same oral stimulation can moan, then the vibration from the vocal cords will be transmitted and the member. The main thing at this moment is not to laugh.

2. Blow on the head. During oral sex, move away for a second, lick your lips and blow on the head. You can also try a light touch of the tongue to the area around the crown, and touch the bridle with one finger.

3. Do not wait for a permanent erection and do not stop caressing. An erection is not always an accurate indicator of the level of arousal. So if your partner weakens from time to time, do not worry. In any condition, the term contains the same number of nerve endings.

4. Do not forget the testicles. Some women feel that testicular stimulation is painful for a man. In fact, it just needs to be handled gently so that the effect is positive. Smooth, tickling or gently roll your testicles between your fingers. How to understand what he likes? The testicles will rise and press against the body – it means that you have managed to achieve a cremasteris reflex – a muscle that lifts the testicle and twists like a spring. So she lifts the testicles up before orgasm.

5. Pull the scrotum. If your partner ends too quickly, and you, on the contrary, want to postpone the final a little, wrap the scrotum base with your thumb and index finger and gently pull it down a little. As we wrote above, the testicles are pulled up before orgasm, and by pulling them down, you can delay the end a little.

How to strengthen the male orgasm

6. Push it between your legs. Or rather, between the scrotum and anus. If you press this area with the fingertips, you can indirectly stimulate the prostate – a very sensitive to the caressing gland that is located inside the pelvic cavity.

7. Do not be afraid to explore the reverse. Of course, you first need to make sure that your partner does not mind – some men think that such affection deprives them of their masculinity. But if not – believe me, it will be a wonderful new world for him. Do not forget that you should always have a lubricant on hand. Do not rush and be sure that your movements are safe and pleasant.

How to strengthen the male orgasm

8. Get to the prostate! The prostate can be stimulated by pressing the perineum or directly through the anus. To try this, insert a finger into his anus and feel a bulge the size of a nut on the front wall of the rectum, about 7 cm from the entrance. This area can be massaged with soft taps, slightly bending the finger, the movement “come to me.” If he likes, the prostate will increase in size or even shrink by small shocks.

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