How to stop alcoholism

2011 – we are fighting against financial and social inequality … 2012 – we are in favor of a “new human consciousness” …

Terrorists are different. We are shown in the media by them – terrorists climbing the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan. They also show us elegant office buildings (which are sometimes knocked down by airplanes controlled by terrorists climbing mountains), in which uncles sit in suits and … they say who to climb and which mountains …

And these uncles from Wall Street (Wall Street), from London City (City of London), through their media, form their own social environment, impose fashion, trends — everything that “cements” the system in which they are main, where “Democracy” and “human rights” are just well-known words – a bright advertisement for the ideology of capitalism.

But in reality, a system where money decides everything is rotting. And it smells and stinks! Modern capitalism is built on financial terrorism. On a lie, on inequality in everything.

Not fair? What to do? How to stop financial terrorism.

How to stop alcoholism

How to stop financial terrorism? – Capture Wall Street and the whole world!

September 17, 2011 in New York began the action of civil protest “Capture Wall Street”(Occupy Wall Street), which spread to other American cities. And now the whole world – 951 cities in 82 countries (October 15 is the international day of solidarity against greed and corruption of 1% (the richest people) – “Day of Wrath”).

Participants in the global action are against the crimes of the financial elite, calling for structural changes in the global economy. In favor of social justice.

The victims of the financial crisis, decaying capitalism, and all those who sympathize with them, who are fighting for the truth (for example, Julian Paul Assange, founder of the Wikileaks site), act under the slogans: – Down with capitalism! (“Down With Capitalism!” And more radical – “Death To Capitalism!”) – Stop financial terrorism! (“Stop Financial Terrorism!”) – Let’s capture together! (“Occupy Together!”)

“… We are not numbers or currency to be exchanged. We are people! We are citizens of our country. And we, the civil society, the basis of the state, will reclaim our countries and our world. ”- Dani Gershenson, a participant in the protest“ Capture Wall Street ”in Argentina.

“… I do not like inequality. I am not satisfied with the arrogance of banks. They have achieved economic poverty, but they will not receive the spiritual poverty of the people. ”- Angelina Kors, a protest participant in Chile.

How to stop alcoholism

The organizers of the demonstrations coordinate their actions with like-minded people all over the world through social networks (Facebook), twitter (follow the news on the hashtags: #OWS #OccupyWallStreet #OccupyWallSt #Occupy and others) through your website

The nearest large-scale actions are scheduled for November 3-4, 2011, when the G20 summit will be held in Cannes.

Actions against financial terrorism all over the world are taking place against the background of the approaching second wave of the global financial crisis (Greece’s default is only flowers), which can “cover with a head” …

“… Social protests and political instability have spread throughout the world: the Arab Spring, demonstrations in London, middle class protests in Israel, student unrest in Chile, dissatisfaction with corruption and inequality in China, and now the Occupy Wall Street movement “In the USA … This problem is not new. Karl Marx, of course, exaggerated, but his statement is true that unrestricted financial capitalism and the redistribution of income and property from working people to capital can lead to the self-destruction of capitalism … We need to return to the balance between markets and the provision of gostovarov and services. This means moving away from the Anglo-Saxon model of unregulated markets, and from the model financed by the state welfare deficit peculiar to continental Europe … ”- Nouriel Roubini, professor of economics at New York University (New York University, NYU).

How to stop alcoholism

Tot: Around these days (as decided by the United Nations on October 31, 2011), the world’s population passes through a mark of 7 billion people. How to make it so as to ensure everyone (I understand that this is a utopia, but still …) necessary for a more or less decent life? What should be the global financial and political system? Capitalism. … And ahead of 2012 …

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