How to stop whining

It happens that things are not going well in the morning, or for some reason at the moment the mood deteriorates. And until the evening a lot of time. Do not disappear the rest of the day, so it is better to try to correct the situation. If the matter itself does not work out, you have to work with your mood. After all, it is not in the causes themselves the essence, but in human perception. How to cheer yourself up if everything is bad or seems so?

We will understand the problem

First, you should stop the moment and comprehend the cause of apathy. Maybe you are really bad, but another thing is when you want to draw attention to yourself so that someone regretted and comforted. In any case, you need to let yourself know that life is already fleeting. Instead of despondency, it is better to devote time to what is at least pleasant. And how many useful things you can afford, if you stop whining. However, if you still decide to piss, then it should be done at least with taste. For example, be sad to the music, especially your favorite. Suddenly inspiration will come, despondency will be replaced by the muse of creativity?

Choose the right direction

Secondly, you need to wean yourself from a bad mood. Yes it is possible. This is what all successful people do. Just every time he overcomes despondency, forcing himself to do the work that drives bad thoughts away. If every time you have a spoiled mood, take a book and read, then either sadness will come less and less, or you will become a very well-read person. Experiencing anger, you can fight with indignation exercise. It’s nice to imagine how fit the body will be. The benefit in any case is – it is a fact.

How to cheer yourself up at home when you are left alone or quarreled with a loved one? It is necessary to understand that time will pass and everything will definitely improve. When it became lonely, you can call friends or parents. Emotional communication provides irreplaceable support in difficult times. You can convene guests and spend a pleasant evening together. Or go to visit some of your relatives yourself. It is useful for you, it is pleasant for them. Specific options depend on the situation. However, proven ways to raise a bad mood still exist. Now we consider them.

Turn up the music louder, picking up songs that you like.

For your favorite song, you can do a lot of useful things at the same time. Allocate time for yourself, take care of your appearance. You can put a mask on your face, close your eyes and turn on pleasant music, and after the procedure, drink a cup of aromatic tea or coffee. By the way, these drinks have a tonic effect, which helps to improve mood.

How to stop whining

Draw without thinking

Just take a sheet of paper, a pencil and drive your hand. It relaxes, helps calm the nervous system. And if you use colored pencils or pens, then color therapy will also be connected. Forget about the problems, immerse yourself in the process, like a child. Remember the childhood and enjoy the moment.

Dancing is a win-win way to cheer yourself up at home or outside.

Give your body the will to move, without thinking about how it looks from the side – just dance. A charge of positive energy will certainly displace bad mood and gloomy thoughts. A good decision is to go dancing with friends. It can be a disco or an evening of salsa. Skills and skills do not matter. Your goal is to get a positive charge from the process.

When it seems that everything is bad, the first thing that will start to annoy is scattered things at home or documents on the desktop. Turn on the music, tune in decisively and start cleaning. At the same time get rid of excess, clear space for new things and positive energy in the house. How to cheer yourself up at work? The music will probably not be entirely appropriate, but it will not hurt to disassemble a pile of papers and clear the boxes from the documents. As a result, watching the order, you will feel that the mood has really improved, it has become much easier on the soul.

How to raise your spirits, if everything is bad, but there are a lot of people with whom you cannot share your sadness? Just learn to smile, no matter what. This miraculous reception, firstly, attracts people. In communication, sad thoughts disappear, there are interesting topics. Secondly, smiling, we give our brain a signal that everything is fine, and he corrects the situation by controlling the body. This habit helps to not react to stressful situations, it is easier to experience them, not to focus on the negative. A smile, like positive glasses, through which life’s vicissitudes seem much simpler or less significant.

Human mood is also associated with the time of year and weather conditions. How to cheer yourself up in the fall when it rains outside the window and the leaves fall drearily from the trees? Wear rubber boots, take an umbrella, a thermos with tea and go for a walk. Pay attention to how beautiful the nature is at this time of year, what saturated colors, and the air is fresh, moist, spicy. Breathe in deeply, focus on your feelings, forget about an unpleasant day or incident. Now it is important to teach yourself to enjoy the moment, the nature around, the sounds of rain. See how beautiful life is, there is no room for a bad mood.

Solarium and healthy products

Often in the autumn-winter period, people suffer from chronic apathy or even a depressive state. This is due to the fact that sunny days are becoming much less. How to cheer yourself up if you’re depressed? You can go to the solarium – it will give a dose of ultraviolet radiation, which is enough to lift the mood. It is necessary to walk more often in the fresh air, and even better – jogging.

Of the products, black chocolate is considered a proven remedy for depression. However, citrus fruits have the same property. If you drink a glass of fresh orange at least every other day, this will not only lift your spirits, but also strengthen your immune system. Increase the content of the hormone of happiness bananas. Enough to eat one per day – in addition to vitamins, this will provide the body and a good mood.

Winter fun

In winter, it is good to cheer yourself up by skating or skiing, depending on the possibilities. Or maybe a sled? Remember how fun it was in childhood to roll down an icy hill. Why not use the same methods in adulthood? Go to the rink yourself, with children, friends, relatives. This is a great excuse to have fun and forget about the severity of urgent problems. Frosty blush and positive you provided.

How to stop whining

Sweet drinks

There is a category of people who “stand on the wrong foot.” And so almost every day. The reason for a bad mood or even feeling good in the morning is the lack of glucose. The first step is to go to the kitchen. A great way to cheer yourself up in the morning is to drink a cup of freshly brewed sweet coffee. A glass of fruit juice also helps. The body is immediately filled with energy, and a nutritious breakfast will provide energy for the whole day. Excellent start the morning with your favorite product.

Physical exercise

Charging is another proven way to cheer yourself up if everything is bad. At home it is the easiest to do. But at work, if you wish, you can perform several simple exercises. The blood circulation of the body will improve, the influx of forces will be felt almost instantly. Exercise increases the level of the hormone of happiness in the blood, so it is worth to devote more time to this useful activity. According to statistics, people who visit the gym at least three times a week are more stress-resistant and more cheerful. The reason lies in the development of the hormone of happiness during the work of the muscles.

How to cheer yourself up if everything is bad? Look the truth. There are situations when melancholy is the cause of a bad mood. Then you have to figure it out – do you miss a person, an event, a time gone by? In the first embodiment, you can call or meet with a person. If it happened that the one you longed for died, then remember the most beautiful moments that bind you. People who left our world would only be glad that you are happy and everything is fine with you. Send a ray of light and love mentally to a person; it will immediately become easier for you. If you are in a quarrel, determine what is more important for you – to prove your case or to be with a person nearby. Depending on this, proceed. Perhaps another chance to take the first step will not be.

Sometimes the question of how to cheer yourself up, if everything is bad, interests a person who is accompanied by a losing streak. In this case, everything should be decomposed in order. First you need to find out the reasons for the failures. This is a personal blunder or inability to navigate in the circumstances. Take responsibility, give yourself the installation that you are the only person influencing the situation. Then the influx of new forces will be felt, and you will certainly be able to cope with the most seemingly unsolvable problems. And by the way, this word is best removed from the lexicon for good. Tell yourself otherwise – there are no problems, there are tasks.

A good way to raise a bad mood for your beloved one is to allow yourself to eat tasty food. Sit back, give the process a specific time. It is better to isolate yourself at this moment from everything that can distract. Just enjoy the taste of your favorite ice cream or dessert, or maybe a meat dish. The taste and color – no friends. From a bad mood will not remain a trace. And after a portion of delicious food is best to go for a walk. Fresh air, rhythmic breathing will streamline thoughts, a look at the situation can change dramatically.

Rest and improve mood

If apathy has completely broken up, there is no power to do anything at all, then you need to arrange a rest for yourself. At the same time you can digress for:

  • reading a favorite book, or one for which there was no time;
  • watching a movie, TV series;
  • a computer game, but it is important not to get carried away and stay up until morning;
  • writing your own essay, poetry, prose (many apathy leads to enlightenment in the work, identifying talent);
  • drawing, especially paints;
  • crafts (often the resulting work has unsurpassed beauty and originality, and all because the soul at that moment experienced deep feelings).

How to cheer yourself up? Photos of fun moments or beautiful landscapes will help you in this matter. Looking through them, a person will begin to dream of a good one, and maybe it will mature to take a vacation at last and go on a trip. New impressions as well as possible help to cope with despondency. Sometimes a simple view of beautiful photographs or pictures makes a great mood, saturating with positive emotions.


Ways to rid yourself of a bad mood are countless. List them all is not enough and ten volumes. Some do work and change perceptions for the better, others are less effective, but better than nothing. In any case, the main and most correct way is the unwillingness of a person to be in a bad mood. If you take a life course for luck, no matter what happens, it will be perceived as an experience. No one is immune from mistakes. But some of them learn and harden, others lose their strength in the struggle for rightness.

A bad mood needs to be deleted from your list if you decide to be successful. Now only joy will fill every passing day. Be happy!

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